2014 Regular Season rankings after week of 4/12/2014

Portrait of Rakesh Badlani

15 Apr 2014

Top 2 teams from each group and Top 4 of the remaining teams will qualify directly for PLATINUM Division, the rest of the teams will be re-ranked based on points and DRR (20 through 100).

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Report Card for the week April 12/13

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15 Apr 2014

Report on last weeks games and the current team standing.

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2014 Regular Season rankings after week of 4/6/2014

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10 Apr 2014

Top 2 teams from each group and Top 4 of the remaining teams will qualify directly for PLATINUM Division, the rest of the teams will be re-ranked based on points and DRR (20 through 100).

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Help:New Player Orientation Guide

Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy

28 Mar 2014

You have just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area or just found out about CricBay and want to join in. You are the right place. We are the biggest cricket league around. This article will help you join CricBay and start participating in games quickly. Read through the steps below and you should be ready to go soon

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Celebrating Badal Chhatbar (Spartans CC)

Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy

16 Mar 2014

Someone famous once said that statistics, sheer numbers will only tell you so much and there is always more to a sportsperson than just numbers. Unless of course, you have these kind of numbers. You don’t need much else to figure that we are privileged to have amongst us a a really special talent. Thank You Badal.

Help:Umpiring and the Critical Role it plays

Portrait of Sunil Tomar

8 Mar 2014

Umpiring is most-often looked upon as a chore and it accompanies a lot of excuses (my dog is not well, I have to be at work and so on). While we would all rather be playing, than umpiring a game, it is clearly one of the critical activities that make our league and the games we play on week to week a fun thing. It maintains the integrity of the game and it also ensures the game is played fair and the best team on the ground on that day won.

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Retiring Scorecard email alias

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10 Mar 2014

Scorecard Email alias is being retired effective March 9th 2014. Going forward teams are asked to use the ticketing module to request any/all scorecard updates.

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Wanna help? Here are five things you can do to help

Portrait of Subraya Mallya

3 Feb 2014

Volunteers do things out of passion for the game and don't expect anything in return. From time to time, we get good intentioned souls in the community help with events and other activities and we very much appreciate their consideration. Also we get requests from community members asking where/what/how else they could help the league. I got one such request over the weekend and that prompted me to put this post together. Here are five easy-to-do things that we as a community can do and save all of us a lot of time.

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Challengers CC - Our Journey In Cricbay

Portrait of Karthik Deivasigamani

2 Feb 2014

The past year (2013) was a very good one for Challengers CC - we reached the finals of all the CricBay events in 2013 and winning 2 of them, won San Ramon Super 6, Bata Cup and the FLT Tournament in TCA. While our team is enjoying this wonderful run, I spent some time thinking about our early days and thought I would share that with the larger Cricbay community. So here goes

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Help:Scorecard Entry Guide

Portrait of Nishad Dalal

30 Jan 2014

Playing the game we all love every weekend is something every Cricbayer enjoys and appreciates the opportunity for. Part of the fun of playing in CricBay is the amazing website which gives us all the stats on every aspect of the game. But when it comes to doing the little things after the game quite a few of us have been guilty of not getting things done on time. This is a guide for those entrusted with the responsibility of entering the scorecards

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