How-To:Swapping an Umpiring Assignment

Umpiring is one of the critical functions in CricBay. Each team in CricBay takes up as many umpiring assignments as the number of games they play. CoLA creates schedule in such a way that teams from one group umpire for a game in the other group, thereby reducing any conflicts. While not always possible, CoLA tries and assigns two assignments for the same game to one team, thereby allowing teams possible opportunity to drive together to the game or pickup a teammate who might not have a car.


  1. You CANNOT swap an umpiring where you will end up umpiring games in your own group/division.
  2. Any/All swaps MUST be approved by CoLA and MUST require a update of the schedule.
  3. All Swaps MUST be for the umpiring assignments for the same weekend. No swaps across weekends.
  4. DEADLINE: All Swaps MUST be completed by Thu 12pm PST. After that no swap requests will be approved.

Once the schedule is published, a team might want to swap umpiring for a game in East Bay with a game in South Bay or a game on Saturday for a game on Sunday. The reason could be either to reduce travel or to accommodate players who might take public transport or due to lack of availability of players to cover all the umpiring assignments. 

How ?

  1. To initiate a umpiring swap, first you must identify an interested team. (You can check the other games here)
  2. To find out if any team is interest - you first post soliciting a swap in our Discussion Forum and our Facebook Group
  3. Template for posting on all the forums

Team [your_teamname][group] is looking to swap N umpiring assignments on [Saturday|Sunday] on [date]

We are looking for [N] umpiring assignments on [Saturday|Sunday|Either] [AM/PM] in [City A|City B or anywhere] on as a swap for our umpiring on [date] [Saturday|Sunday|Either] [AM/PM] in [City A|City B] on [date]

If you are interested please contact X (email address, phone number) or Y (email address, phone number).


  1. Please make sure you confirm that you both are on the same page in terms of the day of the swap and agree.
  2. Once both the teams have agreed, one of the teams log a ticket  of type Umpire Swap Request
  3. In the ticket Enter the Match IDs of both the games for which you are swapping umpiring
  4. After the ticket is logged, send the URL of the ticket to the other team and have them update the ticket acknowledging their consent for the swap.
  5. NOTE: Only the C, VC, M of the teams can acknowledge the swap as they are ultimately accountable if the umpiring assignment is not fulfilled. Not any other player from the team. 
  6. Once both the teams have confirmed the intent to swap, a CoLA volunteer will verify that the swap can be allowed without any conflicts and approve the swap.
  7. The CoLA volunteer will also update the schedule to reflect the swap.

Follow through - Informing the Playing Teams 

NOTE: Make sure CoLA has approved and updated the schedule 

If the IEmail for the game had already been sent before the request for swap was filed then here are your responsibilities

  • Each team will respond to the IEmail thread of their original umpiring assignment and inform the two playing teams that you have swapped the umpiring assignment(s) for their game with Team X. 
  • Copy the contact person for the other team on the IEmail thread and ask them to confirm and acknowledge the swap.
  • The team that is now taking over that game should respond to the IEmail thread acknowledging that they are taking up the umpiring for that game.
  • If the umpire(s) are already identified for the game - include the umpire(s) to the IEmail thread and send their contact information.
  • If you don't have the umpire(s) identified then just confirm the swap and let them know you will send the umpire(s) contact information in due course.

If the IEmail for the game is not already sent when the swap is updated into the system by CoLA volunteer, then you are fine. When the IEmail gets initiated, you will get copied on right game (your swapped for)

Courtesy Suggestion

Once you mutually introduce the other team to the IEmail thread and mention that they will now provide the umpire names and contact information, you the introduced team while acknowledging the swap please move the original umpiring team contacts to Bcc. That way they are not dragged along for all the subsequent updates in the IEmail lifecycle.

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