How-To:Change Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager of my team

Teams go through changes both in composition and the leadership. To accurately reflect the current status of the team and make sure the right people are being involved/notified in the right process, keeping the team details upto date is paramount.

Updating Team Leadership 

Team profile lists the name of the Captain, Vice-Captain and Manager's name so their contact information can be included in the IEmail or other team-specific notifications sent out from time to time.

To update the team leadership information here are the steps

  1. Login to the website and navigate to the SupportDesk tab.
  2. Submit a ticket of type Request to Change Team Management
  3. Please ensure that the new player assuming a Management role has his contact telephone # in his profile. It is MANDATORY
  4. Submit the ticket
  5. Request both Current Player and New Player whose roles are being changed to update the ticket with their consent.
  6. One of the administrators will make the change for you.
  7. A FYI Notification will be sent to the new leadership with the Team profile details.

Why all this drama?

As you know in the past we used to allow team management to make these changes themselves. It worked well for a long time until it stopped.

  1. We had multiple instances where teams and their management had internal disagreements and sometime incumbent leaders were removed from their roles without their consent. Those who were unceremoniously removed lodged complaints with us saying we make it very easy for people to make such a big change without checks and balance.
  2. Then we had instances were an incumbent just made another player, the manager and moved himself to another team without the successor knowing he was the manager. In some instances the new manager/captain was left with pending financial dues.

Hence to prevent such things from happening we instituted this process. Trust us, volunteers are not keen to take on more work.


  1. Any/All players chosen to be Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager MUST have their phone numbers in the system. Without that we will not allow assigning someone to be nominated as C/VC/M
  2. If we find you are faking the number (we have a routine that checks validity of numbers), we will invalidate that number.
  3. Only Active players who have already signed Waiver will be allowed to be picked as C, VC and Manager
  4. Both the incumbent and the new leader taking up the role should update the ticket to confirm the change.


  • Change in leadership is inevitable. We understand all the circumstances that lead to it. But what we will not be okay is for your incumbents to not do a good transition to the new leaders and the new leaders come back and make the same mistakes you made. Not having enough understanding of process and failing to meet obligations will lead to penalties. "We have a new manager or captain" is not good enough justification. Doing a good transition is your responsibility.
  • OWNERSHIP: If at any time, there is a dispute in teams about who owns the team and who should move on (believe us it has come up multiple times), we always go with the people who registered the team.