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Portrait of Santosh  Mundhe
24 Jun 2016

2016 CricBay Regular Season All Stars

In the CricBay cosmos, every team is a constellation and every player is a star. At the end of each tournament we bring together 24 (out of the 3000 or so) who have been shining brighter than the others in an interstellar game. It’s a unique game where we see these shining stalwarts of CricBay with awesome statistics go up against each other in a game to test themselves against the best.

It is a platform for lesser known stars to go against some of the superstars of CricBay. Last RS 2015 All Star game, Jaffer (Outlaws) gave a few CricBay legends a run for their money and took the All Star MVP. The stage is set again for few more immensely talented individuals to showcase their mettle and become widely recognized names in the league.

Game Details

  • Date: Sunday July 10th  8:30 AM.
  • Location: Rancho Milpitas matting
  • 20 over a side game, All Rules from Regular Season 2016 Tournament
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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
27 Jun 2016

CricBay Regular Season 2016 Platinum cup - Week 6 review !

The eight places in the fellowship to that "one cup to rule them all" are finally decided. Let us revisit what happened last week. Also, eight teams of the fellowship will battle amongst themselves in the next culling step. In the next three weeks one will be holding the one cup to rule them all. 

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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
21 Jun 2016

13th Annual BATA CricBay Cup

As every year it is that time of the year !!. Between Regular Season and Champions Trophy we co-host the BATA CricBay Cup with our partners in good-deed Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA). This year the tournament will be held on July 23rd weekend and will be a one-weekend affair.  

As with every year, there will not be any scheduled CricBay game during that weekend. We encourage and in fact, strongly recommend all CricBay teams to field one or more teams since it is a lot of fun and for a great cause.

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Portrait of Vijaya Ram Nandula
19 Jun 2016

Krishna Teja - Remember the name!!

Here is the situation- The match 007 vs Synergy CC. Synergy CC needed to win big to qualify for the playoffs. 007 were in the same sitution. Synergy won the toss and put 007 to bat first. 007 scored 110 in 20 overs thanks to some amazing hitting by Raman and Sunil. The equation, Synergy needed 111 in 7.2 overs to qualify. What happened next is history. 

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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
17 Jun 2016

2016 CricBay Regular Season - Playoff scenarios

Now that Platinum slots are almost confirmed except for 007 vs Synrgey game.. Here's an attempt to see what will be needed for teams from rest of the divisions to qualify.. A few of them have already qualified but there are enough slots open with lot of possibilities.

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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
26 Jun 2016

CricBay Regular Season 2016 Platinum cup - Week 5 review !

One more set of battles are done. Three of the fronts have been conquered - seven victors identified. A few bask in triumph, others collect the shards of their broken dreams. The culling process has claimed 14, and still hungry for a couple more. Wars are agent of cleansing and harbinger of history. Before all about all those who fought valiantly is forgotten, let us revisit the glorious as well as the fallen.  

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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
26 Jun 2016

CricBay Regular Season 2016 Platinum cup - Week 4 review !

With the passage of time the battles are becoming engrossing and the competitiors getting fierce. A war is not only the story of the victors but the tragedies of the fallen. It started with 24, 5 have thrieved (and taken big steps for the quest of that one cup to rule them all), 11 have seen their dreams shattered (but the history has witnessed so often that only from pillage the magnificient arise), 8 hanging by threads (well but of varied thickness (DRR) - and still can get the remaining three seats in the fellowship for the obvious quest). With 11 battles remaining (10 this week and a solitary one later), let us revisit the ruins/riches of the battlefields.

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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
26 Jun 2016

CricBay Regular Season 2016 Platinum cup - Week 3 review !

With just a couple of weeks remaining to decide the holder of that "one cup to rule them all", here is a quick analysis on how the battle of the 24 armies is faring. 

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Portrait of Prasanjeet Das
24 Apr 2016

2016 Regular Season - Final RR1 rankings and RR2 groupings

We have a come to end of the RR1 today. Inspite of much needed rain for our state, we were able to manage getting more than 90% of the games played with two buffer weekends. Lot of interesting results and now we are ready to go into the second stage of the 2016 Regular Season Tournament. 

Note: Refer to the Round Robin I and Round Robin II section of the RS2016 Communication Document to familiarize yourself on how the grouping, ranking is done.

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Portrait of Subraya Mallya
24 Mar 2016

PotPourri of Website Enhancements

We had done a bunch of website enhancements a while ago but never got around to announcing the same. In the past when we made many changes we used to make a announcement post but time constraints have prevented us from doing so in the recent past. Here is a complete list of enhancements some very useful some minor but useful nevertheless.

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2016 CricBay Regular Season - Round Robin 2

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