How-To: Record Videos of your game

With the advancement of technology and free storage in YouTube it is a no-brainer not to record your games and preserve the memories of the game. Besides the players who were part of the game, it is also an excellent means to share the same with the rest of the passionate (borderline crazy, cricket crazy that is) community. Initially it started with recording of Finals' games but since then it has expanded to all the games with many teams. All their round-robin, knockout games are regularly getting recorded. We have had 100s of videos (maybe even 1000 by now) of complete games that are available for the community members to see.

You can find the entire archive of videos at our Video Page

So you want to start recording videos for your game?


  1. Any Standard basic camcorder with some basic zoom.
  2. You would need at least 2 batteries to record both innings of the game. Typically 2 batteries should suffice as each battery records for 2 hours. Our typical game last for 3 hours. But depending on your camcorder you might even require 3 batteries for a 3-hour game. So please check your camera manual for specifics. 
  3. Memory Card: A 64GB card should be enough for a single game.
  4. A tripod to mount the camera.

Video Editors

  • All the cameras will record the video in multiple files, so you will need a software to merge these files together.
  • Here are a couple of choices for you
  • You can merge the files together and also do some editing like adding CricBay logo, team stats etc. iMovie serves this purpose adequately.
  • If you do not have the ability to merge using your own software then YouTube Video Editor provides some rudimentary capability to merge the videos. Please try and merge the videos before submitting them to the CricBay website.

Additional Recommendations

  • While exporting the video do not export directly to YouTube as its very hard to see the progress and lot of time it errors out or uploads incorrectly. You are better off exporting as a local file and then uploading it.
  • Use 1080p HD output with 8-10 MBps rate. The file generally comes out to 9-12GB. Uploading this file on YouTube takes around 4-6 hours depending on your internet connection speed. 
  • YouTube process the video after you upload. If you upload the video in the format YouTube requires then the post-processing should not take much time. 

Uploading to YouTube

Below are some links to YouTube, but if you stick to standard export in iMovie or Lightworks you should be fine. 

Some Standards being currently followed

  • Title of video on YouTube:: vs @. Eg. CricBay 2017 Fall Open: Round Robin: Super Chargers vs Seamers @Norwood
  • Description: the URL of the game scorecard -

One requirement from CricBay

As you know we are a non-profit league and we would like to keep things clean. So to conform to this, we would require that you don't enable Ads on the video. As this video gets posted and displayed in many other places like FB Group etc and hence seen by a lot of the community members, it would be not right to have someone make money off of that.