How-To: Order New Ball Packets

PLEASE stay on top of your ball stock so you don't log a panic ticket on Thu/Fri before the game saying  "We don't have any ball packet for this weekend".  Realize that volunteers also have a job/family etc during the week and will not be able take time out and get you new ball packets from the storage, at the last hour. So give yourself enough time when you are 4-5 balls away from running out of balls, reach out/order ball packet.

As part of the registration entitlements, each team will get 6 packets of CricBay standard balls for the entire season (if you join in the middle of the season the # of packets will be prorated). Each packet will include 6 balls. That should suffice for each team given that each team plays around 30-33 games in a CricBay season. But it is conceivable that teams will play additional practice games, weekday practices and will need additional ball packets. If your team is in need of additional ball packets then they need to be ordered and paid for additionally. 

CricBay drives a hard bargain and procures ball packets just for CricBay games. So we are being careful on how we use those. We will NOT be selling balls to be used for
  • practice games
  • non-CricBay games like Corporate Games, Private Events, Office games
  • or any other league.
We cannot subsidize your (for-profit) company league with lower price ball packets. As you realize they can afford to pay market price to get the balls. There are enough vendors in Bay Area and online selling the same hard tennis balls. So please don't order ball packets if it is not for use during CricBay games.

How do I order?

  1. Login to your CricBay account
  2. Log a ticket (type="Order Ball Packets")
  3. Provide your email address to which the Paypal payment link should be sent.
  4. You will receive a PayPal link to pay for the ball packet(s).
  5. Once you have paid the amount, please update the ticket you logged in step 2 to confirm the payment
  6. A volunteer will provide the time and location for the ball packet pickup

How Much does it cost ($)?

A Ball Packet (6 balls) costs $11 + PayPal Fees.  


  1. This is the current price. If the vendor charges us higher cost in future, we will adjust the cost of the ball packets accordingly.
  2. We only accept PayPal. Here is how to calculate the PayPal fees -

Where can I pickup?

The ball packets are stored in a storage in Fremont so one of the volunteers from Fremont will have to pickup the ball packets from the storage. We will no longer allow people driving by a volunteer's house to pick it up anymore. We will ask all the requests that came in that week and has already paid to come and pickup on that corresponding Friday.

NOTE: The pickups can ONLY be done on Friday evening between 6-6.30pm in Fremont. So if you have placed an order and paid for it, please plan to arrange for someone from your team to pickup between that time and at the location that will be shared with you in the ticket.

Rules of Road

  1. As you understand, volunteers do this job besides their real job. Just so the scheduling of the pickup of ball packets can work for both the volunteer and yourself, please order sufficiently ahead of time so the time and location can be worked out. The ball packets are kept in a storage and the volunteer has to go there and pick up the ball packets
  2. We cannot sell balls individually. You will have to buy the ball by packets.
  3. CricBay does not allow balls of a different brand for a CricBay Scheduled game so please make sure you keep track of your on-hand inventory of balls so you don't run into issues in a real game. 
  4. We do not accept CASH or CHECK for payment. The only mode of payment is through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay, all you need is a Credit Card.
  5. We will not be selling ball packets for practice. So please just use the ball packets given as part of your quota for scheduled games. For Practice order ball packets from some other local vendor or from Amazon.