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We had another bad weekend where all but 4 games (2 in Kathryn Hughes and 2 in Sigman) were washed out due to grounds being not in condition for us to have games. That makes it 52 games this weekend, 56 games last 2 weekends adding to the 140+ games we have lost during Round Robin phase. Needless to say this is by far the worst hit tournament in our league's history. When we loose these many games it becomes difficult to keep pushing this tournament ahead without loosing its meaning. We tried workarounds to see if we can at least get a good quorum of games happen whereby we can salvage the rest of the tournament - but mother nature refused to co-operate. So with a lot of disappointment we are going call this CricBay FO 2016 closed (first in our league's history and hopefully the last).

While it might not be surprising to many of you about how this tournament ended, at the same time, I am sure it has provoked many thoughts in your minds. Having had chats with large majority of the teams/people in the league over the last 3-4 weeks we have learnt about some of the queries in your mind and we will answer those here. If you find anything that is not being covered or you have follow-up queries, feel free to raise them

  1. via comments in FaceBook group when this post is shared if you feel that is the interest of larger group or
  2. via a ticket of type CoLA - Query if you would rather feel that is just specific to your team or your personal query.

Queries and Answers

When will the next tournament start?

The next tournament will start first week of March 2017. It will be the Regular Season Tournament (we might rename it based on the other things we are planning and to make it meaningful)

What will we do until then?

We have 3 weeks wherein rain permitting and grounds being suitable for playing (all the criteria, ground condition, city hotline, CoLA approval apply) - we will let teams request grounds via tickets and arrange practice matches (either within their team or against another team). We will also conduct community games during the three weekends. We will use the following order of precendence in allocating grounds based on continuing availability of grounds

  1. Community Games that will be open to all CricBay members
  2. Practice games between two teams
  3. Practice game within a particular

As you see our goal is to make grounds available to larger pool of people. 

Costs: None of the teams, players will be charged for using this grounds that were allocated by CoLAThat said, any team using grounds without prior permission or playing in grounds that are deemed unsuitable will be inviting stiff penalties, even if we get to know post-facto. Check the grounds page for more on the ground usage policy.

Note to the Wise: Any CricBay reserved/allocated ground for practice MUST ONLY be used for games with other teams registered with CricBay and not with teams from any other leagues. That will be in violation of our Insurance Policy. Please talk to CoLA if you are not sure.

Why not start next tournament right away?

Some of you asked this question. It is logical to think that way. But the reason we canceled the current tournament (rains) is not going away in the next few weeks based on forecasts. We see that we will continue to be hit by rains (on and off) next 2-3 weekends. So starting a new tournament and right away getting slammed by rain will not do any good for that tournament. Think about this - you have your first/key game in the next tournament and it gets rained out. While it is frustrating to not have games, it is something we have little control over. In a way we have been lulled into thinking we will have cricket round the year by the lack of rain during rainy season in the past 3-4 yrs. 

What are you going to do about these kinds of outages in future?

Based on the experiences (and as we always do) we adapt. We have thought through some changes for the upcoming 2017 season to handle this issue. We have talked to many teams over the last couple of weekends about the new league structure, format changes we are planning. We can bore you with all those details now in this post or we can discuss the same face-to-face in the upcoming Annual Meeting over a cup of tea and some spicy snacks. We thought the latter was much more appealing. So please do insist your team leader make it a point to attend Annual Meeting (on Feb 26th Sunday 2pm - location to be announced) and you yourself are welcome to join.

What happens to the ranking from this tournament?

CoLA will compile the annual ranking based on the weighted average for all three tournaments of the year just like past years. The final rankings of CricBay FO2016 will be published in the next day or two.

Additional Information

  1. CricBay Annual Meet: (formerly called Manager's Meet) We will be hosting our Annual Meet on February 26th (Sunday) 2pm. Will send out details of location and agenda. Please consider this mandatory for teams to send one of your team leaders as we will discuss some of big changes coming up in the next season 2017. Also we will discuss some other organizational topics, do ball packet distribution etc. Stay tuned for more details in next few days - but please mark your calendar. Others who might not be part of the leadership team are welcome to join too.
  2. Next Season Registration: CoLA will send out PayPal Links for registration and ground fees payment in the next few days

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