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You have just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area or just found out about CricBay and want to join in. You are at the right place.

Did you know CricBay is the largest cricket league around? You can read more in the About Us page.

This article will help you join CricBay and start participating in games quickly. Read through the steps below and you should be ready to get going once you finish all the steps


  1. If you have already played in CricBay in the past, you already have an account in the system. So PLEASE DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Just login to the existing one and request a team transfer. If you don't remember the password go to the Login page and reset the password.
  2. To keep the system clean and manageable we periodically remove inactive accounts. If you register and in three months from the date of your registration after that you don't join a team and play a game, your account will be removed from the system.
  3. If you follow this process diligently, the approvals will be fast. Note: 95% of the approvals happen within the hour of submission and the rest 5% happen within 2-3 hours.

Step 1

If you look at the left menu on the home page, under Shortcuts you will see Register as a Member. (see Figure 1) Go ahead and fill up the form. You will get an email and your account will be setup once admins approve it.

Register your account and provide all the required details. A Proof of Identify is Mandatory for us to verify you are who you say you are.

So please provide your LinkedIn Public Profile URL or Facebook Profile URL as way to verify your identity.

NOTE: For us to verify your identity your identity should clearly show you are from San Francisco Bay Area. Make sure you allow location to be visible to non-friends


Also please take time to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice

Step 2

Once you submit the registration you will receive a verification notification on the email you provided.

Clicking the link in the email you will verify and confirm the registration.

Note: If you don't see the email in the inbox please do check in your SPAM folder. 

After you have verified the registration, the request will land in the queue of CricBay administrators to approve. One of the CricBay administrators will review and verify your information and approve your account.

If your application is approved you will receive a notification confirming the approval. After that you are in. You can find a team and join them.

If your registration is rejected you will be required to provide some additional information to clarify any questions that administrators might have.

 Step 3

Update Personal Profile Information

Upon approval, login to your profile, enter your details about your location, batting, bowling, fielding positions and we also recommend you fill up the Social Profiles as well.














Engaging with the CricBay Community

  • Next step would be to post a message on the Discussion Forum announcing your availability. Feel free to generously advertise your skills. Refer to "how to post in forum" below.
  • We highly recommend you visit and join us in our Facebook group. This is where all the important discussions happen and news about other games, players etc are shared. All the key announcements are also shared here.
  • Most teams are always looking for players.. Be patient and you will start hearing from people soon enough.

Posting in CricBay Discussion Forum

  • Go to the tab Discussions
  • If you are not logged in, system will prompt you to log in.
  • Submit a post of type - Player Seeking a Team and share your location, your skills and any past cricket history
  • Upon approval, your post will show up on the forum.
  • Teams looking for players will then seek you out and respond to your post.
  • You can interact with interested teams and chose the one you like.

Joining a Team

You can join a team by clicking on the Join a Team Button and sending a request to join.

  1. The Management of the team will be sent a notice that you have requested to join.
  2. The Management typically only accepts people they know.
  3. Once the Management approves your request you will be notified and added to that team.

Private messages

  • Once you have posted your availability on CricBay forum, you might be contacted by other teams.
  • You will be able to read their private messages and respond to them. But until you are part of a team and active you will not be able to contact anyone on your own.

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