Best Cricket Store 2019 CricBay Fall Open

Points Table

Author: Shiv Mallalli on 30 Nov 2019

Most of our cricket games are 3 hours long and sometime they might extend beyong that (additional drink breaks, ball lost, injury breaks, super over...). That makes the videos long and for someone wanting to see the video it starts challenging their patience and might even get boring. To eliminate that we started editing our game videos to remove "white spaces" in our videos and over many videos we seem to have found some things that work very well. I am writing this post to share the tips and tricks that we use to edit our videos.

Follow the link to watch an edited game (DO WATCH THE LAST BALL) -  i11 Vs Chennai - Nov 2019 @ Northgate, Fremont

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Author: Sheshu Shenoy on 20 Oct 2019

Please check the ranking and the groupings.. if you see any issues, file a CoLA ticket before 9PM

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Author: Sheshu Shenoy on 1 Sep 2019

Key Dates

Tournament Start Date 09/07/2019
Round Robin (RR1+RR2) Completion PGS Weekend of 11/17/2019
Round Robin (RR1+RR2) Completion Bronze Weekend of 11/24/2019
Pre Quarter Finals (for PGS) Weekend of 11/24/2019
Quarterfinals Weekend of 12/07/2019
SemiFinals Weekend of 01/04/2020
Tournament Finals Saturday 01/11/2020
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Author: Santosh Mundhe on 29 Aug 2019

Hello everyone,

Please find the final ranking of CrciBay Regular Season 2019. This ranking does not include the teams that are dropping out, merging and new teams joining for the Fall Open.



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Author: Sheshu Shenoy on 17 Apr 2019

Dear Teams,

We have noticed that most afternoon games are going beyond 4:30PM which is when our permit expires in many fields. In summer, it is likely another league that has permit after that, will show up on time and would demand you to vacate the field right away. Last thing we want is a spate of DLS based decisions on games.

Further, we have permits all day and even when we have afternoon only fields, permit starts at 1PM. So to address this issue effective immediately,

  • starting with the coming weekend of 4/20/2019 (Saturday), EVERY PM GAME MUST START at 1PM.
  • Umpires must be there 15 minutes before the game.
  • In case umpires are late, Teams are required to do toss and start the game without them (Batting team can umpire the game and check handbook for more details) and please file an Umpire late show ticket.  "We don't want to start without umpires" is not a valid excuse for late start.
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Author: Niranjan Pujari on 25 Mar 2019

Dear CricBay Teams,

Please find the communication document for the Best Cricket Store CricBay 2019 Regular Season Tournament below. For any questions, contact CoLA via a ticket on the website.

Key Dates

Tournament Start Date 03/30/2019
Round Robin Completion Weekend of 07/27/2019
Qualifier Game Weekend of 08/03/2019
Quarterfinals Weekend of 08/10/2019
SemiFinals Weekend of 08/17/2019
Tournament Finals Saturday 08/24/2019
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Author: Sheshu Shenoy on 24 Feb 2019

It's the party hall of Swagat Indian Cuisine in Milpitas. We will make sure there are no Sunday PM games as well.

Make sure at least one person from every team attends the meeting. It is ok to have more than one player to attend as well. This meeting is not optional for any active CricBay team or any new team that has registered to participate in 2019.

Please ensure whoever is attending has time and not trying to run away at the first available opportunity. This is the time to look at how CricBay operates where we present our financial details, plans, future plans and any other operational details. There will be plenty to eat and drink (non-alcoholic of course :-) ).

Note that based on Q&A time, it might go a bit longer or might end a bit earlier.  General agenda in no specific order

  1. CricBay Financials - 2018 accounting details and 2019 forecast
  2. CricBay operational updates, state of the union and other details
  3. Q&A
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Author: Niranjan Pujari on 17 Feb 2019


Below is the final ranking of all teams based on points and DRR of RR2 of CricBay Champions trophy 2018. Please review and log a ticket if you find any issues.

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Author: Santosh Mundhe on 14 Jan 2019

Hello everyone,

Below is the final ranking of all teams based on points and DRR of RR1 of CricBay Champions trophy 2018. Please find new groups as per new rankings. 

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Author: Sheshu Shenoy on 8 Dec 2018

We have all talked about it for ever and never really got to do it and we are finally there... we will have it in 2019.. mostly after March.. exact dates TBD

Here are the minimum requirements we will have to meet to make it happen

  1. We will need at least 6 teams
  2. We will need enough payers to make 6 teams and be able to play as many games as possible since we will allow a roster of 16-18 at the most.

If we meet that, here is how we will do it..

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