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CricBay Dr Prakash Advani Premier League 2019 aka CPL 2019

by Sheshu Shenoy on 8 Dec 2018

We have all talked about it for ever and never really got to do it and we are finally there... we will have it in 2019.. mostly after March.. exact dates TBD

Here are the minimum requirements we will have to meet to make it happen

  1. We will need at least 6 teams
  2. We will need enough payers to make 6 teams and be able to play as many games as possible since we will allow a roster of 16-18 at the most.

If we meet that, here is how we will do it..

Handy List of Excuses for all occasions

by Subraya Mallya on 12 Nov 2018

We all make excuses and at every chance we get. Since we are always in need for readymade excuses as a public service and for all the budding execusers, here is a complete ready reference of excuses for each occassion.

2018 CricBay Champions Trophy Communication Document

by Santosh Mundhe on 9 Nov 2018

Dear CricBay Teams, Please find the communication document for CricBay Champions Trophy Tournament 2018 below. For any questions, contact CoLA via a ticket on the website. Please note this is a live document and might change until the first game of the new tournament and see comment section for any updates.

Welcome to the CricBay 2018 Fall Open Finals

by Subraya Mallya on 7 Nov 2018

It is that time of the year again. We have come to Finals of yet another successful tournament - 2018 Fall Open Tournament. 8 consistent teams have qualified to play for the finals across Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions. The games will be held in Fremont in Thornton Jr High, American High and Los Cerritos grounds.

At the end of the games the award ceremony will be held in Thornton Jr High.

Food and Festivities will happen at Thornton Jr High. Please RSVP here

Be there, bring your friends and family and enjoy what is guaranteed to be lot of fun.

CricBay Fall Open 2018 Final Ranking after 2018

by Santosh Mundhe on 4 Nov 2018

Hello everyone, 

Please find the final ranking after Fall Open 2018. 

CricBay Fall Open 2018- Final ranking for Semi-final round

by Santosh Mundhe on 28 Oct 2018

Hello everyone,

Please check final ranking for the semi-final/ranking games of CricBay Fall Open 2018. Check the section "Quarterfinals/SemiFinals/Ranking games - Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze" for more details.

CricBay Fall Open 2018- Final ranking for Quarter final round

by Santosh Mundhe on 21 Oct 2018

Hello everyone,

Please check final ranking for the quarter-final/ranking games of CricBay Fall Open 2018. Check the section "Quarterfinals/SemiFinals/Ranking games - Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze" for more details. 

CricBay Fall Open 2018- RR2 Final ranking for P,G and S divisions

by Santosh Mundhe on 14 Oct 2018

Hello everyone,

Please check final ranking after RR2 for Platinum, Gold, and Silver division. We will announce the same for Bronze group after next weekend games. Check the section 'PlayOffs (Pre-Quarter Finals)/Ranking Games- Platinum, Gold and Silver" in communications document for game details.

 If you find any errors, please file CoLA ticket before Oct 14th, 7 PM PST. 

CricBay Fall Open 2018 RR-1 Ranking and RR-2 Grouping- P/G/S

by Ganesh Aithal on 16 Sep 2018

Please check the Ranking (points and DRR) and RR-2 Grouping for Platinum, Gold and Silver. The Ranking for Bronze division will be posted after next weekend games. 

In Round Robin - 2 for P/G/S, each division will have 7 groups with 4 teams in each groups. Groups are formed according to our traditional zig-zag format. Teams will play total of 3 games within the group and fulfil 3 umpiring assignments. We will only publish the schedule for this weekend and rest will be updated after Bronze teams finish their RR1

If you find any errors, Please file CoLA ticket. 

IMPORTANT: Rules covering Umpiring discussions and other changes

by Sheshu Shenoy on 27 Jul 2018

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE Post and also let your team mates know.. we need everyone to follow this starting tomorrow.. The same has been emailed to team leaders of every team playing this tournament and will also be posted on the website.. CricBay handbook has been updated to mention the same.

CricBay Fall Open Season 2018: Initial Ranking

by Ganesh Aithal on 22 Jul 2018

Hello All,

Please find the initial ranking for the CricBay Fall Open Season 2018. 

Please file a CoLA ticket if you have any questions.

2018 CricBay Fall Open Tournament Communication Document

by Sheshu Shenoy on 22 Jul 2018

Dear CricBay Teams, Please find the communication document for the Fall Open Tournament 2018 below. For any questions, contact CoLA via a ticket on the website. Please note this is a live document and might change until the first game of the new tournament and see comment section for any updates.

Key Dates

Tournament Start Date 07/28/2018
Buffer Weekends TBD
PlayOffs After Round Robin Completion PGS 10/20/2018, B 10/27/2018
Pre-Quarter Finals Date Only for PGS 10/20/2018
Quarter Finals Date Weekend of 10/27/2018
Semi Finals Date Weekend 11/03/2018
Tournament Finale Saturday 11/10/2018

CricBay Regular Season 2018: Final Ranking

by Ganesh Aithal on 16 Jul 2018

We are almost near the end of the Regular Season 2018. After 18 weeks of hard fought cricket, here are the team final standings. Congrats to the top 8 teams across 4 divisions for making it to the finals. Kudos to the other teams who found a way to compete hard and coming close to making it to the final 8. 

Note :

  • The finalists will be ranked after the finals
  • The teams that qualified for semis/finals will be ranked higher than the other teams irrespective of their points
  • The teams currently marked under relegation subject to change based on other teams participation in the next tournament

2018 CricBay Regular Season All Star Awardees and Game

by Ganesh Aithal on 15 Jul 2018

At the end of each tournament we bring together 24 players who have been shining brighter than the others. Its a distinct game were the stars with fantastic statistics go up against each other. Today, we are announcing the 2018 Regular Season All Stars players.

Game Details

  • Date: Sunday July 22nd  8:30 AM.
  • Location: Rancho Milpitas Middle School - Matting Pitch
  • 20 over-a-side game, All Rules from 2018 Regular Season Tournaments apply.

Welcome to 2018 CricBay Regular Season Grand Finale

by Sheshu Shenoy on 13 Jul 2018

Platinum and Gold finals, award ceremony. food and festivities will happen at the Rancho Field in Milpitas Please RSVP here

Be there, bring your friends and family and enjoy what is guaraneted to be a sureshot runfest.

IMPORTANT: Informing CoLA about your team plans for 2018 CricBay Fall Open

by Sheshu Shenoy on 3 Jul 2018

PLEASE READ.. and let your team leaders know as well (an emaill with the same content will be sent to all team leaders as well).

2018 CricBay Fall Open will start weekend after Regular season finals.. which means Game 1 will be on July 28th/29th for most teams. We will need to work on logistics, format and schedule asap.

  1. If your team is disbanding
  2. If your team is merging with another team
  3. If your team is planning to take a break during fall open (there will be consequences).

CricBay Regular Season 2018: Playoff Ranking - P/G/S

by Sheshu Shenoy on 1 Jul 2018

Please check the Ranking (Points and DRR) for Platinum, Gold and Silver divisions ASAP.. Bronze list will be posted next weekend. There will be play off and ranking games this weekend (weekend of 7/7/2018) and games for bronze as well.. P/G/S will play one game and umpire one game.. Please note that starting this weekend, until finals, there will not be any swaps allowed,

If you see any errors, please file a CoLA ticket

For playoff rules/format refer to the 2018RS Communication Document

Re-Ranking of Bronze Division for 2018RS-RR2

by Ganesh Aithal on 6 May 2018

For the current CricBay Regular Season 2018, Bronze division are being re-ranked and re-grouped to play second round robin. Every team will playing 7 matches within the group and Top team from each group will be qualify for semi-finals.

Points and DRR of the teams have been considered for re-ranking. If two or more teams have ended up with same points and DRR, the higher ranked team at the start of the season is placed above the other. 

Re-grouping mechanism ithe one we use every tournament (zig-zag).

For questions related to Format, qualification etc, please please read the Communication document before commenting or calling volunteers.. Please file a CoLA-query ticket if you have any other questions not answered in the comms doc.   

Buffer Weekend Update for CricBay Regular Season 2018

by Santosh Mundhe on 11 Apr 2018

Update for Bronze group

CoLA will be re-ranking bronze teams based on points and DRR including buffer weekend matches for Second phase of RR Once teams are reranked and placed in zig zag order to form 4 groups of 8 teams each, their second phase of RR will start from May 13th weekend. All bronze teams can schedule their abandoned games (not scheduled by CoLA) during the second phase of RR if Both teams agree to play the game without neutral umpires, Get an approval from CoLA, CoLA will approve based on ground availability. -- Santosh Mundhe (obo CoLA) on 4/23/2018


As of today, April 11th, we have 77 abandoned games and CoLA has decided to have one buffer weekend on May 5th to accommodate maximum possible abandoned games.

Dropping the ball....Grrrrrr

by Subraya Mallya on 4 Apr 2018

We have seen a few things happen repeatedly and this despite repeated reminders and by same set of teams so we thought we will list them out and maybe bring it to the attention of those teams. If you feel that the tone of this post implies a hint of resentment, then you would be correct.