CricBay supports National Breast Cancer Awareness

CricBay supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Daylight Savings Ends this Sunday 11/02/2014

  • This is a courtesy reminder to teams about Daylight Savings ending this Sunday 11/02/2014
  • Your clock will be set back one hour.
  • Your game will start at 8.30AM as always but you will be getting one extra hour of sleep.
  • Let your teammates, opponents and umpires know.

Operations Update: Grounds function merged with CoLA

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27 Oct 2014

As you might have noticed in the recent months that we have consolidated the schedule and grounds related functions into one. CoLA now manages both scheduling and ground allocation tasks. In keeping with that we have retired the alias. All ground related requests/queries, listed below, should now be addressed to CoLA through tickets.

Query/Request Type --- Ticket Type

  • General Questions --- CoLA-General Query
  • Ground Swap --- Request Reserved Ground Swap
  • One-time ground request --- Paid Ground Request

Over time, we will retire the CoLA mailing list as well and move to complete 100% ticketing mode of operation.

UPDATE: Refer to the grounds page for more details on how Grounds process works. Thanks Sandeep for the tip.

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Updated CricBay Handbook published

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26 Sep 2014

Hi all -

A new version of the CricBay handbook has been published (v 8.1 rev 140926).
Please note that the changes in rules/guidelines defined in the handbook come into effect immediately. This implies that these are to be followed from the YuMe 2014 CricBay Fall Open. Please looks at the section on "Changes and Clarifications" which provides references to the changes being made.

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Communcation Document for YuMe 2014 Fall Open

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22 Sep 2014

CricBay Teams,

YuMe - Title Sponsor for CricBay 2014 Fall Open

Please find the communication document for the YuMe 2014 Fall Open below.

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PopcornApps 2014 CricBay Champions Trophy Finals

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17 Sep 2014

PopcornApps 2014 CricBay Champions Trophy Finals is here

100 teams locked horns and after some riveting games that got contested within and outside the inner circle, 6 teams are left standing vying for the three cups - Champions, Super and Plate.

This Saturday teams will go at it to get their hands on the trophy.

We would also like to take this opportunity to take PopcornApps, our title sponsor for partnering with us and helping us successfully run this tournament.

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PopcornApps 2014 Champions Trophy Final Rankings

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14 Sep 2014

Please note these rankings are not used for subsequent tournaments, these are just for reference for all teams.

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Registration for YuMe 2014 Fall Open is now open !!!

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7 Sep 2014

Teams who have registered for the whole year are automatically registered for YuMe 2014 Fall Open. 

If any of current teams would like to withdraw please inform COLA at

Fall Open format : RR1, RR2 , Topper's  qualify for Semi-Finals

Tentative start date : 9/27/2014

Duration : 15-16 weeks

Deadline for Registration : 9/15/2014 9 PM

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DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Actions with intent to cause physical harm

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13 Aug 2014

Hello all,

There was an unacceptable incident that took place in a CT 2014 match played last weekend which is something that our community and league can do without. This was a situation of where one playerm, in retaliation to provocation by another player,  acted with the perceived intent to cause physical harm . Such actions have the potential to some day escalate into real physical violence, something that we never ever want to see in CricBay.  Secondly these can lead to external entities taking action that can have very serious consequences to the individuals concerned  and CricBay. So this has forced CricBay to take disciplinary action on those players


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A new version of the CricBay Rules Handbook has been published

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31 Jul 2014

The new version of the CricBay Handbook has been published (ver 8 rev 140730). Check it out here

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Communication Document for PopcornApps Champions Trophy 2014

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30 Jul 2014

CricBay 2014 Champions Trophy is here again. This time we have a title sponsor - PopcornApps. It will be called PopcornApps 2014 CricBay Champions Trophy. Here are the key dates.

  • Registration Start Date - June 21, 2014
  • Registration End Date - July 11, 2014
  • Tournament Start Date -  Weekend of August 9, 2014
  • Tournament End Date (Tentative) -  Weekend of Sept. 20 2014
  • Initial Ranking

 There are some interesting changes...

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IMPORTANT: CricBay Policy Change: $20 co-pay for non-reserved pool team

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24 Jul 2014

Hello CricBay Teams,

    As you all know, we continually strive to make this league equitable and fair to all the participants. Every time we realize something is not fair we act on it and address it. CricBay teams are made of two types of teams, those that pay for the grounds (to the tune of $1000 per year) and others who play unreserved. This has gone one for 3-4 years since we introduced reserved pool. We currently have 68 teams in the reserved pool. We believe that it is not fair that some teams pay for the grounds and others don't. So to fix this inequity we are instituting a co-pay process for teams that are not in the reserved pool.

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YuMe - the science behind influence

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