How-To: Enter Scorecard for an Abandoned game

When a game is disrupted by ground conditions or rain or some other extranneous event such that a result cannot be arrived at (For D/L based result refer to the D/L rules in rule book), then the game is deemed Abandoned.

Even if the game is deemed Abandoned the scorecard has to be entered so the two teams share points.

Who and What

In case of an Abandoned Game

  • The Home Team is responsible for entering the brief scorecard into the system - with Game Abandoned as the result
  • ONLY Brief Scorecard has to been entered and ONLY Result has to be entered. If the game was interrupted mid-way then partial scores of that game should NOT be entered. 
  • Detailed Scorecard entry is not needed
  • Both Teams will end up sharing points.
  • A Zero DRR will be given to both teams for this game
  • Scorecard Delay penalties apply if Home Team misses the scorecard deadline

Rescheduling Abadoned Games

The decision to Reschedule an Abandoned Game will be made by CoLA. Consult the opposition team for their willingness to re-play an Abandoned Game, consult CoLA via a ticket (type=Request Reschedule of Game) with all the game ID, time and have the opposition team consent to playing the game by updating the ticket.

CoLA will approve the game and allocate a ground based on the constraints it has. 

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