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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
17 Aug 2016

Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy - The story so far ...

Rewind two years ...

An eventful Champions Trophy. Firstly, a lot of hue and cry was created when CHALLENGERS recruited the DAAKUS wonder-boy, then the DAAKUS send the CHALLENGERS packing in the semi-finals to setup a DAAKUS-SEAMERS showdown. It was a memorable match where a near century opening stand from DAAKUS was not sufficient when that SEAMERS' southpaw gets going full throttle - those pulls, those lofts over extra covers and many more. The most captivating aspect of the finals was a gesture by team SEAMERS donning a pink T-shirt for a little girl and for a cause...

Fast-forward to present ...

We, as a community, have dedicated this tournament to that same brave little girl and who still is standing tall against a mortal nemesis a cancer named DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). More can be learned by skimming the stuff on the right side of any correspondence from our website during this tournament. This being a tournament for honoring a kid, so my analogies will be taking us down the memory lane of the stuff many of us used to covet as kids...

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Portrait of Subraya Mallya
11 Aug 2016

No Reason not to know these rules

We are a big league and operate really well when we all follow the rules laid out by CoRA/CoLA. Most of these rules have been in existence for a while and are "etched in stone" but teams/individuals for some reason seem to be not clear and repeatedly violate these rules and that ends up leaving all the involved parties unhappy and in some cases - le$$ richer.

So to make sure we all are on the same page here is a quick reckoner for all. Please make sure you share it with all your teammates.

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Portrait of Subraya Mallya
9 Aug 2016

Lefty CC - a new team in CricBay

Lefties are rare breed. We have a lot of different kinds of lefties in the league. They present different challenges to the opposition while present great opportunities to their own captain. Some are elegant, Some are strong and some in-between. I had this imaginary task of selecting my own team of lefties from our league and I scoured the league and came up with a fantastic team.

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Portrait of Santosh  Mundhe
18 Jul 2016

Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy 2016 Communication document

Anya is 6 year old daughter of Anand Kannan(a longtime CricBay member), who is fighting against one of the most lethal type of brain cancer there is, called DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). The survival rate is 0%, and the doctors gave her 9-12 months to live. She is fighting bravely and is going strong into her 22nd month since the diagnosis.

We have dedicated the 2016 edition of CricBay Champions Trophy to honor Anya and her brave fight and also to raise awareness about DIPG. Please join us in supporting Anya in her fight at https://www.facebook.com/prayforanya

Communcation document for the 2016 Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy. Lot of new things to understand, rule changes and also format changes. Please note that we will make changes to communication document if we find a mistake but the primary rules/format will not change.

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Portrait of Santosh  Mundhe
17 Jul 2016

Initial Ranking for Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy 2016

Please check the Initial ranking for the upcoming Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy 2016.

The calculation is based on weightage for last three tournaments. RS 2016 (40%), FO 2015 (40%) and CT 2015 (20%). Since we will be using this for making groups, please review this ASAP and get back to us if you see issues.. Deadline to get back to us (Via a CoLA ticket) is Monday noon (7/18/2016). We will publish the communications document soon.

Also please note that if you want to register a new team or withdraw from the competition, let us know by Monday noon (7/18/2016).

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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
12 Jul 2016

2016 CricBay Regular Season Grand Finale

5 months 108 teams and 728 games later there are 8 teams standing at the cusp to duke it out for the 2016 Regular Season Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze cups and emerge winners. Lot of great performances, team and individual, have led these teams to this stage. 

  • Chennai and Sahara try to out manuever each other to win the Platinum Cup
  • Chargers and Dynamites go for the Gold
  • Super Chargers and Seamers will no doubt have a run fest in clinching the Silver Cup
  • Dazzlers and Falcons bring their skills and tactics to win the Bronze.
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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
8 Jul 2016

CricBay Regular Season 2016 Platinum cup - QF review !

The fellowship has been disbanded and the first culling happened a fortnight ago. Each team is on its own now and four prevailed in the battle of super-powers. Even after being so deep into a long tournament, their vigor did not subside as evident of the close fought games.

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Portrait of Santosh  Mundhe
24 Jun 2016

2016 CricBay Regular Season All Stars Game

In the CricBay cosmos, every team is a constellation and every player is a star. At the end of each tournament we bring together 24 (out of the 3000 or so) who have been shining brighter than the others in an interstellar game. It’s a unique game where we see these shining stalwarts of CricBay with awesome statistics go up against each other in a game to test themselves against the best.

It is a platform for lesser known stars to go against some of the superstars of CricBay. Last RS 2015 All Star game, Jaffer (Outlaws) gave a few CricBay legends a run for their money and took the All Star MVP. The stage is set again for few more immensely talented individuals to showcase their mettle and become widely recognized names in the league.

Game Details

  • Date: Sunday July 10th  8:30 AM.
  • Location: Rancho Milpitas matting
  • 20 over a side game, All Rules from Regular Season 2016 Tournament
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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
27 Jun 2016

CricBay Regular Season 2016 Platinum cup - Week 6 review !

The eight places in the fellowship to that "one cup to rule them all" are finally decided. Let us revisit what happened last week. Also, eight teams of the fellowship will battle amongst themselves in the next culling step. In the next three weeks one will be holding the one cup to rule them all. 

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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
21 Jun 2016

13th Annual BATA CricBay Cup

As every year it is that time of the year !!. Between Regular Season and Champions Trophy we co-host the BATA CricBay Cup with our partners in good-deed Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA). This year the tournament will be held on July 23rd weekend and will be a one-weekend affair.  

As with every year, there will not be any scheduled CricBay game during that weekend. We encourage and in fact, strongly recommend all CricBay teams to field one or more teams since it is a lot of fun and for a great cause.

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Anya Anand 2016 CricBay Champions Trophy - Playoff

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