How-To: Enter Scorecard for a Forfeit

As a league, this is the least desirable outcome we want for a game. A lot of effort goes into planning, scheduling and arranging games and when one of the team forfeits it is all gone to waste. CricBay does not take to it kindly when teams forfeit as it has ramifications of points, DRR to not just the team involved in the game but also to the other teams in the division/group which might be relying on a particular result or the other. 

Who and What

In case of a game being forfeited

  • The Winning Team is responsible for entering the brief scorecard into the system - with Forfeit by  as the result
  • ONLY Brief Scorecard has to been entered and ONLY Result field has to be entered. 
  • Detailed Scorecard entry is not needed
  • Winning Team will get 4 points and 0 DRR from this game.
  • Forfeiting team will get a -1 DRR for the game and a carry forward penalty of -0.55 DRR for next tournament.
  • Forfeiting team will also bear the entire cost of the ground for the game
  • Scorecard Delay penalties apply if winning team misses the scorecard deadline

Implications of Forfeiting Games

A team is taking a huge amount of risk in forfeiting games. By forfeiting games you are telling us your team is having challenges with commitment levels (in majority of the cases) and could be a team in trouble. We will be proactive in handling such teams. 

Here are some of the implications for a team forfeiting games

  1. One game forfeit is already one too many.
  2. Repeated forfeit of games within a short span of time will result in your team added to the DO-NOT-INVITE list for future tournaments and continuing in CricBay as a team.
  3. The burden of proving your commitment levels and strength of your roster and convincing us to allow you to participate in CricBay is on you. It is not going to be easy
  4. We routinely ask teams that fail on this test to sit out


  • Build a all-season roster that can withstand seasonality in participation, festival times, summer vacations etc. 
  • Best way to build a roster is to have diversity of people from different age groups, personal commitments etc 
  • Have a larger roster of players which gives all the players the liberty of being able to take some personal time off and the team still function without missing a beat. The downside could be some would have to sit out some games when the roster is available in full strength, which is a not a big issue as we all need some time off.