How-To: Submit Player of the Match Report

NOTE: Did you know, you can now Update a PoM Report that you already submitted if you feel you made a mistake check here for how (Note: you can only this if the scorecard is yet to be committed)

In a team game lot of things go into winning the game - contributions from different functions - bowling, batting, fielding, wicket keeping and some time intangibles. But there will be some special contributions that make a significant impact in the outcome of the game. That is the Player-of-the-Match award. 

In a CricBay game, Umpire(s) and umpires only get to make the decision of who gets the Player-of-the-Match Award. They take into account the individual performances, their impact on the overall game and then award the most deserving player the award. In some games it is obvious who that player is by the sheer weight of their performance and in some cases it is not so much, especially for the people who were not present in the ground to play in/watch the game.

To provide insights into the thinking that went into the award and to also eliminate any sense of handout of the Award, we are introducing a new feature today whereby the umpires can share how they arrived at the decision. 

Here is how

Player of the Match Report

It is not a report per se, but more of an insight into the thinking that went through between the two umpires in deciding the Player of the Match. Needless to say - only Umpires can/will decide the Player of the Match.

Guidelines for Umpires

  1. If the match had many equally qualified performances then please do write up the criteria you used i.e. which players you considered and how you arrived at the decision of going with the eventual PoM award winner.
  2. If the decision was straight forward - just a one liner which says "XYZ took 5 wickets/scored 50 runs and significantly impacted the result and hence was the PoM" should suffice
  3. If the decision is a left-field decision (not very obvious by looking at scorecard) then by all means do write up the decision process. If you don't rest assured someone in the community or one of the volunteers will ask you to clarify.

Who gets to submit it?

  • One of the umpires that officiated the game would be able to enter the rationale behind chosing a particular player as the Player-of-the-Match award. The decision must be made on the ground itself, all the umpires have to do is enter the reasoning, decision into the system.

Where to enter it?

Once the brief scorecard is entered for a game by the winning team,

  1. A notification will be sent to the umpire(s) of the game with a link to Submit the PoM Report.
  2. The Submit PoM Report button will be enabled on the Scorecard page
Step 1  
Step 2


Once the PoM Report is submitted, a notification will be sent out to the C, V and M of the winning team to inform them of the PoM Report entry as they will be required to get it completed for Scorecard Commit.

Where can people see the PoM Report?

The report will be displayed on the scorecard page for that match - right next to the Player-of-the-Match Name

Update PoM Report

In case of a typo or some detail missing in a report, the umpire (and only that umpire) that entered the report in the first place, can update the PoM Report.


  1. Go to the scorecard page of the game in question.
  2. In place of the Submit PoM Report button you saw the first time you entered the report, you will now see the Update PoM Report button.
  3. Clicking the Update PoM Report button you will be able to update/correct/replace the PoM Report you entered earlier.

Constraints for Update

  1. Only the umpire that entered the original PoM Report will see the Update button and consequently only that umpire will be able to update the PoM Report.
  2. The PoM Report will only be updateable while the scorecard is yet to be committed. Once the scorecard is committed, the Update button will no longer show up.
  3. If any change needs to be done after the Scorecard is committed, you should use the traditional route of logging a ticket.