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Topic: Communication Document

CricBay Fall Open 2016 is here. CoLA has drafted the Communication Document for the tournament. Please read the document in it's entirety. You have a couple of hours to check and ask questions  (Via a ticket to CoLA).

  • 111 Teams
  • Split Innings
  • 5 Trophies to win (Yes 5 !! - Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper)
  • New format in Playoffs
  • Same PP rules, declared runs rules as CT 2016

Process Improvements

Starting FO2016, we are adding the following process improvements. These enhacements are geared towards moving the game forward faster and completing the game on time.

  1. Team winning the toss needs to indicate what they will do the moment they win the toss. If not, the other team will get to decide right away. Captain winning the toss will have have a minute (for those who want specific numbers)
  2. Teams winning Saturday game will have to enter scorecard by Saturday 6pm (even for PM games). We have tested the brief score entry page using mobile phones and most have been able to get it done in two minutes or less. If you see any issues, you can always file a ticket and we will make it even easier. We had to run behind plenty of teams during 2016CT on Sunday evening and it is not fun for anyone. This will get everyone used to entering scores on time and will be fair for teams playing on sunday as well.
  3. Teams playing on Matting wickets MUST NOT use the 66 feet measurements marked for leather ball leagues. We heard that some teams did it already. Please take a regular painters tape and measure 64 feet and play (and remove it after the game). The argument that "It is same for both teams" is does not work. As always, teams flouting this rule will have their games abandoned with no stats and no points,
  4. In tournaments with split innings, a 5 minute break between individual split innings (end of first and third) is allowed. 10 minutes break is allowed at the end of second innings. If there are no restrooms closeby, captains AND umpires should discuss during the toss and decide what is a reasonable break. We have PM games on many grounds and we do not want late start since it gets dark pretty early.
  5. POWER PLAY: The team (batting or bowling) takes a power play by communicating the decision to the main/straight umpire for that over . Once the decision is to take the PP has been communicated to the umpire, it is considered final and the teams cannot reverse/change the decision regarding the PP.
  6. FOLLOW-ON: Please note that the same holds good for the cases where a team in asked to follow-on (which is specific to the split-innings games). Here again once the decision has been communicated to the umpires it is considered final and the team cannot reverse/change the decision to enforce or not enforce the follow-on

Key Dates

  • Tournament Start Date:Oct 1, 2016
  • Round Robin Final Rankings and Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper Groups will be published by CoLA at end of Round Robin
  • Buffer Weekend – CoLA's Discretion
  • Semi-final - Weekend of 4th February (may change)
  • All Star Game: Weekend of 4th February (may change)
  • Season Finale: Weekend of 11th February 2016(May change)

Overall Schedule/Logistics

  • # of Weekends Round Robin: 11 or 12 depending on whether buffer weekend is needed
  • # of Weekends Playoffs: 5 or 6  depending on whether buffer weekend is needed
  • Total # of teams = 111 teams
  • 10 Umpiring assignments per team and all distributed over two weekends for Round Robin.  Some teams might end up umpiring a game or two more than others since the total numbers of teams are matching.. But over a period of time, it will all add up.
  • For Playoffs, teams will play and umpire on same weekend- if you are playing on Saturday, you will umpire on Sunday and vice-versa.
  • No umpiring or game swaps will be allowed during playoffs.

OFF weekends

  • Thanksgiving - Weekend of Nov 24, 2016
  • Charity Cup Weekend - Weekends of Dec 17, 2016
  • Christmas Weekend of December 24, 2016
  • New Year - Weekend of January 1, 2017
  • Note: We will no longer have additional off weekends in Jan and Feb

Initial Rankings and Grouping

CricBay Fall open 2016 ranking will be based on the final rankings from Fall Open Season 2015, Regular Season 2016 and Anya Anand CricBay Champions Trophy 2016  (40-40-20). New teams registered for Fall Open will be at the bottom ranked in the order they registered.

  • Teams are grouped in a zig zag manner (usual way of grouping that is followed in all round robin format)
  • All teams will have equal number of home games and away games whenever possible. In case of odd number of total games, the top teams will end up having one more home game than the bottom teams.
Sahara CC Chennai 94086 Absolute XI Challengers CC Rebels Royal CC Synergy CC Aryans CC Cupertino Champions Spartans CC Mavericks
Chargers United CC Centurions Jaathre Boys Daredevils Champs XI Daakus i11 Talons Nemesis Dynamites
Immortals Raging Bulls 007 Super Chargers Warriors Terminators Hattrickers Weekend Cricket Warriors Syndicate CC Devils Crusaders
AllSTARS TopGuns DesiBoyz Cropley Vikings Fighters CC Avengers Yuva XI Renegades Extreme XI Gully Cricketers Force11
Fremont Steelers Seals RCB Weekenders Berkeley Machis Phoenix Seamers Sharks Rockers Stanford XI Panthers
Friends XI SCC Tornadoes SoupBoyz East Indies Youngistan Hawks Falcons Dazzlers SC United(Predators) San Jose Superstars Angels
PlayPals Strikers Broncos Singhams Bhole (Titans) CSK Kuchh Bhi XI Warlords Eagles (Smokies) Fremont Fireworks CC Thunders XI
Snipers CricIT Shockers Indian Champs 11 Fremontiers Wolf Pack Invaders Yorkers Hotshots Monsters California Kings
Elite XI iCricketers Thunderbolt Tigers Revengers iPlay Outlaws Underdogs Mumbai Stunners Birds XI Valley Thunders Mission Cricket Club
Blazers Veer XI San Jose Indians Googlys Legends Intrepid Soldiers Juggernauts Super Heroes Beats XI Deccan Chargers Playas

Trophies and Awards

  • MOM awards for Semi Finals and Finals
  • Top 3 Batsmen, Bowlers, Wicket Keepers and Fielders awards (Top 3 in all category will get trophies)
  • 1 MVP award across all divisions
  • Winners and Runners up trophies for all divisions separately (P/G/S/B/I)
  • 16 medals each for only the Platinum champions and Runners Up
  • Career Milestone awards and Annual awards for individuals and teams

Format and Other Details


  • Min number of games per team (Excluding Finals): 13 Games.
  • Umpiring - All games will have 2 umpires
  • After the Round Robin is completed, CoLA will evaluate the need for any buffer weekends. If there are abandoned games, the first abandoned game due to weather related issues will be rescheduled at the buffer weekend at CoLA’s discretion.

Round Robin

  • We will have 11 groups of 11 teams each.
  • Every team in the group plays against every other team in the group.
  • 10 games per team for the round robin. (in case the number of teams changes, the number of games will also change)
  • There will be 2 weeks of umpiring for each team.

Playoff Format

  • At the end of Round Robin phase, teams will be grouped in 5 divisions (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper) based on points, DRR
  • Teams ranked 1-2 in each group will go into Platinum, 3-4 into Gold, 5-6 into Silver, 7-8 into Bronze and remaining teams will go into Copper.
  • Each division will include 22 teams ranked based on points and DRR at the end of Round Robin.
  • Team based on their rank will play like this -1-22, 2-21, 3-20,4-19,5-18,6-17,7-16,8-15,9-14,10-13,11-12.
  • All teams will be re-ranked after each round of play offs (and Ranking games) based on DRR
  • Playoffs will be a straight knockout format.

For Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Divisions

  • Week 1 - 22 teams Playoffs,11 winners qualify & top 5 loser's qualify for playoffs.
  • Week 2 - 16 teams Playoffs, 8 winners qualify for playoffs. Teams 17-22 play ranking games
  • Week 3 -  8 teams Playoffs, 4 winners qualify for playoffs. Teams 9-22 play ranking games
  • Week 4 - 4 teams Playoffs, Teams 5-22 play ranking games. (Semi-final +Ranking)
  • Week 5 - Finals 1 vs 2
  • There will be ranking games for teams that fall out of contention.
  • All teams will be reranked after each round of play offs (and Ranking games) based on DRR

For Copper division

  • Week 1 - Team ranked 89 after RR will get a bye and remaining 22 teams (90-111) will play Playoffs,11 winners & top 4 loser's qualify for playoffs.
  • Week 2 - 16 teams (89-104) will play Playoffs, 8 winners qualify for playoffs. Teams 105-110 play ranking games. Team ranked 111 will get a bye.
  • Week 3 -  8 teams (89-96) Playoffs, 4 winners qualify for playoffs. Teams 97-109, 111 play ranking games and team ranked 110 will get a bye.
  • Week 4 - 4 teams (89-92) Playoffs, Teams (93-109, 111) play ranking games. Team ranked 110 will get a bye (Semi-final +Ranking)
  • Week 5 - Finals 89 vs 90
  • All teams will be reranked after each round of play offs (and Ranking games) based on DRR

Game Rules specific to Fall Open 2016

Split Innings

  • 20 overs Per team = 10 overs 1st inning + 10 overs 2nd Inning: Both teams and Umpires need to ensure games start on time at 8.30 am. Penalties associated with late starts will be strictly enforced going forward. Please refer to the cricbay handover for details.
  • If the difference between the score by Team batting first and team batting second is 20 or more, then the team batting first has the option of enforcing the follow on and make them bat again. e.g: Team A scored 50 runs in their 1st inning.  Team B needs to score at least 31 runs to avoid follow on.
  • In case of reduced over games, innings will be split at half number of total overs. If 12 it is 6 and if 13 it is 7.
  • Please note that this is optional and the team in advantage can decide not to enforce it. If the follow on was enforced, the teams will not get any bonus points or bonus DRR for winning by an innings..

Power Play Rules

  • The power play overs can be taken in batches of 1 over or 2 overs or all three overs at the same time. There is no requirement to take them in batches of 2 or 3 overs at a time. For instance, after taking one over if the match situation changes and you feel you don't want to take the second PP over, you don't have to. You can come back and take the second and third PP later at a time of your choosing. On the other hand, if you feel your team is well served taking all three PP overs at a stretch you can do so too.
  • If both teams take Powerplay in the same over then it will be considered as Batting Powerplay - consistent with our rule book.


# of overs per innings# of batting PP# of bowling PPMandatory PP if not taken
20 3 3 15-20 
19 3 3 14-19
18 3 3 13-18
17 2 2 14-17
16 2 2 13-16
15 2 2 12-15
14 2 2 11-14
13 2 2 10-13
12 1 1 11-12
11 1 1 10-11
10 1 1 9-10


  • Each powerplay over has to be bowled by different bowlers. If the sixth PP bowler get injured and is in no position finish the remaining balls of the over then it cannot be finished by one of the first 5 PP bowlers. If sixth bowler cannot be found then the bowling team would forfeit the game.
  • If the umpires or the bowling captain makes a mistake and a bowler starts to bowl his 2nd power play over then all those balls will be termed dead and the runs/wickets from this over will be deemed void as well. The game will resume from the state at the start of the over.
  • If the mistake is caught after the over is completed then that will be considered a legitimate over and the game will move on.

Fielding Restrictions

The following Fielding Restrictions will be enforced during all power play overs:

  • Only one fielder is allowed outside the inner circle.
  • No restriction on the “Leg” side of the batsman at the time of the delivery (apart from max 5 players on leg side).
  • The Wicketkeeper must be behind the wickets and cannot be completely on the “Leg” side of the stumps. 
  • The fielders have to adhere to the restrictions *before* the ball is in play – which is when the bowler starts running in. A fielder cannot walk into a legal position.
  • The field will need to adhere to the restrictions specified above based on the batting orientation of the batsman.

Declared runs updates

If and only if the minimum distance requirement for the ground fence from the batting crease is met, any ball going directly above the fence is +1. Here are guidelines for declared runs:

  • If the fence is >= 150 ft from batting crease, 3 runs for the ball touching the fence and 4 runs directly going above the fence
  • If the fence is >= 120 ft from batting crease, 2 runs the ball touching  the fence and 3 runs directly going above the fence
  • If the fence is >= 80 ft  from batting crease, 1 run the ball touching  the fence and 2 runs directly going above the fence
  • If there is no fence or the fence is at less than 80 ft distance, then declared runs should not be more than 1 irrespective of ball touching the fence or going directly above the fence.
  • It is recommended that you put a cone/marker at the fence for 150 ft, 120 ft, 80 ft distance from the batting crease. When the ball strikes a cone/marker for the cut-off distances, the batting team will be awarded the higher number of runs. For example if the ball strikes the cone placed (at the fence) at the 120 ft mark, then two runs will be awarded, for 150 ft 3 runs will be awarded.

Contact CricBay Volunteers

CoLA VolunteersCoRA Volunteers
  • For all Schedule & Ground related issues by filing a ticket for CoLA.
  • You can find the contact information for CoLA volunteers here
  • Note: All CricBay rule related questions to be directed to CoRA volunteers, not CoLA. and Call Volunteers only during game days.. File tickets all other times.
  • For all Rule Related issues, file a ticket for CoRA..
  • On game days, if you need to contact the volunteers, you can find contact information for CoRA volunteers here

NOTE: In keeping with our standard policy, if any of the CoRA volunteers is involved in the game in question, they should be excused from making any rule related decisions on the field.

Scorecard Changes/Player Changes/Team Name Update etc,please log a ticket and one of the volunteers will take care of it. Play hard, play safe and incident-less. All the best for the tournament.

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