How-To:Signing Waiver - Mandatory for all players

CricBay requires each player that plays in CricBay to sign a Insurance Waiver so that they indemnify CricBay and its Officers from any liabilities arising out of any actions. As such an accidents that happen during the game is covered by the umbrella liability insurance cover we provide to all the paid members of each side, this waiver is necessary to cover any/all other events that is outside CricBay's control.

NOTE: If you have not signed a waiver, the scorecard entry will not allow your name to be selected on a scorecard and you will see warning on the home page each time you login and visit the home page to remind you that you are yet to sign the waiver.

Where do I sign it?

  1. Sign in to your CricBay account -
  2. Click on Profile link on the blue menu bar at the top and go to My Profile menu option. 
  3. If you have signed the waiver your status will show the green icon  
  4. If you are yet to sign the waiver your status will show the red icon  
  5. You will also find a button at the top of the page that says .
  6. Note that this button will be visible only if you are associated with a team.
  7. Click that and you will be taken to a page where you sign the insurance waiver electronically.
  8. Sign the Waiver using the mouse or touchpad. Use the mouse as if you would use a pen in signing the waiver. You can do the same using a smartphone as well.
  9. Please read the legal terms on that page and make sure you understand that.
  10. Once you sign, go back to your profile page, you should see the updated Waiver Status.
  11. You shall be able to go back to your profile page and see your signed document at any time.

Can we know who in my team has signed or not?

As a team Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager of a team, you will see a tab - Waivers - on your team profile page which will show a list of all the team members who have signed and who has not. As a Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager of a team, you have the critical responsibility of making sure you get all your players to sign the waiver before they play their first game. It is not in anyone's interest to get involved in a legal wrangle. You will be required to login to see this new tab.

NOTE: A Player who is yet to sign the waiver will not be available on Scorecard Entry page

CricBay will periodically audit all teams for conformity and instruct teams that are not in compliance to require you to be compliant within a stipulated time. For continued participation in CricBay games, it is mandatory that teams stay in compliance.

Repurcussions of not signing a waiver

  • As a policy we REQUIRE teams to get every player sign the waiver before they play any games
  • A player without a signed waiver will not be available in the team roster for scorecard entry, PoM designation, Umpire selection etc.
  • Teams that cannot get the player sign the waiver ahead of Scorecard deadline will be liable for the Scorecard delay penalty.
  • Moreover we track teams that repeatedly miss getting players signed ahead of playing and a CoRA representative will talk to the team to ensure it is fixed.
  • Players who play without signing the waiver will be exposing themselves to potential Liability of damaging something or hurting someone and will not have the cover of our Liability Insurance policy.

Forging a Waiver

We have implemented capability to track and identify any efforts made to forge waiver. Remember

  • Waiver is a contractual document (a legal one) between the player and the league and can/will be presented in legal situations.
  • Forging a signature on behalf of a teammate will land you in big trouble.
  • We will suspend the person who forges a signature - even if we find out later on, and the player's team will forfeit their next game.

NOTE: The league will not support any player against whom legal action for forgery is pursued by the player whose signature was forged.


As such we don't see the need to have this signed every year but given the nature of participation, the various grounds covered, other law changes etc, change in agreement with the insurance provider or change in insurance provider themselves might necessitate a requirement for all players to re-sign the waiver - just so the players agree to the new terms.