Portrait of Subraya Mallya
29 Apr 2015

Lending a Helping hand to our Fellow Citizens in Nepal

As you know Nepal is facing unprecedented natural disaster in an already poor country. As a community we can do our bit to help the people who trying to rebuild their lives.


Facebook matching Nepal Support Donations

Facebook has setup a matching program for any donation up to $5M - so we request the community do whatever they can in terms donation through this channel.

Donation Link

Red Cross

Red Cross is doing a collection for Nepal. The good thing with it - most employers recognize Red Cross and match the donations. If you work for a corporation - please do consider this channel and ask your employers to match.

 Donation Link     Matching Gift Link

Charity Test Matches

With long weekend coming up - we will host Charity Test Matches and all the money raised there will also be sent to Nepal related charities (via the aforementioned channels). Please participate in the test matches - we will make it fun - and if you cannot participate, at least please contribute.

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26 Apr 2015

2015 CricBay Regular Season RR1 Final Rankings

Here are the rankings(and the groups) for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Divisions. Please note that Teams who have forfeited games in Fall Open 2014 have been penalised -0.5 DRR for each game that they had  forfeited. If you find any errors in the table or the groups please inform CoLA asap by raising a ticket "CoLA-General Query" and the deadline in Monday (4/27/2015) 6PM.

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28 Mar 2015

Umpiring - A pleasant experience after all..

Waking up to a saturday morning umpiring experience can take a toll on you. Starting from friday evening, you are reminded by emails ,text messages, IEmails and a huge handbook to study with clauses and sub-clauses and amendments. Its an intimidating experience. Why not ? We read every week a story or two on how teams get on each other. Even before you play, you are penalized for some random act of god (pun intended).

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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
19 Mar 2015

CricBay Policy and Operational Updates

To address some of the new dynamics and situations that arose during 2014 season, we have updated the rule book with some new rules and changes to existing rules. All these rules (and updates) are effective IMMEDIATELY. The updated version of Rulebook can be downloaded here.

We review the rule book internally as volunteers and also seek feedback from a set of community members. If you want to join that group of early reviewers send an email to cora@cricbay.com and let us know. We will include you in the early reviewer list.

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24 Feb 2015

YuME 2014 Fall Open Final rankings and 2014 Season Rankings

YuMe 2014 Fall Open final rankings are calculated after including forfiet penalities. For each forfiet game -1 DRR was applied to forfieting team. 2014 Season Rankings are calculated taking an average of 2014 Regular Season and Fall open rankings.

The 2014 Season rankings will be used as initial rankings for 2015 Season and New teams will be ranked at the bottom in the order they registered. Note that the Teams marked in red in season rankings have opted out for 2015 season.

We have included only those 95 teams which paid before the deadline.. so, we have 95 Teams and Group A will have a "Dummy Team" and all teams will get 4 points (and 0 DRR) in lieu of the missing team.

If you spot any errors or have any questions please open a ticket "COLA - General Query".. Please do NOT email.

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Portrait of Rakesh Badlani
23 Feb 2015

CricBay Regular Season 2015 Communication Document

CricBay Teams,

Please find the communication document for the 2015 Regular Season below. For any questions, contact CoLa via a ticket on the website..

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Portrait of Subraya Mallya
12 Feb 2015

Welcome to YuMe CricBay 2014 Fall Open Finals

Dear CricBay,

It's that time of the year again. The culmination of  everything we have done and worked so hard for this whole season. The grand finale which will probably be our biggest and grandest so far. and Yes, we are back to having all our 4 finals at the same location at the same time !!

Bala, Thoths and Prasanna have showed us what can be done with belief and perseverance (What a semi finals win !) along with skills,  Challengers are back in finals again. 

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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
12 Feb 2015

YuMe CricBay Fall Open 2014 AllStar Game

We have semi finals on saturday where 2 of the finest teams from each division will compete for 8 spots for the grand finale.. and then we have the Allstar game on sunday.. 

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Portrait of Sheshu Shenoy
30 Jan 2015

YuMe Cricbay Fall Open 2014 Semi Finals

With the help from multiple CricBay folks living in SJ and Fremont we have checked the grounds, none of the grounds are in playable condition. Hence all 8 Semi-finals will be held on Feb 14th'2015. Schedule will be updated by CoLA and the grounds will be assigned latest by Tuesday afternoon.AllStar game will be held on Feb 15th'2015.

Teams should not play any practice games on any grounds for this weekend even on unreserved grounds. Any damage to playing area on any grounds will result in CricBay losing permits, please cooperate in this regard. AllStar game has been cancelled for this weekend, there will be another update regarding AllStar game in the coming week.

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2015 CricBay Regular Season - Round Robin 2

Points Table

Players Looking for Team

Teams Looking for Practice Games

Pending Detail Scores
(Deadline: Thursday 12pm PST)