Support Level Agreement

We instituted the ticketing system to streamline all the volunteer activities around website, scheduling/logistics and provide a consistent way for the community to interact with volunteers and get the job done. It has been working amazingly well.

You can check the stats on the support desk usage here - Support Desk Stats

Now with the automation of the process done and working smoothly, we want to set some expectations around how it will work and what type of response levels teams, players should expect for their requests.


Requirement: You are expected to log the ticket under the correct ticket type so our ticket bot assigns it to the right volunteer. All ticket types have description once chosen on the Submit Ticket page. Also once you choose the ticket type, you will see all the requirements of that ticket. Please make sure you provide all the information. For e.g A Umpire Swap will need the other umpiring team to consent by updating the ticket, A brief scorecard change will require an umpire or opposition captain/vice-captain to confirm.

SLA: You should expect a minimum of 24 hour tournaround. This is the worst case scenario (but very possible). Most often volunteers attend to the ticket in a matter of an hour. So to account for the worst case - please plan and log a ticket ahead of time so you are not impacted. Remember volunteers work during week days until some day when CricBay will hire them fulltime. So please avoid calling volunteers on the phone right after you logged a ticket. 

The Mantra for all of you - when in doubt about anything at all - PFAT (Please File a Ticket)

Alternate Channels

Reaching out to individual volunteers through Facebook Messenger/Text Message/WhatsApp/Email/Voice Mail is highly discouraged. That will only add one extra cycle as most volunteers will ask you to PFAT. We almost always need a ticket for any volunteer to act on something you want addressed. Besides making a record of whodunit, it also helps us prioritize things. Individual volunteer might not be around and you might end up waiting for their response on Messenger/WhatsApp/Email while logging a ticket will guarantee some other volunteer picking up your task and finishing it much earlier. We don't guarantee or accept any justification given saying "I talked to XYZ or sent a message to DEF and did not get a response". Logging ticket is by far the best route to get something accomplished quicker.

Expectation from Team Leaders/Long Time CricBay Members

As all of you know, we have a infinitesimal volunteer force. For a league of our size (we are by the far the largest in this hemisphere), you can count the number of volunteers that run this league by your hands. So you can imagine the challenge. 

In order for us to make CricBay - a Pleasantville for all us - here are things we expect the Team Leaders, Long Time veterans of CricBay

Team Leaders

  • Please get yourself acquainted with all the processes, rules and tools.  We expect you to be the first line mentor for your teams in terms of processes. If you are not familiar or if you need further clarification on something then, by all means, do reach out to the volunteers via a ticket. You asking for basic things that you should be able to glean/learn from our Help, Rule Book is not acceptable. You are only adding to the work of volunteers.
  • You need to be the point of governance for your team - when it comes to doing the right thing. Whether it is following due process in the scorecard entry, transfer process, waiver signing, promptly getting back to opposition, handling uncertainities during rainy day games etc. It cannot be a "I did not know". 

Veteran CricBay Members

  • We heavily rely on you to be the torch bearers for how to be a CricBay member. Following processes, Minding the rules, Playing in the spirit of the game - You have been there done that. We expect you to show the way to younger shoots in the league. 
  • You might no longer be holding the office of Captain, Vice Captain or Manager but that should not stop you from guiding your incumbent C, V or M on how to navigate a situation.
  • Please don't be a by-stander if/when things in the team are getting off-rails. Be the Adult Supervision in the team. Once a leader always a leader - please remember that.