How-To: Transfer to another team

During the entire career in CricBay, a player invariably switches teams. While there is freedom to move from one team to another, there are rules that govern all the player transfer from one team to another with regards to when one can transfer and when one cannot. For those who follow those rules,  the process of switching team is breeze.


  1. All transfer requests from one team to another MUST be initiated by the player concerned and not by anyone else. Captain/Vice-captain/Manager from a new team cannot request it on behalf of the player. Any/all requests logged by-proxy via a ticket will be rejected.
  2. If you currently are a Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager of your current team, the system will NOT let you transfer. You will be required to first transition your role to another team member before requesting the transfer. This is done so when IEmail for your games, is sent out, it has all the fours (C, VC and Ms) for the team.
  3. If you cannot see the Request Transfer button on your profile it is either because
    • A HOLD has been placed on your current team that prevents any transfers out of your current team. This happens if your team has pending obligations to fulfill. Pending Obligations could be payment of penalties, ground fees or umpiring assignments. Once the penalties are cleared the HOLD on your team will be removed and you should be able to then Request a Transfer.
    • You are a new CricBay member yet to play a game, and you should be using the Join a Team feature to join a team and not transfer.
  4. If you are a recipient of a long duration suspension that spans multiple tournaments, then we will reject any transfer requests from you until you are cleared to play in the league.

If you have NOT played a game in the current/ongoing tournament


  1. Login to the website
  2. Visit your profile page -
  3. Click the button - Request Transfer
  4. You will be taken to a new page where you must pick the new team you are requesting to transfer to. It is assumed that you have discussed and agreed with the new team that you will be transferring into their team. If not then there is possibility that that new team might reject your request.
  5. Once requested, Your request will be queued up for an Administrator to approve.
  6. Once an administrator approves your request, you will be moved over to the new team.
  7. A FYI Notification will be sent to Captains, Vice-Captains, Managers of both the teams along with yourself to announce your transfer.

If you have already played 1 game in the current/ongoing tournament


  1. Fact: (Round Robin 1 & Round Robin 2) or (Round Robin & Playoffs) are considered part of the same tournament.
  2. NEWBIES ONLY: This provision was specifically instituted as a way to allow newbies who made a wrong choice to join a team only to find out they are not a good fit. Rather than have them languish in that team and not getting opportunities for 4 months we wanted to provide them a second opportunity. It is not meant for players to change teams and join a another team just because your current team is not doing well or just because you have friends in that team or you want to help them for just one game.
  3. You can switch ONLY if you have played just 1 game. If you have played more games, you will not be allowed to transfer till end of the tournament. Refer to the Player Transfer section in the CricBay Handbook for the definitive rule on this.
  4. If you have played 1 game, then it is mandatory to get approval from your current team management. You can do this by sending the URL of the ticket (for e.g. to the team leaders and have them update it with their consent.This consent is instituted to ensure that the player that is trying to transfer to another team has met/completed all his obligations to the current team, such as umpiring assignments, umpiring penalties ($), membership dues ($) etc. We have had instances where players with pending obligations change teams and the previous team management is left holding the bag.
  5. Just to set expectations - in terms of statistics - we routinely reject 95% such requests because the reason provided is not reasonable. The reasons were deemed either as a bandwagon jump (my team is not doing well let me go to another well-performing team) or short term rentals(I will play just this tournament there) - both are not encouraged. "I want to play with my friends" is not a good enough justification to seek approval after having played a game. Sorry we cannot make exceptions.


  1. Log a ticket to get approval from CoRA (type = Request to Switch teams after PLAYING a GAME in the Current Tournament)
  2. In the ticket clearly mention why you want to switch teams - remember the requirement 2 above
  3. Ask the leadership of the current team to update the ticket to provide their consent and confirm the reason you are leaving is correct
  4. CoRA will review your request and if your reason is found acceptable/reasonable, your request will be approved
  5. Once CoRA has approved your request, go to your Profile Page - and submit - Request Transfer
  6. One of the Administrators will then approve the request


  1. My profile is Inactive. Can I still transfer? Yes - you can. As part of the transfer process you profile will be automatically made Active.


  • If Approved - A FYI Notification will be sent to Captains, Vice-Captains, Managers of both the teams along with yourself.
  • If Rejected - A FYI Notification will be sent to Captain, Vice-Captain, Managers of the New Team and the player indicating the reason for rejection