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22 Nov 2015

Food for thought, safety in cricket.

Sharing my recent experience on the cricket field.

I have played in CricBay league for few seasons now.  It was just another day at business when I came to batting on the field for my team this weekend. 
I got a single after few deliveries to get off the strike. I was on strike again in next over, did not know what was coming. In my effort to hook a short pitched delivery, I was hit by a bouncing ball on the right eye.  The ball speed was not particularly high, coming from a medium pacer. However the impact was pretty strong, i landed on my knees immidiately. 
I felt dizzy for a minute before I came back to my senses. I was in severe pain and decided to retire hurt. It was an unfortunate incident and no hard feelings.
My team, opposition and umpires were kind and offered all the help. I was able to open my hurt eye after a while with some efforts and was relieved that I could see alright. No visible bruises. Fortunately, I had closed my eye before I took the hit, otherwise I was in for some serious trouble.

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Portrait of Mohan Rao
9 Nov 2015

2015 Fall Open RR1 Finals Rankings and RR 2 Groups

We have completed the Round Robin 1 stage and we are entering the Round Robin 2 stage of 2015 Fall Open Tournament.

Please review the final ranking after RR1 and groups for RR2- 2015 CricBay Fall Open season.

Note: Bronze -Division has 8 groups and one top team from each group will make it to quarter-finals.

Please let us know if you find any mistakes or if you have any questions by filing a ticket for CoLa (Ticket type: CoLa General Query)

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Portrait of Manish Nadkarni
4 Nov 2015

2015 Fall Open Round Robin 1- Final Week Round Up

15 teams have booked their berth for the coveted CricBay Platinum group. Some have confirmed their Gold berth too.
Still a few teams have a shot at those remaining 9 spots. I am sure, every team mgmt has worked the numbers, to see how they face their opponent.

With one more weekend to go, Here is the break down and different scenarios. If I missed any, please correct it.

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5 Sep 2015

2015 Fall Open Communication Document

Key Dates

  • Tournament Start Date: Sep 12, 2015
  • RR1 Final Rankings and P/G/S/B Groups will be published by CoLA after RR1.
  • Buffer Weekend – CoLA's Discretion
  • Season Finale – third weekend of Feb, 2016 (May change)
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29 Aug 2015

2015 CricBay Fall Open - Initial Ranking

Please take a look at the ranking and groups for 2015 CricBay Fall Open season.

All rankings are calculated based on Regular Season and Champions Trophy rankings (RS Ranking 80 % + CT Ranking 20%).

New teams (and teams who came back after taking a break) are ranked only based on CT ranking and they take bottom position.

This document is open for community review.  

Please let us know if you find any mistakes or if you have any questions by filing a ticket for CoLa (Ticket type: CoLa General Query).  

Please note that you have time until Tuesday noon.

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Portrait of Mohan Rao
13 Jul 2015

2015CT: Rankings, Grouping and First Week games

As mentioned in the Communication Document for Champions Trophy the tournament will begin starting July 25th. As we mentioned today in Finals function, we are glad to see the continuos interest in new teams to join CricBay. We have 11 new teams joining and with Warriors and Hyderabad Sultans coming back after a short break it makes a total of 106 teams. Yes you read it right - 106 teams

Following are the groupings for Champions, Super and Plate Divisions.  First week games details. Detailed schedule will be uploaded soon.

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11 Jul 2015

Welcome to CricBay 2015 Regular Season Finals

Dear CricBay,

It's that time of the year again. The culmination of  everything we have done and worked so hard for this whole season. The grand finale is here and it is time to celebrate the eight teams who have managed to stay alive in a hyper competitive and brutal of a RR2. 

Chennai, those perennial hot favorites have managed to break their semi-finals hoodo are going to appear in the Platinum finals for the first time. So Are the super exciting boys from Sahara. Incredible talent that is Sunil Dalal, the smartest Cricket brain of Sir. Singampalli, Pleasing to the eye batting style of their Captain Nandha, ever miserly Wilson bowling overs after overs and every one from that Chennai team will be a treat to watch.

Not much needs to be mentioned about Sahara.. They are by far one of the most exciting teams we have had in a while. Their supremely talented, fast and furious bowlers led by Tariq combined with batsmen with devil-may-care attitude lead by Badar Munir will be a perfect match for Chennai. We will probably get one of the finest Platinum finals. 

Immortals will play their FIFTH Gold finals and this time they will face talented Talons (second Gold finals and third CricBay final). With a bit of luck this could have a platinum game just to give you an idea of talent in both teams. Venkat and Anand with help from Subbu and Ronik can tear apart most CricBay teams on an average day. Immortals with their army of allrounders will be a perfect match for them Talons. Another exciting game on the cards.

Force 11 (who had to beat the mighty Extreme XI) will play their third CricBay finals and they will face Super over experts RCB in Silver finals. This game alone would be enough to attend the finals because entertainment is guaranteed when these bunch of talented cricketers are playing the winners-take-all game.

Alpha Lions will fight it out with Strikers for Bronze trophy.. Both are playing their first finals and a guaranteed thriller on the cards.

It goes without saying, 8 of the very best teams from their divisions have worked hard, focussed throughout a highly competetive season and stayed consistent and readhed their pinnacle.

Excited Yet? 

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24 Jun 2015

Communications Document for Champions Trophy 2015

CricBay 2015 Champions Trophy starts in few weeks. Please read the details , and rule changes. We have added some clarifications as well.

Key Dates

    • Registration Start Date - June 1, 2015 (Applicable only to new teams joining CT)
    • Registration End Date - July 11, 2015 (Applicable only to new teams joining CT)
    • Tournament Start Date -  Weekend of July 25th, 2015
    • Tournament End Date (Tentative) -  Weekend of August 29 2015
    • Initial Ranking (Will be published after semi-final weekend)
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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
23 Jun 2015

2015 CricBay Regular Season All Star Game

Please congratulate all the players who made it to the 2015 CricBay Regular Season All Star team..

    • Nandha Palanisamy will now have to plot against Wilson Vivek Irudayam  
    • Arvind Muthukrishnan has to figure and share details of how to deal with Karthikraj Palanisamy..
    • Virag and Rakesh have to work together and plot an allstar victory..

Lot of new guys and thank you Karthik Alur and MohanBabu B Rao (Daredevils) for volunteering to umpire the game..

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Portrait of Subraya Mallya
19 Jun 2015

12th Annual BATA CricBay Cup

As every year it is that time of the year !!. Between Regular Season and Champions Trophy we co-host the BATA CricBay Cup with our partners in good-deed Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA).

This year the tournament will be held on July 18th weekend and will be one-weekend affair. Last year we had the tournament span two weekends. To reduce the burden on the participating teams we are limiting it to one weekend and limit the number of teams to 48  so we can complete all the games in one weekend. As with every year, there will not be any scheduled CricBay game during that weekend and we encourage all CricBay teams to field one or more teams.

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2015 CricBay Fall Open - Round Robin 2

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