All you need to know about Grounds

CricBay conducts 100% of our games on permitted grounds. We only schedule games on grounds where we hold a legal permit from the ground owner - the school districts/city or other organizations that own the ground. Under no circumstances are teams/players to play a game in any ground without permit. Violating this rule will create high risk for CricBay in terms of loosing grounds. Teams/Players found violating the rules will be severely penalized including financial penalty and suspension of the players/teams.

CoLA is responsible to manage scheduling of games and allocation of the grounds. Every team which is part of the reserved ground pool will be allotted a ground for their home game. There are 2 reserved ground pools based on the location: South Bay pool and East Bay pool. CoLA will make best effort to allocate the ground for the home team based on their preference. Please note that due to availability of grounds on any given day, teams might get a ground outside their preferred day and location.

Rules for games during Rains

Hotline Telephone Numbers Fremont City: 510-733-1102San Jose City: 408-794-6532Sunnyvale City: 408-730-7585
Call the corresponding Hotline # before you go to the ground.
  • If the Hotline says grounds are CLOSED - they are CLOSED for game and practice.
  • If the Hotline says grounds are OPEN- then follow the Assessment guidelines below.
  • CoLA reserves the right to deem certain grounds as NOT PLAYABLE if there is evidence that the ground is not good for a game and call off the games on those grounds.
  • If there are free grounds that are playable then teams are welcome to avail of them by logging a ticket.
  • NOTE: School grounds don't come under City Administration so HOTLINE messages don't apply to school grounds. CoLA will have explicit guidelines for school grounds
Assessment of Grounds for Playing (applies for all grounds - cities and schools) Even if the Hotline message approves of playing, you still CANNOT play if any of the following is true
  • A Steady Rain in falling
  • There is standing water anywhere on the ground
  • A lightning or thunder is going on
  • A "Squishy" sound is made or there is a "spongy" feel when walking on the turf
  • A footprint leaves imprint on the turf
  • You have mud on the bottom of your shoes and/or sod is removed easily.
CoLA requires teams/umpires to send 3-4 pictures of the ground to prove the ground is playable before a game can be commenced on that ground.Not adhering to these policies introduces severe risk to the league in terms of permit cancelation and ban on playing in certain cities/schools. 

Teams found guilty of this will earn stiff penalties including but not limited to voiding of your game, points/DRR penalties, suspension of your team for a length of time. PLEASE DON'T DO IT. None of us benefit from it.

NOTE: We STRONGLY WARN teams/players to not enter school premises during school hours to check the state of the ground and worse yet not start taking photos when there are kids around. This can get you in serious trouble with authorities. Schools have a requirement to have high degree of privacy for kids and we cannot be violating those rules. 

NOTE: The decision of the game going ahead or getting abandoned MUST ONLY be done in discussion with COLA and not by the teams themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to be part of the reserved ground pool?
  2. How do we find a reserved ground on a different day than the one allotted?
  3. How do we find a reserved ground for practice?
  4. How do we get a copy of the permit for the reserved ground alloted to us?
  5. What are the rules for using reserved grounds?
  6. Where can we find more about ground charges charged to our team?
  7. If we have a scheduled game and it gets rained out, do we get charged for that ground?
  8. Can I buy a ground for a corporate game that we are playing at work?
  9. What does Insurance Coverage cover?
  10. Some grounds have lot of grass (sometime weeds), can CricBay get them cleaned?
  11. Where can teams practice during Weekday? Importantly where teams cannot?
  12. Safety Precautions in a game
  13. We have our own ground can we play our games there?
  14. Can we get restrooms opened for our games in City/School grounds?
  15. What should we do if there is a BasketBall/Child Play Area close to the ground?
  16. What should we do if there is another league that claims permit for the ground we are allocated?
  17. How does ground allocation work - 360 vs Baseball grounds?

How much does it cost to be part of the reserved ground pool?

  • CoLA will charge approximately $2000 USD per year. (Note: This does not include the team's registration fee) 
  • Each ground allocation for a game results in a charge of the per-use fee split across both teams and deducted from team's ground deposit balance.
  • Grounds come in different shapes, sizes and costs. So expect different charge showing up depending on the ground you are allocated.
  • Team can see their balance, all the charges, payments under the Payments tab of their team profile page
  • When the balance in the deposit of a team comes below the threshold ($150), those teams will be asked to replenish the money again.
  • Any Balance amount leftover at the end of year will be carried forward to the next season.
  • NOTE: The City/School calendar for booking grounds does not line up with CricBay Season calendar so you will see that we collect money at (what seems like) different times from CricBay season start/end.

Please file a ticket with type CoLA – General Query if you have any questions.

How do we find a reserved ground on a different day than the one allotted?

Please file a ticket with type - Request Reschedule of game to check with CoLA if they have any free grounds available on your preferred day. If CoLA does have free grounds, they will update the match schedule per your request.

If CoLA does not have any free grounds for your preferred day, then you can post a request for ground swap by posting it on the Discussions Forum on CricBay website. Once you find a team agreeing to swap the ground, open a new ticket of type - Request Reserved Ground Swap as explained here.

How do we find a reserved ground for practice?

Please file a ticket with type – Paid Ground Request to find if there are any free grounds available for practice. CoLA will give preference to ground swap requests and paid ground requests for scheduled games, before allocating grounds for practice.

If there are unallocated grounds left, CoLA will allot grounds for practice in “first-come-first-serve” basis.


  1. The grounds are NOT FREE (always), your team will be charged (unless CoLA tells you explicitly that you will not be charged)
  2. A CricBay reserved/allocated ground MUST only be used to play practice game between teams that are registered in CricBay and not against teams from any other league. Our Insurance policy prohibits us from doing so. Please do not violate this policy. It will have repurcussions for your team and all the players in your team

How do we get a copy of the permit for the reserved ground alloted to us?

Check this How-To Help Guide:

What are the rules for using reserved grounds?

 No Liquor on the Ground 


The nearest Smoking Zone is on the curbside outside the school campus or atleast 25 feet from the school campus whichever is closer. E-Cigarettes and Regular Cigarettes both are considered Cigarettes and MUST NOT be smoked in the ground.


We do not have the permit to distribute, consume liquor in the grounds we rent from schools and cities. So to comply we require all teams to comply with this mandate. Liquor of any form is not allowed in the ground during the game.


Please find a nearby restroom to attend the natures call and if a restroom is available in the park/ground. All Captains and Umpires are instructed to factor in extended breaks to allow players so there is a restroom break.


  • Public urination may be considered disorderly conduct under California Penal Code section 647 or creating a public nuisance (California Penal Code sections 370 and 372)
  • People are also charged with the more serious crime of indecent exposure (California Penal Code section 314), a misdemeanor that requires “lewd” behavior


You and the opposing team must pick up all litter, bottles, caps, food wrappers, etc and put them in the trash bin or if one is not available take the trash home with you to dispose of. Cities/Schools have imposed Trash Cleaning Fee for grounds that are left with trash. Both Teams that played there will be responsible for paying the Trash Cleaning Fee.

ABSOLUTELY NO WEARING CLEATS while playing a CricBay game.

Cleats damage the grounds given how we bowl, run, slide on the pitch. CricBay leases the grounds from local schools/cities who are not adequately funded to fix the grounds. Neither is it fair for them to have to fix the grounds for the damage we cause. The fees we pay to use the grounds pay for a very small portion of the overall cost of maintaining the grounds. So please DO NOT wear cleats while playing a CricBay game.


Using Drones to record the game needs City and School permission. Right now we don't have it. So no CricBay teams will be allowed to use Drones to record their games

NOTE: Violation of any of the above introduces serious risk to CricBay in terms of getting and retaining of our permits with schools/cities. Any team and individual that violates these requirements and bring additional reputational and ground risk to CricBay will face severe penalties including, but not limited to, monetary penalty and suspensions. Refer to the handbook for exact details of the penalties

Where can we find more details on the ground charges charged to our team?

You can go to the Payments tab on your team's profile page and find all the details of payments including ground deposits, ground usage charges etc listed. In addition to each charge, you will also find a description that would explain the charge. Listed there would be

  • Your team's registration deposits
  • Your team's ground pool deposits
  • Ground charge for each game (Note: it is cost split between the two teams playing the game unless one of the team forfeits the game in which case the entire cost is borne by the forfeiting team)
  • Any refunds given


  1. We have different grounds that we lease from different cities, schools. As we explained in CricBay Annual meet, each city, school district have different pricing structure. Each City has different pricing structure and it gets more tiered based on the type of ground - synthetic.
  2. CricBay always gets a few extra grounds to account for any mishaps (sprinklers coming on, cities double booking, reservation mistakes) - that way we ensure we have backups for game where that happens. To account for the burden of those extra grounds, each ground usage cost is usually loaded.

If our scheduled game gets abandoned due to rain, does our team get charged for that game?

As you know, CricBay books ground permits twice a year (cities) and once a year from schools. The permit of booking is done in advance to reserve those grounds. Cities/Schools charge us, in advance, at the time they issue permits. So in essence we pay in advance for cities (for 6 months) and schools (for 1 year). The agreement clearly states cities/schools do not bear the responsibility if/when the ground in unusable due to any acts of nature. As you see, irrespective of what happens with the usage of the grounds, CricBay is already charged. If CricBay is charged, then teams, that are part of the league, will bear the cost. So YES, teams will be charged for the grounds allocated, if/when their game gets abandoned due to rain.

Additional Clarifications:

  1. Your team will not be charged for twice
    • If your game runs into a permit conflict with another league (it happens sometimes as city issues unknowingly or misunderstanding among leagues), and CoLA moves you to another reserved ground
    • If CoLA relocates your game to another ground due to your originally allocated ground not having healed from rains
    • If you request a change in location and CoLA happens to have an extra unused ground available and your game is moved there.
  2. When we do finals (dates change based on buffer weekend and extra weeks added), we will end up having some grounds left unused. The cost of those grounds will be equally split across the teams
  3. We always book few extra grounds that the # we need per week. This is just so we have backup in case we have issues mentioned in 1 above. The cost of those grounds are baked into the loaded cost we charge the teams per usage.

NOTE: We have started having discussions with cities about possibly giving us credits for days when it is THEIR decision to close down the grounds during rains. If/when we have a method worked out with cities and we stand to get credits we will communicate the same with the community.

Can I buy/reserve a ground for a corporate game that we are playing at work?

NO. CricBay reserves grounds exclusively for the CricBay scheduled games. Per our agreement with Cities/Schools from whom we lease the ground, we cannot sublease the grounds to any other entity. For reserving a ground, schools/cities will require you to furnish liability insurance coverage. We cannot use our insurance policy purchased on behalf of the league be used to cover your Corporate Team.

Your best bet is to talk to cities directly (FremontSan Jose, Sunnyvale) for any of your needs and possibly host the game in the afternoon. Between all the leagues in Bay Area most grounds are booked for most weekends in a year. You may not find many grounds being free during weekends.

What does Insurance Coverage cover?

CricBay renews it’s annual insurance policy and it features the following coverages covering an estimated 15 players of each team. All player are also required to sign a waiver indemnifying CricBay of the liability. This MUST be done by every player prior to participating in a CricBay scheduled game.

Liability Insurance

All scheduled CricBay games are covered by CricBay’s Liability insurance.  So anything that can happen in a game that causes damage to others – person or property – is covered by our liability policy. Examples of covered items:

    • Ball goes over a fence and breaks a window of a home
    • Ball breaks a window on a car or dents a car parked near the ground
    • Ball hits a spectator or intruder in the ground

The liability coverage is $1M per incident with $3M aggregate per year. There are other  limits for rented premise damages, personal injury, etc.

Our policy is also used to reserve grounds with various cities and school districts. 

Contacts for Insurance purposes

In the event of any issue during the game as described in the liability section, please inform the other party that you are part of CricBay Inc, and that for any damages you are covered by insurance.

  1. Note down their name and contact information
  2. If possible get a photograph of the damage (in case of property damage)
  3. Send all information to

You will be required to work with the insurance committee to file the claim and answer any questions from the insurance company.

Can CricBay get the ground cleaned when there is lot of grass/weeds?

CricBay will make the best efforts to ensure the grounds are in suitable condition to play by working with cities/schools. That said, CricBay does not have the direct authority to have the grass/weeds cut on grounds we rent, as needed. The grounds belong to cities/schools and they have standing facilities maintenance contract with facility companies that are responsible for cleaning. They maintain schedules to clean things up. At best, we can make requests to cities/schools to have the grass mowed, weeds removed from time to time. In most cases the schools/cities entertain the request and address the issue but it is not always guaranteed due to schedule conflicts and the costs they incur.

Teams are encouraged to log a ticket and bring such instances to the attention of CoLA so we, in turn, can make a request of the city/school as the case maybe.

Where can teams practice during Weekday? Importantly where teams cannot?

Teams must only use City grounds for their weekday/evening practices and while doing so respect other leagues (BB, Softball, Soccer) who might have permits for those grounds during the weekday/evenings. School grounds are private properties and hence not free to play even on Week days. Cities/Schools will question us if they find people playing cricket on grounds without permits. CricBay will NOT support YOU when any action is taken against you by cops/schools/cities for violating these rules. Our insurance does not cover week day practice/game etc.

NOTE: Neighborhood parks (Booster Park Fremont, Deep Creek Fremont..) are identified by cities for recreational activities only for the neighbors and not for organized games (cricket included). So DO NOT use them for your practice games. Neighbors can/will call cops and have you evicted. CricBay has a Zero Tolerance stance on players/teams that violate this mandate.

Safety Precautions during a game

Player Safety

Refer to suggested safety guide

Third Party Safety

  1. Given that we use grounds that have multi-use facilities, you might have situations where people who jog, walk or play in the adjacent field might enter your field unwittingly. In such situations please bring this to the attention of the umpire and stop the play and let that person/people make their way off the field. If needed let them know (in a mild tone), that you have a game going on and show them where the boundaries are. If asked, clarify that you have a valid permit from the city/school for that field. Avoiding all possible situations where someone could get hurt should be treated with priority.
  2. Don't engage in any arguments with someone who might not accept your appeal and vacate the premises. Tell them given that you have a valid permit, you are left with no choice but to call the cops. If even after that they don't yield, go ahead and call 911.

Safety of your belongings

  1. Some grounds have parking lots that are far from your view while playing the game. So if you are leaving your car/truck in the parking lot/curbside, please make sure you lock your cars/trucks.
  2. Also please make sure you don't leave any valuables (wallet, phone, tablets, gold chains) in the car. Not even in the dash compartment. People  know where things are usually kept.
  3. In cases where the cars are parked far away - have teammates to take turns to check.
  4. If you car does not have a security alarm, worth considering one. 
  5. Heaven forbid, if you are a victim of vandalism, here are a few things we suggest you consider doing
    • Call 911 and file a police complaint. People who taste success doing bad things repeat those acts. You might be helping nab those scoundrels. Even better, your complaint (besides others that might have been reported in the area) might convince cops to increase the beat in that area. So you are paying it forward in a way.
    • Call your insurance provider and see if you are covered under the comprehensive coverage
  6. Sharing your cricket gear with opposition team is your decision and deemed to be taken by you (and your team). CricBay volunteers will not arbitrate in any disputes involving one team using the other team's gear and while in-use the gear getting damaged and gear-owning team seeking reimbursement for damages.

We have our own ground can we play our games there?

No. We don't allow any CricBay games to be played in any ground other than the one CricBay allocates to you as part of the Schedule. Implicit with that is the condition that all games will be held on grounds for which CricBay has a valid permit. Violating this requirement will have severe consequences for both the teams involved.

If you have a ground that is currently not part of CricBay ground pool and you feel can be used, then the only way to do that is to submit the ground to CricBay reserved pool and let CricBay get the permit for the ground from City/School. Log a CoLA-Query ticket to discuss more

Can we get restrooms opened in the school/city grounds during game time?

Most city grounds have restrooms next to them. Barring any repair/maintenance work going on most of them are open on weekends.

School grounds are slightly different. They are private property that we rent. Restrooms like grounds need to be rented. As it is a weekend, if the restroom needs to be opened, schools require us to pay for a custodian* as well (in addition to ground permit fees). In most cases the custodian charges (double on weekends, even more on long weekends) are more than the ground charges. As you can see that will significantly increase the ground charge we end up charging teams. We keep checking with community from time to time, to see if there is appetite for the teams to bear that additional cost. At some point down the road we might just go ahead and do it. 

[*Custodian = caretaker that would come and open the restroom and be around and then lock it when we are done. They are paid hourly.]

In the interim, here are somethings we ask teams to do

  1. As soon as you know the game schedule, ask one of your managers to identify the locations where you can use the restroom. Nearest Gas Station, Retail outlet, Public Restroom etc. that you can go to. Let all your players in the Playing XI know about the same. It would be appreciated if you share the same on IEmail for the benefit of the opponent team.
  2. Discuss the same with the umpire as part of the toss and set proper expectations on the restroom/innings break.
  3. For large majority of the grounds, we have started adding Restroom (and Parking) information to IEmail to let teams know the locations. If you come across better information about a particular ground, please let us know via a ticket and we will update that information in our system for the benefit of the larger community. 

What do we do if there is a BasketBall Court/Children Play Area/Party Area close to the ground?

There will be cases where there is either a basketball court (e.g. Los Cerritos A towards square-leg) or Children Play Area/Party Area (e.g. Vista Park-1 towards cover) and people using those facilities while our game is on. This is unfortunately a reality and we need to find a way to handle it - given how BaseBall grounds are designed and that cities rent out those party places (sometime) or make them available to local communities. So in such circumstances, here is what we want teams to do

  1. One or two leaders of the home team go to those parties that are using this facilities and let them know you will be playing in the ground and we have valid permit for using the ground. Also tell them the way we play this game, there is a chance that ball might come their way, unintentionally but as part of the game. 
  2. If it is a kids play area and kids playing there, make sure you talk to the adults accompanying those kids and explain to them what you are doing.
  3. Discuss the possibility of them moving to a safer area (say behind the cage etc) if possible. Don't push this as some might not take to it kindly that you are pushing them to move them.
  4. Take a ball with you to show them how hard it is and explain the possible damage it might cause if one were to hit one of their party participants.
  5. Also tell them that you will put a small set of people from your game as a virtual wall in between the ground/game and their party area.
  6. Follow through on that and agree with opponent team to have 2-3 people from batting team take turns to be there - maybe the entire scoring contigent sit there to prevent balls from going into the party area or children play area.
  7. In most cases, the parties understand and agree with you and take some precauation on their end.
  8. In the rare case where the party is not in agreement (worst case makes a scene), then exercise patience and don't react to them. Just because someone else stoops to a low, does not mean we should too. YES, even if it is a critical game for your qualification to playoffs. In such cases, call CoLA and ask for advice on how to handle it. CoLA, depending on your situation, and availability of other grounds, might even move your game to the nearest free ground available.
  9. CoLA routinely works with Cities/Schools to address such conflicts. But as they say - it is a process.
  10. Please do report, via a ticket, any such cases where the other party does not agree. CoLA will work with city to see if we can prevent such occurences in future.

What should we do if there is another league that claims permit for the ground we are allocated?

Given the wide range of sports activities that happen across bay area and the multi-use fields we play our games in, it is possible that there will be cases where another league (or some players from them) might feel they have a valid permit to play at the same time your match is scheduled. They might either be on the ground before you or come during your game and stake a claim for the ground. In either case, here are things to remember and guidelines to handle such a situation

Some context

  1. Most of the times (99%), those leagues are wrong in their assumption of possessing a valid permit for the ground our game is scheduled. CricBay will NEVER EVER schedule a game without having (and confirming) a permit granted to us by the city/school. So you will mostly (again 99%) be on the right side here.
  2. The 1% case CricBay might end up having a game in a ground is if/when the city/school double books or makes a mistake and grants someone else the permit - either before granting us or after granting us the permit.
  3. Most often (specifically in case of Baseball grounds), cities/schools used to have long term open-ended agreements with baseball/softball/little leagues predating CricBay (and other tennisball leagues coming into existence). Those agreements have since been terminated and cities/schools have moved to strict date-effective permits, but the rank-and-file of those leagues might not be up to date about.
  4. In other cases, it could be a group of people from the neighborhood, just trying to play thinking it is a city ground and is free for use for citizens (e.g Northgate Matting, Los Cerritos C).
  5. In some rare cases (e.g American High), schools have some agreement with some community organizations to allow them to do "Treasure Hunts" or other activities that might span our ground. In most such cases, the schools catch such conflicts in time and warn us or void our permit for those days to prevent conflicts. In such cases CoLA would relocate the game to a different ground (those are the ones where you think Why the Heck is CoLA moving our game to a different ground on Thursday?

How to handle this situation

In any of the situation(s) above,

  1. Stay calm and don't engage with the other parties aggressively. No matter how they act.
  2. The captains of both the teams and umpires deal with this issue and have rest of the team stay put in the ground/dugout. Optionally, one of you call CoLA, in parallel, to seek any assistance as needed.   
  3. Pull out the online permit (here is how) and verify and make sure CricBay does have the permit for the ground for the date and time.
  4. Make sure you are not in the wrong ground. It can happen in places where there are multiple fields in the same complex.
  5. Once verified, show the valid permit to the other party and tell them there might have been a misunderstanding and tell them that CricBay has the permit.
  6. Nice people realize their mistake and apologize and leave.
  7. If you are unlucky and end up having to deal with a pesky person at the other end who refuses to honor the valid permit we have, then tell them - "Since we have the valid permit and we don't seem to be able to resolve this among ourselves amicably, we will go by our league's advice to use the help of local cops to resolve the issue. Are you okay if we go that route?"
  8. Most people realize that their efforts are in vain at that time and move on.
  9. But, if even after that, the issue is not resolved, go ahead and call the cops.
  10. When the cops come (it might take a few minutes), talk to them calmly and explain the situation.
  11. In almost all cases when we have had to call the cops they have come in and resolved the issue for us.
  12. In some cases if cops don't show up, talk to CoLA. CoLA might get you to relocate your game to another nearby ground or advise you on your next course of action.

How does ground allocation work - 360 vs Baseball grounds?

At any given time we have a large number of baseball grounds compared to 360 grounds. So naturally there is demand for the 360 grounds. Given the allure of 360 and our goal to be fair to all teams, we allocate the 360 ground by turn to all the teams and track the # of times 360 ground is given to that team (Ground Stats). The goal is to make sure each team ends up with relatively similar % of 360 ground allocation in a given CricBay Season (3 tournaments). With that being said, there are some constraints that we need to factor in

  • Not all 360 grounds are available all the time
  • Home Teams that get 360 grounds allocated might end up swapping the game with BB game for a variety of reasons (rare but happens). 
  • Only Home Team allocations are counted towards the 360 ground allocation #
  • Only the ground in which the game ultimately happens is counted towards the team's allocations - (a game could be moved due to ground not being good enough, a team might swap etc)
  • If a team ends up being the beneficiary of a swap and getting a 360 and their % allocation goes up, then naturally they will get less allocation in future. (same logic is used in allocation of AM/PM games)

Some myths to be cleared in this issue

  1. Platinum games get first preference for getting 360 grounds - FALSE. All teams pay same $ for playing in CricBay so all teams irrespective of division get the same consideration. Only difference is when it comes to finals - Platinum Finals will happen where our Award ceremony is decided to be held.
  2. You can keep pestering for the 360 ground and you will get it - FALSE. We strictly go by the % of each team. If you find something is off - please report  it.
  3. Teams pay 50% more and get 360 Matting for all games - FALSE. We don't have any tiered pricing options
  4. Sometimes the 360 ground is available and CoLA does not allocate it - FALSE. We exhaust all the 360 grounds every week
  5. QF, SF and Finals are always in 360 grounds - FALSE. As we said outside of finals - we go by percentage. In Semifinals, mostly we give same grounds to the two SFs of each division - one AM and one PM so we even the playing field.