How-To: Nominate a Teammate for Award

CricBay has always been very cognizant of the effort put in by players week in week out and achieving milestones that are remarkable. Accordingly we have always identified such remarkable achievements and given milestone awards to such players. 

Career Milestone awards have included 

  • 200, 300, 400... wickets by bowlers
  • 2000, 3000, 4000...runs by batters
  • 200, 300, 400.... wicket keeping dismissals
  • 200, 300, 400.... fielding dismissals
  • 200, 300, 400... games played


In the past, we have had volunteers identify, track, announce, order plaques. But given the size of the league now (114+ teams, 3000+ active players), it is becoming a little challenging for the small group of volunteers to do the same. So we are changing this process a bit and have Team Leaders of teams nominate their teammate for a milestone reached. This also commits the player to then be present for the award ceremony during the tournament finals and accept the award.

How will it work

  1. You as a team leader, will log a ticket
  2. Identify the player, the milestone reached
  3. Request the player to confirm that he will be present during the finals and accept the award
  4. Remember lot of work, $ goes into this effort. So if you are not serious about coming and accepting the award, please think through nominating. We don't want to waste $ that actually belongs to all the teams.
  5. We will send out a reminder ahead of finals to all the nominees with details of the location, schedule etc.
  6. Yes: As a player who reached the milestone you can nominate yourself as well.