How-To: Deactivate a player profile

Teams routinely have players who play for some time and then stop playing - either because they moved away or make a personal decision not to play. So in such cases teams can deactivate such player profiles so they have a clear picture of their active player profiles.

Who can do it

Only the Captain, Vice-Captain or Manager of a team can perform this action. 


  1. Go to your team profile page
  2. Click on the Roster Tab
  3. You will see all the players in your current roster.
  4. Under each player listed in the roster you will see a small lock icon
  5. Clicking that icon will make that player profile inactive.
  6. All inactive profile can be seen under Inactive Roster tab. You have an option to re-activate any profile at a later date if the player resumes playing actively.

Audit Trail

  1. Every time a player profile is deactivated, an notification is sent out to the Team Management and the concerned player with a copy to the Admins.
  2. A record is created in the Team History to capture this action
    • the date, time the action was performed
    • who performed this action
    • which player profile was being de-activated
  3. You can view the Team Updates in the Team Updates tab

Notes of caution

  1. Please use this option only for what it  is meant - deactivating inactive player profiles
  2. Don't use this to deactivate duplicate profiles. If you have duplicate profiles for players log a ticket and have them merged. As a policy we strongly discourage creating duplicate profiles.

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