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10 Jan 2017

Fall Open 2016: Final RR1 ranking and RR2 grouping

Please check the Final Rankings and Groupings for 2016FO Playoffs. If you find anything inaccurate, please log a ticket for CoLA-Query

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9 Jan 2017

CricBay FO 2016: Buffer Weekend/RR2 Updates

    • Jan 14th weekend will have no games (the ground costs will be split among all the teams.)
    • No buffer weekends, As of this weekend, the RR1 games will be deemed completed for all teams. All abandoned games will be considered abandoned and the teams will split points.
    • RR2 will start from Jan 21st and this enables us to host the Final on Feb 18th.
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Portrait of Santosh  Mundhe
13 Dec 2016

Abandoned Games & Buffer Weekend Update for Fall Open 2016

With more than two weekends getting washed out due to rain, many teams are trying to reschedule their abandoned matches over the next three weekends (Dec 17, 24 and 31st). Please note, CoLA will not be able to reschedule your matches due to unavailability of the grounds for those three weekends, even if teams are mutually agreeing to play.

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13 Oct 2016

Player of the Match Award - How we arrived at the decision

In a team game lot of things go into winning the game - contributions from different functions - bowling, batting, fielding, wicket keeping and some time intangibles. But there will be some special contributions that make a significant impact in the outcome of the game. That is the Player-of-the-Match award. 

In a CricBay game, Umpire(s) and umpires only get to make the decision of who gets the Player-of-the-Match Award. They take into account the individual performances, their impact on the overall game and then award the most deserving player the award. In some games it is obvious who that player is by the sheer weight of their performance and in some cases it is not so much, especially for the people who were not present in the ground to play in/watch the game.

We have had instances where a particular Player-of-the-Match award has evoked a debate on whether the right player is selected or not. On an average atleast 3-4 Awards every week raises the same intrigue. 

To provide insights into the thinking that went into the award and to also eliminate any sense of handout of the Award, we are introducing a new feature today whereby the umpires can share how they arrived at the decision. 

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25 Sep 2016

CricBay Fall Open 2016 Communications Document

CricBay Fall Open 2016 is here. CoLA has drafted the Communication Document for the tournament. Please read the document in it's entirety. You have a couple of hours to check and ask questions  (Via a ticket to CoLA).

  • 111 Teams
  • Split Innings
  • 5 Trophies to win (Yes 5 !! - Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper)
  • New format in Playoffs
  • Same PP rules, declared runs rules as CT 2016
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25 Sep 2016

Initial ranking for the CricBay Fall Open 2016

The calculation is based on weightage for last three tournaments. RS 2016 (40%), FO 2015 (40%) and AACCT 2016 (20%). Since we will be using this for making groups, please review this ASAP and get back to us if you see issues.. 

Deadline to get back to us (Via a CoLA ticket) is Sunday 9 PM. (9/25/2016). 

We will publish the communications document soon.

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19 Sep 2016

2016 Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy Finals

What started with a good intention, of dedicating this cup to Anya Anand has come to climax now. 107 teams, a modified format that included Round Robin, new PP rules and 289 games in the span of 60 days it has come down to 8 teams standing at the cusp to win the 2016 Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze cups. Lot of great performances, team and individual, have led these teams to this stage. 

  • Upstart Dynamites challenge the juggernaut Challengers to wrest the Platinum Cup
  • Equally talented and filled with stars, Daakus and Aryans, contend for the Gold Cup
  • One of the newest teams Broncos and one of the earliest teams Birds will contend for the Silver Cup
  • Dazzlers will try to repeat their Bronze win from Regular Season and SoupBoyz will surely have something to say about it

If you want to know how close this tournament was - here are some stats from the playoffs

  • Three of the semifinals were decided by 1 runs
  • Two of them went into last over not knowing who might win
  • Few QFs were decided by 1 run or well into the last over
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17 Aug 2016

Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy - The story so far ...

Rewind two years ...

An eventful Champions Trophy. Firstly, a lot of hue and cry was created when CHALLENGERS recruited the DAAKUS wonder-boy, then the DAAKUS send the CHALLENGERS packing in the semi-finals to setup a DAAKUS-SEAMERS showdown. It was a memorable match where a near century opening stand from DAAKUS was not sufficient when that SEAMERS' southpaw gets going full throttle - those pulls, those lofts over extra covers and many more. The most captivating aspect of the finals was a gesture by team SEAMERS donning a pink T-shirt for a little girl and for a cause...

Fast-forward to present ...

We, as a community, have dedicated this tournament to that same brave little girl and who still is standing tall against a mortal nemesis a cancer named DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). More can be learned by skimming the stuff on the right side of any correspondence from our website during this tournament. This being a tournament for honoring a kid, so my analogies will be taking us down the memory lane of the stuff many of us used to covet as kids...

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Portrait of Subraya Mallya
11 Aug 2016

No Reason not to know these rules

We are a big league and operate really well when we all follow the rules laid out by CoRA/CoLA. Most of these rules have been in existence for a while and are "etched in stone" but teams/individuals for some reason seem to be not clear and repeatedly violate these rules and that ends up leaving all the involved parties unhappy and in some cases - le$$ richer.

So to make sure we all are on the same page here is a quick reckoner for all. Please make sure you share it with all your teammates.

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Portrait of Subraya Mallya
9 Aug 2016

Lefty CC - a new team in CricBay

Lefties are rare breed. We have a lot of different kinds of lefties in the league. They present different challenges to the opposition while present great opportunities to their own captain. Some are elegant, Some are strong and some in-between. I had this imaginary task of selecting my own team of lefties from our league and I scoured the league and came up with a fantastic team.

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