How-To: Swap the Day/Time/Ground of the game

CAUTION We have noticed that some teams that play in other leagues have started abusing this ability to swap to accommodate their game in other leagues by moving games to what could be construed as "inconvenient" timeslot for opposition, umpires etc. Remember, while you are within your rights to get a swap, but a widespread abuse of this ability, to get you playing time in other leagues, at the expense of fellow CricBay member/teams is not appreciated and such swaps will be rejected. Please don't take offense if we try to clarify that as part of the swap request.

From time to time, it is conceivable that teams would look to swap ground due to player availability or for convenience. CoLA understands this need and accommodates such requests. But Any/All such changes MUST be done by logging a ticket and getting approval from CoLA.


  • Please note that everyone has to play PM games and we will make sure you will play same number of PM games as everyone else. Remember: If you swap your PM game to an AM game your % of PM games goes down and consequently will get more PM games assigned to you in the future. We don't look at what was original assigned.
  • It is important everyone shares the burden even if you find a swap, you will be assigned more in future
NOTE: Before you pursue a swap with another team, check with CoLA by logging a ticket first, to see if they have a spare ground available for the time/day/location you need. Who knows, you might be in luck. Once you exhaust that option, then by all means pursue a swap with another team that might looking to swap.


  1. All such requests/tickets should be logged one of the team leaders (Captain, Vice-Captain or Manager).
  2. Only the Home Team can log a request to Swap.
  3. Both teams should have discussed and agreed on the swap prior to logging the ticket and this ticket is considered a joint-application requesting the approval and update of the schedule.
  4. All Swaps MUST be completed by Wed 9pm PST. After that no swap requests will be accepted. Remember: Any/All swaps of grounds have impact on umpiring teams as to who they send as umpire.


  • Log a ticket with a ticket type - Request Reserved Ground Swap
  • Enter the Match ID of both the Matches engaging in the swap
  • Send the URL of the ticket ( to the other team leaders and have them update the ticket with their consent for the swap.
  • CoLA will review, approve the swap and update the schedule to reflect the swap.
  • If you have not already sent the IEmail, after CoLA has updated the schedule, now send it with the new ground.
  • If you have already sent the IEmail - inform the opposition, umpiring teams about the swap and provide the address of the new ground. It would not hurt to reinforce the change once again on Friday to make sure opposition and umpiring teams did not miss the original note.

Important Points to remember

  • Teams cannot go back on the swap once it has been changed and schedule updated.
  • Different grounds owned by different schools, cities cost different prices. 
  • Teams will be charged for the ground they eventually played the game in. Split cost of the ground you played in will be recorded as ground charge against each team. 
  • A team can ONLY swap their game once in a given weekend. You cannot swap your game once and then come back and swap it again with another team. We don't have the volunteer bandwidth to support that.

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