Team Management Primer

New teams join CricBay each tournament and they go through a learning curve to understand the rules, processes etc. This guide aims to serve as a starting point for them to acquaint them with key processes that teams need to abide by and the expectations of teams. Hopefully this will ensure there are no disruptions in their games and also prevents them from being liable for penalties for missing cricital deadlines. 


If you are just registering a new team, here are somethings you need to know. CoLA will need proof that you are serious and committed and not starting the team to test the waters or just because you are breaking away from an existing team as your upset with the current leadership of the team. Onboarding a team into a tournament comes with a lot of work for volunteers (of which there are just a handful) - scheduling games, umpiring, ground assignments and so on. It also comes with a financial commitment for your team towards registration fee, ground fees and penalties (if any), not including the team expenses for kit, bats etc.

Here are some things to keep in mind, right of the bat

  1. If you are a new team trying to register, it is a requirement that more than half of your players have already played in CricBay before and know rules of the road. It has been our experience that onboarding a brand new team of people unaware of CricBay rules/processes requires a lot of handholding and we currently do not have the bandwidth to do that.
  2. Each team is typically expected to have a roster of 14-15 committed players to account for the week-to-week availability (or lack thereof) etc. There is no upper limit on the number of players in the roster but a team is expected to have the critical mass of players to be available before your team is approved for registeration. CoLA might ask for the list of registered players to be made available before approving the Team Registration application.
  3. As part of playing in CricBay, besides playing the game, each team is implicitly signing up for additional obligations like umpiring, timely scorecard entry, ground preparation for a game (if/when being a home team) in each game. Failure to fulfil any of those obligations in each instance will carry a financial penalty and/or suspensions. Any pattern of repeat delinquency in meeting the obligations will put your team in a Warning box. Teams that are in the Warning Box will need to convince us of why they need to be allowed to continue playing in future tournaments. Refer to the handbook for more specifics. 
  4. The financial commitment that each team will bear to play in CricBay will be in the neigborhood of $2000-$2500 per year. This includes annual registration (for all three tournaments) and ground fees for all games throught out the year. Each team gets to play roughly 32-35 games. NOTE: We have multiple tiers of grounds based on their cost and so when a ground is used the cost may vary from one to another. The fees will be prorated if you are joining in the middle of the season. There are no guarantees for accepting a team in the middle of the season.
  5. Each Team playing in CricBay will also be implicitly making a commitment to being a good citizen in terms of behavior, adhering to the rules etc. We do not tolerate bad behavior and when it comes to certain issues we observe Zero Tolerance. A team that is prone to repeated bad behavior will be disinvited from registering in the league in the following season.
  6. As you know this is a volunteer-run league and there are not enough hands to do everything that is required to run this large league. So each team will be asked upon to take turns in helping with various activities like helping with Tournament Finals, representing CricBay in Permit Meetings (semi-annually) with City/Schools, by sending one or two of their team members, as needed. CoLA will send out a note requesting representation from teams for each such need. This is a MANDATORY OBLIGATION for each team just as much as playing, umpiring in this league is. 

Mobilize the Team

  1. As leaders of your team you should make sure all your team members are registered and showing up under the active roster tab in your Team profile page. Once a new player registers, he/she should login into the website and join your Team using the Join a Team option on their Profile page or if it is a player transfering over from another team - go to the My Profile page and Request Transfer 
  2. Also make sure your Team Profile shows the designated Captain, Vice-captain and Manager(s) correctly. It is MANDATORY that the Captain, Vice-Captain and Manager of the team have a valid email and their real contact telephone number in the system. You can Edit your Profile from My Profile page and enter your phone number. Without the contact telephone number you will not be able to initate a IEmail (more about it later) to confirm a game.
  3. It is also MANDATORY that all the players in the team Sign the Waiver. Once on your My Profile page, if you see a Red Icon that will indicate you are yet to sign a waiver. You should also see a Red Button at the top to allow you to Sign a Waiver. Once you signed a waiver a Green Icon will replace the aforementioned red icon to indicate your signing of the waiver. As a Team Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager you can also see the list of players in your team that have signed and are yet to sign - by going to the Waivers Tab on your Team Profile page (requires that you are logged in)

Playing Minors

CricBay is an adults-only league (for now) and playing any minors (under the age of 18) would constitute a SERIOUS VIOLATION of the Terms of Participation for teams in CricBay. This has been repeatedly clarified to all the existing teams in previous annual meets, and as response to any queries in our Facebook Group and in tickets. In fact, our player registration page says so as much.

Playing minors will have implications for the league in terms of the insurance coverage we get, the waiver and so on.

In future, when we feel that we, as a league, have reached a state where we it is acceptable to play minors with adults, we will revisit this stance.

For now, PLEASE abide by this policy. As always, if you have have questions on this log a request - CoPA-Query and we can discuss more.

Accessories & Gears

There are certain minimum things a team MUST have to participate in a game. Ensure that you have the following




  1. A Kit with all the necessary gear - atleast 2 Bats, a wicket keeping gloves
  2. A tape measure to mark the boundaries
  3. A packet of CricBay provided Balls (given to you by CoLA). Each team get their quota of ball packets per year. If you exhaust those you can buy more packets of balls by logging a ticket at SupportDesk
  4. Spring Stumps - CricBay does not allow Hammer-in Stumps as they damage the ground and the owners of grounds (Schools, Cities) will penalize us for damages. 
  5. A pair of bails to place on the stumps
  6. Each team must carry printed copies of Scoresheet to enter the score during the game. (Carry a pen or two)
  7. Home team carry copies of Umpire Scoresheet to provide the umpires. Teams are required to fill in their Playing XI in the Umpire scoresheet before giving it to the umpires.
  8. 20+ cones to cover the boundary. Ideally each cone should be kept 5 yards from each other to avoid disputes later.
  9. 16+ flat cones to mark the inner circle
  1. A broom to clean the pitch as some pitches will need mild cleaning before playing.
  2. Trash Bags (for picking up any bottles, food wrappers that you might have with you on the ground). Remember we are required to pick up our trash when we leave the ground as part of the agreement with the Ground owners.
  3. Each player should have abdomen guard (it hurts if you get hit, believe me), knee guards, elbow guards
  4. A First-Aid kit comprising of
    • Pain Killer Spray
    • Band-Aid
    • Pain Killer tablets
    • Cotton balls
    • Wrapping Bandage
  1. Batting Gloves
  2. Helmet or Visor or at a minimum goggles for the Wicket Keeper so he does not get hurt while keeping up to the stumps. (Remember Mark Boucher !!)
  3. Shin guards

Here is a pictorial checklist of what you must have

  • Image Credit: Anand Kannan
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Have a copy of the CricBay Handbook in your kit so you can lookup specific rules in case you were not sure in a game.

Key Processes

Schedules Schedules for the Round Robin part of the tournament will be published ahead of time. As a captain/vice-captain/manager you have login in to the application to see on Sunday night/Monday morning to check if you have a game. The CricBay Rule Book has strict rules on the deadlines by which you must send the Information Exchange Email (IEMail) if you are the Home Team. Please read the rule book and familiarize yourself. Missing the deadline might result in you losing your Home Team privilege. For Knockout stages, the schedule will be published Sunday Night/Monday morning. If/when in doubt about something related to schedules please don't hesitate to log a ticket - CoLA-Query - to clarify things.
Umpiring As a CricBay member, each team has obligations to umpire certain number of games. Umpiring assignments are published as part of the schedule. As a team that is assigned umpiring, you are required to acknowledge the assignment by responding to the IEmail that includes your team as the umpire. It is imperative that you send only people from your team, that are familiarized with the rules, for umpiring. The best practice is to have all team members familiarized with rules so they are ready when needed. Refer to this comprehensive guide on umpiring

Grounds are assigned as part of the schedule. If for any reason you need to switch you need to first check with CoLA (via ticket) if there are other grounds or else post on our Discussion Forum or Facebook Group to ask if any other team is willing to swap.

Game Preparation As a Home team, you will also be responsible for having the ground ready i.e, pitch marked, boundaries marked before 8.30am. Not having the ground ready could be "grounds" (no pun intended) for overs being docked your team. Check the Rule Book for specifics.
Being a Good Citizen

ZERO Tolerance for Smoking and Urinating on the grounds. We rent grounds from schools and cities and abide by their No Tolerance for Smoking and Urination in the ground. We have made accomodation in the rules to allow for bio-breaks. Speak to the Umpires to clarify that as part of toss. Both teams and umpires might be liable for strict penalties in case of violation of this rule. 


Verbal Abuse, Physical Abuse, Threatening another fielder is strictly not tolerated. Umpires have been empowered to eject such players. So remember, by doing anything untoward all you are doing is, undermining your own team and its chances - besides gaining the reputation for being a dirty player. CricBay will take a ZERO TOLERANCE attitude towards players engaging in physical abuse. We will SUSPEND/BAN that player for an extended period of time.

Scorecard Entry

When you win a game, you will be responsible for entering the scorecard. This responsibility also carries a deadline as outlined in the Rule Book. As the team entering scorecard, you are obligated to make sure the scorecard is entered accurately and verified with the opposition team and umpires. As an opposition team, please do your part of the responsibility in ensuring the scorecard is accurate.

When you are not sure about a rule - please don't hesitate to log a ticket of type CORA-Query and get clarification

Here is a pictorial representation of the ground and pitch.

Images Credit: Anand Kannan


CricBay is a opt-in league where you opt to join and as such are signing up to follow the rules and regulations laid out by the league. We are a volunteer run league without all the luxuries of a country club. So it is incumbent on each member to exercise patience when something is not working to your wish. Volunteers will do their best to make sure things are done well and the fact that we have grown from a handful of teams to 115+ teams is a testament to that. As a CricBay team you are signing up for

  • Following the CricBay Rules and Regulations (as outlined in the Rule Book)
  • Being a Good Citizen and following the law of the land at all times.
  • Pay penalties incurred due to your missing your commitments. (CoRA has elaborate process to evaluate the situation and then decide on the action).
  • Make good choices when you are not sure. After all it is a game - and it does not have to be treated like Life or Death.

Quick Links to Operational details

  • CoRA - volunteer team that govern the games and processes in CricBay
  • CoLA - volunteer team that manages all the scheduling, logistics, umpiring assignments for games
  • CoPA - volunteer team that manages all the marketing/sponsorship/charity events in CricBay
  • Grounds - for all the ground related information.
  • SupportDesk - for any inquiries/help with any/all of the above and website. 

Join the Family

Make sure you join the following groups to mingle with the community

  1. Join the CricBay Facebook Group
  2. Make sure you have you have the Notification Preference (in your profile) checked so other commnity members can reach you through private message (your email is not shared with them)
  3. Participate in the discussions on our forum and FB group. 

Few words to the wise (team leaders)

  1. You have chosen to start your own team (assuming you have been accepted as a team). It must be exhilarating. Congratulations !!
  2. As you might have already surmised, starting a team is the easy part. Keeping the team going and keeping it a happy and competitive unit is completely different matter. I intentionally precede the competitive with happy as sort of a precondition to being a successful team. Trust me I have experienced, seen quite a few teams that had the order reversed and failed miserably.
  3. A big part of being a happy team is treating your team members well. Not doing so will result in a team in constant churn - and not so successful team at that.
  4. Always insist on being a team that does things right and in a classy fashion. You just need few incidents where the team leaders prioritize winning-at-all-costs over doing the right thing and that becomes the culture of your team.
  5. Talk to other team leaders to understand how they handle the issue you might be confronted with, in their team. Luckily for you we have ~120 teams across the axis of success and longevity continuum.
  6. If you think your team stands for something (mission statement, culture, fun) don't be hesitant to share that with people under About page of your Team profile page. We will make sure the website shows that to prospective players.