How-To: Access CricBay Handbook on iPhone

All of us run into this issue where we are on the ground and we are not sure about a rule and want to check the rule book. Then we run into the - PDF viewer issue or some such thing. Ideally - you can print and keep a copy of rulebook/handbook with you in the kit. But then again if you are a tree lover like me and might not want to kill a tree (and then there is the fact that handbook gets updated regularly and your copy might be outdated) - you can access the latest version of the handbook easily on your phone

Here is a quick solution for accessing the Handbook on your iPhone

P.S. I don't have an Android, so one of the Android users can investigate the same and post the solution here

  1. On you iPhone - launch your Safari browser and go to the website -
  2. Find the CricBay Handbook link on the side and click it.
  3. Your iphone will launch the PDF and also shows you a link saying - "Open in iBooks".

  4. Click that link and the Handbook will be "Bookmarked" in your iBooks library and you can now have it handy whenever you need it. No more PDF viewer issue and the latest version of Handbook just a click away.

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