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Topic: New Feature Introduction


   In our ongoing effort to provide transparency into our operations and how we charge teams every game for ground usage, we hereby introduce a new capability on our website. We have added a Payment tab on your team profile. 

Who can see it?

Every active member of a team shall be able to view the information for his team.

What can you see there?

  • You will see all the ground deposits, per-game charge for CricBay games, per-game charge for practice games and a running balance of your deposit. For each charge you will see a description/note. You will see when your balance turns negative and you owe money.
  • For each ground charge for a game, you will see the corresponding match link.
  • For each practice game charge, you will see the corresponding ticket you logged requesting ground
  • For any game where you or opposition forfeited you will see that entire ground charge for that game being assigned to the team forfeiting
  • You will also see all ground deposits you made.

What else can you expect in future?

Starting with 2017 you will see,

  • Per-game charge (and consequently your balance) being displayed right after the game
  • List of all your registration fees
  • For all practice games, if there is  fee, as soon as your ground allocation is done you should be able to see it in your payments page.
  • We will add other bells and whistles around this like Seasonwise grouping, Filtering, Totals etc.
  • We will add notifications to alert teams of their balance going low and asking them to replenish their account as needed.


  1. As you will see from the details in payment tab, we have only gone as back as beginning of 2016 season.So the first entry you will see is the opening balance. Most of you already know, the schedule cities/schools follow for permits is different from CricBay annual calendar. For instance - Cities have Jan-Dec calendar, Schools do permits twice a year. Our CricBay calendar runs from Feb-Jan. So we will have this overlap.
  2. Until now we were maintaining all this data, calculation in a spreadsheet and using the spreadsheet formulas to Round numbers. As we moved all this information into our website, you might see some minor differences in amounts for some teams (difference less than 10 dollars). We are doing double-checks to identify the cause and fix it. If/when we fix the issue you will see the difference getting fixed.

As with anything in the website and more so in this case as it relates to money, please log a ticket and CoLA will take it up and resolve the issue for you.

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Subraya Mallya

Posted on:15 February 2017

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