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Dear CricBay Teams, Please find the communication document for the 2017 Regular Season below. For any questions, contact CoLa via a ticket on the website.   This is currently in live mode and that means, it can and will go through some changes until this weekend.

Key Dates

Tournament Start Date 03/04/2017
Buffer Weekends CoLA Discretion
PlayOffs After Round Robin Completion (06/24/2017)
Quarterfinals Date Weekend of 06/25/2017
SemiFinals Date Saturday 07/08/2017
Tournament Finale Date Saturday 07/15/2017

Overall Schedule/Logistics

  • # of Weekends Round Robin = 15 weeks without buffer weekend(s)
  • # of Weekends playoffs (and ranking games) = 2
  • Total # of teams = 108 teams
  • Number of Divisions = 4 (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze)
  • Number of groups in each division = 4 (A, B, C , D)

OFF weekends

  • Memorial Day -  Weekend of May 27th, 2017
  • Independence Day -  Weekend of July 1st, 2017

Format and Other Details

  • One of the MAJOR CHANGES  will be the introduction of Divisions.  Based on rankings of last three tournaments (with 40-20-40 weightage as outlined here), teams have been divided into 4 divisions (28, 28,28, 24 teams in that order in 4 divisions).
  • At the end of the season, based on points and DRR,
    • Bottom 8 teams will be relegated to the immediate lower division (platinum to gold, gold to silver and silver to bronze)
    • Top 8 teams from lower divisions will be promoted to immediate higher division (bronze to silver, silver to gold and gold to platinum). IN other words, all 8 quarter finalists will be promoted.
  • Maximum number of games per team (including Quarter Finals, Semifinals and Finals or ranking games): approx 15-16 Games.
  • This tournament will be a regular 20 Overs format. For PP rules please, refer PP section
  • Umpiring - All games will have 2 umpires
  • Once the Round Robin games (RR) are completed, CoLA will evaluate the need for any buffer weekends.
  • Buffer Weekend umpiring is mandatory
  • Every player in the playing eleven MUST be registered and sign the “insurance waiver” agreement online at CricBay website. If a person has not signed the waiver form, he will not be allowed to participate in any CricBay scheduled games.
  • Please refer to the rulebook for details about what to do when we have a disrupted games
  • Some teams will end up sending at least one umpire for the Quarters and Semi-Finals weekend.  Semi-Finals will be umpired by teams that lost the Quarters and Finals may be umpired by the losing team from Semi Finals. Some assignments might be picked based on abandoned games and if not, randomly.

Rankings and Grouping

2017 Regular Season ranking will be based on the average rankings from Regular Season 2016 (40%), Champions trophy 2016 (20%) and Fall Open 2016 (40%). New teams registered for Regular Season will be at the bottom ranked in the order they registered.If there is a tie in terms of the overall ranking, the team ranked high in the RS 2016 will be ranked higher. Teams that took a break and are getting back to the league, will also start at the bottom (but ranked higher than the new teams). Teams are grouped in a zigzag manner based on their rank, which is the standard way of placing teams in groups. 

Platinum Division

Absolute XI Chennai 94086 Challengers CC Spartans CC
Mavericks Synergy CC Rebels Royal CC
Daakus Nemesis Aryans CC 007
Warriors Champs XI Dynamites Jaathre Boys
Hattrickers Daredevils i11 Raging Bulls
Weekend Cricket Warriors Immortals Super Chargers United CC
Syndicate CC Extreme XI Fighters CC Centurions

Gold Division

Talons Devils Terminators Chargers
Phoenix Force11 Broncos Renegades
Stanford XI Cupertino Champions Weekenders Crusaders
Yuva XI DesiBoyz Seamers Panthers
RCB SoupBoyz Seals TopGuns
Berkeley Machis Fremont Steelers Rockers Avengers
Beats XI CricIT Youngistan Yorkers

Silver Division

AllSTARS Fremont Fireworks CC Sharks California Kings
iCricketers PlayPals Snipers Kuchh Bhi XI
Monsters Dazzlers Hawks Eagles
Playas Revengers East Indies Shockers
Bhole (Titans) Wolf Pack Friends XI SJSS
Angels Stars Xi Invaders Outlaws
Indian Champs Warlords SCC Tornadoes Thunders

Bronze Division

Falcons Hotshots CSK Singhams
Intrepid Soldiers SC United Thunderbolt Tigers Strikers
Mumbai Stunners 11 Fremontiers iPlay Underdogs
Mission Cricket Club Googlys Elite XI Valley Thunders
Legends Juggernauts Veer X1 Super Heroes
United Tax Alpha Lions Viptela San Jose Indians

Round Robin (RR) - Platinum, Gold and Silver

  • 28 teams in each division will be divided into 4 groups, 7 teams in each group.
  • All teams will play 6 matches within their group and 7 matches with another group which was decided by lottery during CricBay Annual meet.
  • Total 13 matches will be played and with 2 weeks of umpiring, Their round robin will end in 15 weekends.
  • After round robin, top 8 teams will play quarter final and winners will go into Semis and then winner of semis into Final.
    • Losers of quarters will play ranking games on semi’s weekend.
  • Bottom 20 will play ranking games over two weekends. They will play 2 ranking games and bottom 8 teams after ranking games will move to lower division.
  • All the teams playing quarters (Gold and Silver) will move to higher division. i.e. 8 teams.
  • At the end of the tournament, all teams will be ranked based on Points and DRR and the last 8 will be relegated.

Round Robin (RR) - Bronze

  • 24 teams in division will be divided in 4 groups, 6 teams in each group.
  • All teams will play 5 matches within their group and 6 matches with another group which will be decided by lottery on Annual meet.
  • Total 11 matches will be played and with 2 weeks of umpiring, Their round robin will end in 13 weekends.
  • In qualifiers, top 2 teams from each group will go for cup contention and remaining 16 teams will play ranking games.
  • Top 8 teams will be re ranked 1-8 based on points and DRR. They will form 2 groups of 4 teams each in a zig zag manner  and will play round robin for cup contention. i.e 4 weeks including one umpiring.
    • Topper from the 2 groups will go into Final
  • Bottom 16 teams will be re ranked according to their position then pts and DRR. They will form 4 groups of 4 teams each and will play round robin of ranking games. 

Lottery Results to decide which group plays which

DivisionFirst MatchupSecond Matchup
Platinum Group A vs Group B Group C vs Group D
Gold Group A vs Group B Group C vs Group D
Silver Group A vs Group D Group B vs Group C
Bronze Group A vs Group D Group B vs Group C


Quarter Finals/SemiFinals - Platinum, Gold and Silver

  • Top 2 from each groups (total 8 teams) will be re-ranked 1-8 based on based on points and DRR. 
  • Once the QF brackets are set, there will be no re-ranking done after each stage of the knockouts.

Trophies and Awards

  • MOM awards for Semi Finals and Finals of all divisions.
  • Top Batsman, Bowler, Wicket Keeper and Fielder awards (Only one top player in every category) for EACH DIVISION.
  • 1 MVP award across all divisions.
  • Champions and Runners up trophies for all divisions separately (P/G/S/B)
  • 16 medals each for winners of the finals in every division.
  • Career Milestone awards for individuals (if any)

Tied Games

  • Please note that if the scores are tied at the end of a game in ANY CricBay game , the game is deemed a tie regardless of the number of wickets comparison.
  • To break the tie, teams MUST  play Super Over, which means one over each side till one teams score is higher than the others, ignoring the number of wickets
  • A toss will be conducted after the stipulated 20 overs with the visiting team to call the toss.
  • During the extra overs, once out a batsman cannot return unless the entire team gets out and the game is still not decided; only one over per bowler unless the game continues beyond 5 extra overs in which case the bowlers will rotate again.
  • The runs / wickets after the 20th over would not be considered towards the tournament statistics and DRR.
  • However, the teams MUST mention the scores in Super Over section while entering the brief scores and the detailed scores for the records. The brief scores entered should be the scores at the end of the stipulated (20) overs.

Score Card Entry Deadlines

  • It is important that all teams follow the score card entry deadlines, penalties will be applied to teams which do not comply with the deadlines below
    • All CricBay games
      • Brief scores should be entered by the winning team by Saturday 6:00PM PST  for games scheduled on Saturday and  Sunday 6:00PM PST for games scheduled on Sunday. This applies to PM games as well.
      • Detailed scores should be entered by Thursday 12PM PST for all games.
  • It is not permitted to enter fake names and/or misrepresenting player names on detailed score cards. If a score card is entered with such violations, the team responsible will be penalized with late score entry until the player name is corrected.
  • For Abandoned games the home team is responsible for entering Brief scores as abandoned.
  • For forfeited games, the winning team is responsible for entering the brief scorecard. A Detailed Scorecard is not necessary.
  • For a completed game , winning team is always responsible for entering scores. If the winning team needs more information of score card from the opponent team, they need to get the information before the deadline and complete the score entry (if details needed, winning team need to contact the opponent team latest by Tuesday midnight and the losing team need to provide the information latest by Wednesday midnight). If the opponent team did not provide the necessary information, the winning team needs to inform CoRA before the score entry deadline.
  • Missing scorecard deadlines will result in automatic penalties which cannot be waived or contested.

Power Play Rules

  • The power play overs can be taken in batches of 1 over or 2 overs or all three overs in a row. There is no requirement to take them in batches of 2 or 3 overs at a time. For instance, after taking one over if the match situation changes and you feel you don't want to take the second PP over, you don't have to. You can come back and take the second and third PP later at a time of your choosing. On the other hand, if you feel your team is well served taking all three PP overs at a stretch you can do so too.
  • If both teams take Powerplay in the same over then it will be considered as Batting Powerplay - consistent with our rule book.
  • 6 PP overs to be bowled by 6 separate bowlers.

Fielding Restrictions

The following Fielding Restrictions will be enforced during all power play overs:

  • Only one fielder is allowed outside the inner circle.
  • No restriction on the “Leg” side of the batsman at the time of the delivery (apart from max 5 players on leg side).
  • The Wicketkeeper must be behind the wickets and cannot be completely on the “Leg” side of the stumps. 
  • The fielders have to adhere to the restrictions *before* the ball is in play – which is when the bowler starts running in. A fielder cannot walk into a legal position.
  • The field will need to adhere to the restrictions specified above based on the batting orientation of the batsman.
  • PP overs cab be taken anytime between over 1 and 20

Declared runs updates

If and only if the minimum distance requirement for the ground fence from the batting crease is met, any ball going directly above the fence is +1. Here are guidelines for declared runs:

  • If the fence is >= 150 ft from batting crease, 3 runs for the ball touching the fence and 4 runs directly going above the fence
  • If the fence is >= 120 ft from batting crease, 2 runs the ball touching  the fence and 3 runs directly going above the fence
  • If the fence is >= 80 ft  from batting crease, 1 run the ball touching  the fence and 2 runs directly going above the fence
  • If there is no fence or the fence is at less than 80 ft distance, then declared runs should not be more than 1 irrespective of ball touching the fence or going directly above the fence.
  • It is recommended that you put a cone/marker at the fence for 150 ft, 120 ft, 80 ft distance from the batting crease. When the ball strikes a cone/marker for the cut-off distances, the batting team will be awarded the higher number of runs. For example if the ball strikes the cone placed (at the fence) at the 120 ft mark, then two runs will be awarded, for 150 ft 3 runs will be awarded.


Forfeits Rules

  • To discourage forfeits during the tournaments the following rules are applicable:
    • The team that forfeits is liable for the ground reservation payment. 
    • -1 DRR will be applied while calculating the final ranking after the end of the round or the tournament.
    • -0.5 DRR to carry forward to the next tournament.
    • If a team forfeits more than once in a tournament, additional penalties might apply as decided by CoRA

Abandoned Games

  • A game is considered Abandoned only when it is deemed impractical to complete the game, in spite of the best efforts by all involved to complete the game, due to unforeseen circumstances or weather . Please refer to CricBay Handbook for further clarification.
  • For all interrupted games,  Duckworth-Lewis Method will be used to get the result for the game. DLS kicks in after 5 overs of team batting second. 
  • For ABANDONED weekends (due to rains), CoLa may designate some weekends, on an ad-hoc basis, as buffer weekends. CoLA reserves the right to change the dates, the grounds, the umpiring assignments and the overall timeline of the tournament. CoLa’s decisions are binding on the playing and the umpiring teams. CoLA will be very fair and reasonable to all teams while making these adjustments.
  • If for some reason, CoLa just cannot reschedule a game due to a variety of considerations, (including the unreasonable extension of tournament end date) both teams get 2 points each and 0 DRR
  • Teams may choose to play their "abandoned" games on the "Off" weekends  listed above (or any other weekend) , but it has to be mutually agreed upon by both playing teams. CoLA needs to be notified by raising a ticket of such a reschedule and the game result immediately following the game. While CoLA requests the umpiring teams to umpire the game, it is not mandatory for the umpiring teams to umpire on an off weekend unless the game was scheduled by CoLa. In this case the two playing teams need to proceed with the game without neutral umpires.

Transfer within a Tournament

To be added within a day or so

Withdrawal by a team

  • If a team decides to "withdraw" from the tournament, i.e. decides to not play any more games and not to send any more umpires etc., then for all REMAINING games, the opposition teams are granted 4 points and 0 DRR. The previous results stay as is. If such unforeseen circumstances arise, CoLA may ask some teams to take additional umpiring so that games are not getting interrupted. CoLA will try to allot these umpiring the best and fairest possible way. Forfeit penalties (including DRR and ground payments) will apply to the those teams.

  • If a team decides to withdraw from the tournament in the middle of the tournament , the pending amount in grounds deposit and the registration fee will NOT be refunded.

Contact CricBay Volunteers

CoLA VolunteersCoRA Volunteers
  • For all Schedule & Ground related issues by filing a ticket for CoLA.
  • You can find the contact information for CoLA volunteers here.
  • Note: All CricBay rule related questions to be directed to CoRA volunteers, not CoLA. and Call Volunteers only during game days.. File tickets all other times.
  • For all Rule Related issues, file a ticket for CoRA..
  • On game days, if you need to contact the volunteers, you can find contact information for CoRA volunteers here
  • Note: If any of the CoRA volunteers involved in the game in question, they should be excused from making any rule related decisions on the field.

Score Card Changes/Player Changes etc.Please log a ticket and one of the volunteers will take care of it.

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