How-To: Embed Maps in your articles

From time to time we end up writing articles that make references to locations/venues. Be it the finals event or Manager's meet. It would be useful to embed a map right into the article so reader does not have to cut-and-paste the article and go to Google Maps and search.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to do it.

1 Go to Google Maps ( 
2 Enter the address you are trying to locate and Click Search. Once the map is shown verify it to make sure it is right
3 Scroll to the bottom to locate the Gear Icon

Click on Share or embed map.

Select Custom Size as the size option

Enter 440 in the first field (for width)

Enter 240 in the second field (for height)

Move your mouse to the field with IFRAME url. Right Click and copy the url


Go to the article you are creating on CricBay and click on the HTML button to view the HTML source

A HTML source window will pop up.

6 Go to the location where you want the Map to be displayed and paste the IFRAME URL you copied in Step 4 above
7 Click Update on the HTML Source window and when you are done with the article submit it for Approval

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