DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Actions with intent to cause physical harm

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13 Aug 2014

Hello all,

There was an unacceptable incident that took place in a CT 2014 match played last weekend which is something that our community and league can do without. This was a situation of where one playerm, in retaliation to provocation by another player,  acted with the perceived intent to cause physical harm . Such actions have the potential to some day escalate into real physical violence, something that we never ever want to see in CricBay.  Secondly these can lead to external entities taking action that can have very serious consequences to the individuals concerned  and CricBay. So this has forced CricBay to take disciplinary action on those players


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A new version of the CricBay Rules Handbook has been published

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31 Jul 2014

The new version of the CricBay Handbook has been published (ver 8 rev 140730). Check it out here

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Communication Document for PopcornApps Champions Trophy 2014

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30 Jul 2014

CricBay 2014 Champions Trophy is here again. This time we have a title sponsor - PopcornApps. It will be called PopcornApps 2014 CricBay Champions Trophy. Here are the key dates.

  • Registration Start Date - June 21, 2014
  • Registration End Date - July 11, 2014
  • Tournament Start Date -  Weekend of August 9, 2014
  • Tournament End Date (Tentative) -  Weekend of Sept. 20 2014
  • Initial Ranking

 There are some interesting changes...

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IMPORTANT: CricBay Policy Change: $20 co-pay for non-reserved pool team

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24 Jul 2014

Hello CricBay Teams,

    As you all know, we continually strive to make this league equitable and fair to all the participants. Every time we realize something is not fair we act on it and address it. CricBay teams are made of two types of teams, those that pay for the grounds (to the tune of $1000 per year) and others who play unreserved. This has gone one for 3-4 years since we introduced reserved pool. We currently have 68 teams in the reserved pool. We believe that it is not fair that some teams pay for the grounds and others don't. So to fix this inequity we are instituting a co-pay process for teams that are not in the reserved pool.

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Finals Rankings for Regular Season 2014

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20 Jul 2014

Congratulations to Royal CC, Daakus, Panthers and Thunders XI for winning their respective divisions.

Following are the final rankings for RS 2014 which will be used for Champions Trophy 2014 .

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My experience with Cricbay and Royals and emotional ride to win the championship

21 Jul 2014

First of all Special Thanks to all the Cricbay Volunteers who is the real reason for me to even get a chance to type this article. So kudos to them for doing an amazing job to keep Cricbay the best Tennis ball league in USA. This blog is my journey in Cricbay during last 9 games for Royals and how we as a team won the 2014 Regular Season Platinum  Championship.

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2014 CricBay Regular Season Finals, Awards and other fun details

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15 Jul 2014

2014 CricBay Regular Season is probably the most brutal Season we have had. Consider the numbers:

  • 100 Teams
  • 722 Games (excluding semis and finals),
  • 82000 runs scored by batters (3550 4s and 1283 6s)
  • 22630 overs (where 1282 were maidens and almost 11000 extras)

and one hell of a second round of Round robin just in case RR1 was not hard enough.

8 Teams have survived this and entered the finals. It’s time we celebrate them and the league we all love. And what better way than show up for finals and cheer the teams, mingle with fellow CricBayers, hang out with volunteers and generally have a good time. Food will be provided, there will be a jumper on field to keep the kids happy and hence, please bring your families too.

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PopcornApps CricBay 2014 Regular Season All Star game - Score Card and Video

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17 Jul 2014

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PopcornApps CricBay 2014 Regular Season All Star game - Final List

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24 Jun 2014

Updated: July 12th, 2014 

Let me start with special thanks to PopcornApps who will be our sponsor for All star game. and  to Sandeep Gautham (Extreme XI)  who has spent weeks on this along with Pavan Kolachoor (Square cuts).. we looked at runs, wickets. economy, which division you played, sixes hit, catchis taken, strike rates, maidens bowled and everything else.. and we did our best to be fair..

Every all star player (including the reserves) will get a badge on his profile.. C and VC will also get that additional badge..  12 each will play the game with 11 on the field at any time. This is a work in progress and we will keep tweaking it in future seasons based on recommendations and feedback. 

This is a final list and we will not entertain any questions, or answer it.. we have spent more than 50 hours on this and have done our best..

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2014 Regular Season Semi Finals

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1 Jul 2014

Congratulations to Semi finalists of all 4 divisions.

All 8 semi finals will be played on Saturday. July 12th 2014.

Teams who have umpired less games in Regular Season Round 1 & 2 combined have been assigned umpiring for semi final games.

Game day, umpiring and ground assignments for all games are Final  and cannot be changed. Please do not spend time asking volunteers for any changes..

Following are the rankings and the semi-final matchups.

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