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Playing the game we all love every weekend is something every Cricbayer enjoys and appreciates the opportunity for. Part of the fun of playing in CricBay is the amazing website which gives us all the stats on every aspect of the game. But when it comes to doing the little things after the game quite a few of us have been guilty of not getting things done on time. This is a guide for those entrusted with the responsibility of entering the scorecards

Over the last few seasons, the number of teams missing scorecard entry deadlines has been on the rise. I guess that is expected with the number of teams in the league over 100 but it is not always the new teams that have been found guilty. So we wanted to take this opportunity to re-iterate on some of the basic guidelines for scorecard entry so that teams can avoid being penalized. 

  • Please read the CricBay handbook thoroughly to make yourself aware of the various penalties for not complying with various rules (umpires and players alike) which include rules for brief and detailed scorecard entry.
  • The basic routine for all the teams is to make sure that the scorecards from both teams have all the necessary information before they leave the ground after a game.
  • Another good practice is to grab the umpiring sheets from both the umpires. This will help clear out discrepancies, if any, in the scorecards.
  • In case teams have new players, they should ideally be registered on CricBay before the game and should have signed the necessary waivers. In case it’s a new player that is arranged for on the morning of the game (we all have gone through this at one point or the other), please ensure that the player is willing to provide his email and other credentials to sign-up on the CricBay website and can be successfully registered. Not doing so may lead to an unnecessary penalty for failing to commit an accurate scorecard and lead to all other issues (dummy players/incorrect stats) which we rather not get into.
  • Make sure you enter the brief scorecard before the deadline of 7pm PST on the day of the game. (More on the deadlines below) Please do your bit to help CoLA create the schedules in a timely manner by entering the brief scores on time. In case you are unable to enter the scorecard in the system due to some issues please log a ticket under SupportDesk sufficiently in advance so as to give yourself time to finish the activity before the deadline.
  • The responsibility for entering scorecard lies with the winning team. Any player from the winning team can start scorecard entry. However once started, the scorecard is locked by that individual and cannot be unlocked by anyone other than the team management (C, VC, Manager) or the administrators. To unlock the scorecard the team management needs to login and go to the scorecard page (go to scoresheet tab) for the match and click on the Unlock Scorecard button. This will unlock the scorecard and let another team member continue/complete the scorecard in case required.
  • Once the scorecard has been entered, it is Mandatory to have the losing team verify the same to make sure all the details entered are accurate. It is strictly against CricBay policy to use dummy names or fake player information. If a team is found in violation of this, the scorecard will be uncommitted and the team will be asked to correct the entries. If this happens after the scorecard entry deadline, an appropriate penalty based on Rule 14 of the CricBay handbook will be applied.
  • If either team finds inaccuracies in the scorecard, repeat the above step till all details are verified.
  • Upon receiving confirmation from the opposition on the accuracy of the score sheet, you can commit the scorecard using the commit button that you see during scorecard entry. The audit trail of your activity is logged on the scorecard page at the bottom (visible for all scorecards once you login to the website with your credentials) as shown below along with the name of the individual making the entry and various timestamps. There are 3 different timestamps here: Brief scorecard entry, detailed scorecard entry and Scorecard commit entry


The rule book has clearly outlined the deadlines for the scorecard entry. Besides that you can also see it readily on the home page

Confirmation of Scorecard Commit

  • NOTE: Remember the onus on ensuring the scorecard was committed successfully or not rests with the team entering scorecard.
  • Once the scorecard has been committed, there are a few ways to check if the scorecard was committed indeed. Once the scorecard is successfully committed the commit button on the scorecard page will disappear. 
  • The best way to verify is to check the timestamp at the bottom of the scorecard (see image above). This will show when the scorecard was committed and by whom. 
  • Additionally, as a Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager of your team you should also not see your game showing up on the Home page in “Schedule for the Upcoming Week” section anymore.

  • All pending scorecard entries show up on the right side of the home page. This also shows pending Brief Scores when they are pending. As a secondary measure, please check the CricBay website after Wednesday noon to ensure your team’s game does not show up on this list.

  • If you see your team's game still showing up in that list even after you thought you committed, please check again and ensure that the scorecard has indeed been committed. If you see any discrepancies between the scorecard timestamp and the pending list, please log a ticket on SupportDesk and one of the administrators will respond at the earliest.

Rules of the Road

  • If the opposition fails to acknowledge the accuracy of the scorecard or does not furnish the necessary details on some of their players before the stipulated deadline (as per Rule 14 of the CricBay handbook), please DO NOT commit an inaccurate scorecard (with dummy or substitute player names) and report the matter to CoRA right away. Copy cora on your IEmail thread. If the correct details are not provided for scorecard entry, the team at fault will be liable for the penalty of delayed entry. 
  • Any team which knowingly commits a scorecard which has incorrect information, regarding their own players or the opponents, will also be liable for penalty. The teams are given over 3 ½ days after the weekend of the game to get the necessary player details in place to ensure an accurate scorecard has been committed. Please contact CoRA if you do not hear back from the opponents or do not get the necessary information from the teams in time before the deadline.
  • Any team coming back with a scorecard change request after the deadline will also be liable for the corresponding penalty since the scorecard should never have been committed with inaccurate information to begin with.
  • The deadline for all payments for scorecard related penalties is the Friday following the offense (little over 1 week). Failure to make the penalty payment in time will result in your next game being declared as forfeit and will continue being done so for future games until the payment is made.

In Closing

As a rule of thumb, always keep CoRA in the loop in case of any issue in trying to obtain the correct information from opponents. Our goal is to ensure everyone can reap the benefits of this wonderful league and strive to motivate ourselves to compete to the best of our abilities and we would really like teams to not have to pay penalties. But for that to happen we need every team to do a better job with meeting deadlines.

Please follow the above guidelines to make sure we can maximize the fun for all players involved with CricBay by providing accurate stats for everyone to enjoy post-game. Do not hesitate to contact CoRA (via ticket) if you have further questions or concerns. 

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