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IMPORTANT READ: Registration Process

  1. As a New Player you must enter all the information on this form and Submit your Registration
  2. After you submit your registration, an verification link will be sent to the email address you provided. Click the link in the email to acknowledge your registration.
  3. Once you verify your email address and upon login, you will be required to sign a MANDATORY waiver indemnifying CricBay for you to be eligible to play in CricBay
  4. A CricBay administrator will approve your registration once you have fulfilled the requirements above.
  5. After your account is approved, log into the website with your credential and you can join the Team that invited you.
  6. If you joined by yourself then post your availability to all the teams following the process explained in this article. Teams with needs will contact you.
Mandatory reading before you register: Help Guide

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Proof of Identity

We value the privacy of our community a lot and will verify every user who registers with CricBay. YOU MUST provide at least one of your social URLs as proof of your identity so administrators can use that to verify.
  • Make sure your name matches the name shown on the identity URL you give below
  • Providing a fake URL will cause your account to be rejected.
  • The LinkedIn/Facebook profile URL you provide should clearly show that you are from San Francisco Bay Area for us to verify and approve your account. Otherwise it will be rejected
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