2018 CricBay Champions Trophy

Points Table

by Niranjan Pujari on 17 Feb 2019


Below is the final ranking of all teams based on points and DRR of RR2 of CricBay Champions trophy 2018. Please review and log a ticket if you find any issues.

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by Santosh Mundhe on 14 Jan 2019

Hello everyone,

Below is the final ranking of all teams based on points and DRR of RR1 of CricBay Champions trophy 2018. Please find new groups as per new rankings. 

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by Sheshu Shenoy on 8 Dec 2018

We have all talked about it for ever and never really got to do it and we are finally there... we will have it in 2019.. mostly after March.. exact dates TBD

Here are the minimum requirements we will have to meet to make it happen

  1. We will need at least 6 teams
  2. We will need enough payers to make 6 teams and be able to play as many games as possible since we will allow a roster of 16-18 at the most.

If we meet that, here is how we will do it..

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by Subraya Mallya on 12 Nov 2018

We all make excuses and at every chance we get. Since we are always in need for readymade excuses as a public service and for all the budding execusers, here is a complete ready reference of excuses for each occassion.

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by Santosh Mundhe on 9 Nov 2018

Dear CricBay Teams, Please find the communication document for CricBay Champions Trophy Tournament 2018 below. For any questions, contact CoLA via a ticket on the website. Please note this is a live document and might change until the first game of the new tournament and see comment section for any updates.

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by Subraya Mallya on 7 Nov 2018

It is that time of the year again. We have come to Finals of yet another successful tournament - 2018 Fall Open Tournament. 8 consistent teams have qualified to play for the finals across Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions. The games will be held in Fremont in Thornton Jr High, American High and Los Cerritos grounds.

At the end of the games the award ceremony will be held in Thornton Jr High.

Food and Festivities will happen at Thornton Jr High. Please RSVP here

Be there, bring your friends and family and enjoy what is guaranteed to be lot of fun.

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by Santosh Mundhe on 4 Nov 2018

Hello everyone, 

Please find the final ranking after Fall Open 2018. 

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by Santosh Mundhe on 28 Oct 2018

Hello everyone,

Please check final ranking for the semi-final/ranking games of CricBay Fall Open 2018. Check the section "Quarterfinals/SemiFinals/Ranking games - Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze" for more details.

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by Santosh Mundhe on 14 Oct 2018

Hello everyone,

Please check final ranking after RR2 for Platinum, Gold, and Silver division. We will announce the same for Bronze group after next weekend games. Check the section 'PlayOffs (Pre-Quarter Finals)/Ranking Games- Platinum, Gold and Silver" in communications document for game details.

 If you find any errors, please file CoLA ticket before Oct 14th, 7 PM PST. 

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by Ganesh Aithal on 23 Sep 2018

Please check the Bronze division ranking (Points and DRR) after completion of round-robin 1. In Round Robin-2 Bronze division will be grouped into 8 groups of 4 teams ach. Groups are formed using the zig-zag technique. Each team will play 3 games within the group and fulfill 3 umpiring assignments over the next 4 weeks. 

Please file a CoLA ticket if any issues are seen.

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