Joining a Team

Once you have completed the registration and posted your availability in our Forum or in our Facebook Group, one or more teams will contact you to express their interest. 

Engaging with the CricBay Community

  • Next step would be to post a message on the Discussion Forum announcing your availability. Feel free to generously advertise your skills. Refer to "how to post in forum" example shown on the Submit page.
  • We highly recommend you visit and join us in our Facebook group. This is where all the important discussions happen and news about other games, players etc are shared. All the key announcements are also shared here.
  • Most teams are always looking for players. Be patient and you will start hearing from people soon enough.

Posting in CricBay Discussion Forum

  • Go to the Discussions page
  • If you are not logged in, system will prompt you to log in.
  • Submit a post of type - Player Seeking a Team and share your skills and any past cricket history. Avoid putting your phone #/email as part of the post.
  • Upon approval, your post will show up on the forum. So please don't post duplicate posts.
  • Teams looking for players will then seek you out and respond to your post.
  • You can interact with interested teams and chose the one you like.

Private messages

  • Once you have posted your availability on CricBay forum, you might be contacted by other teams.
  • You will be able to read their private messages and respond to them. .

Joining a Team

If already know which team you are going to join and have discussed it that team and they are accepting you, then you can join that team as follows

  1. Go to your Profile page -
  2. Click the Join a Team button
  3. Select that team from the dropdown list of teams and Submit. Please be careful in picking the right team. Some teams have similar names.
  4. The Management of the team will receive a notification indicating that you have requested to join.
  5. The Management typically only accepts people they know. So if you randomly pick some team to join, most likely your request will languish.
  6. Once the Management approves your request you will be notified and added to that team.

Words to the Wise

Teams are always looking to add new players. The reasons could be one or more of these

  • the team had few of their existing people leave
  • the team is new and recruiting people to build a roster
  • the team is trying to upgrade
  • teams are just downright hoarding

Try to understand why they are looking to recruit. Check out the last few games of the team and see if you find a consistent playing XI, rate of turnover in playing XI etc.

Don't become a Use-and-Discard player

Sometime teams recruit just to fill temporary roster spots due to their regulars being on vacation and then you might have a challenge to get enough opportunities when their regulars come back.
  • If not sure, ask the team for joining their practice and check them out - just like they would like to check you out. 
  • If teams don't happen to practice during the week, offer to join them for a pre-game practice. For an investment of mere 30-45 mins you will be able to guage if the team is good, organized, fun and they can do the same with you. That way you can determine if make a good fit.
  • Go to the Roster tab of team's profile page and check how many active players they already have in their roster.
  • Go to the Team Updates tab of team's profile page and see the churn of players in the team. More the churn farther you run from that team.

Don't oversell yourself - be realistic

Lot of times new players try to inflate their abilities by saying - "I tried out for U-19 in India, I represented my college in varsity games" etc. Those things are great if you can back that up. Please do factor in the dynamics of playing with hard-tennis ball, different kinds of pitches and a hyper-competitive league. It is much better to undersell and over-deliver. Ask for (infact insist) and go to a team practice and then show them what you can do. You can also check out how the team operates. 
  • In general, don't rush to join a team.
  • Take time and try to understand what kind of commitment teams will make to you in return for your commitment. That will give you some indication of what your prospects would be in that team. 
  • Platinum and Gold teams are usually well staffed with good players. It is tough to break into one of those teams - unless they are looking for a filler for the short term until their regulars come back from vacation/injury. So broaden your search across all divisions. Some of Silver/Bronze teams are really happy and have more fun playing.

Loyalty cuts both ways

As you know in any team endeavour, it is imperative that all involved commit to the common cause.

If you expect the team to back you during the tough days when runs/wickets are forthcoming for you, then you should back the team through the dark days of losses. It cannot be you trying to find other additional leagues to play when you are in form (in-lieu of your current loyal team) and then when you are no longer needed by the "headhunters" you turn around and expect the team to be loyal to you.