Abandoned Games & Buffer Weekend Update for Fall Open 2016

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With more than two weekends getting washed out due to rain, many teams are trying to reschedule their abandoned matches over the next three weekends (Dec 17, 24 and 31st). Please note, CoLA will not be able to reschedule your matches due to unavailability of the grounds for those three weekends, even if teams are mutually agreeing to play.

However, CoLA is evaluating all the abandoned games and will try to reschedule them over two buffer weekends. Buffer weekends will be Jan 14th and 21st. Please note, not all the matches will be rescheduled as there are few teams with 3 or 4 abandoned games. Matches that will affect the ranking will get higher priority in rescheduling is the norm and CoLA will have final say in it. 

Also note that, your team may play a game on Saturday and umpire on Sunday (and vice versa) over buffer weekend. CoLA will try to minimize it but be prepared and your support is very much appreciated.

Teams can request for a non-scheduled game to be scheduled if both teams agree to play AND a ground is available. File a ticket for CoLa only AFTER both teams agree.. There will be no umpires assigned for these games. While we will do our best to assign a ground on the day you request, we may not have a free ground. 

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Santosh Mundhe

Posted on:13 December 2016

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