Ball Packet Distribution

CricBay REQUIRES that all league scheduled matches be played with the officially distributed balls. Umpires and Team Captains are required to verify the ball ahead of the game and confirm they are CricBay stamped ball.

Each team as part of their registration are entitled a set of ball packets. Until last year it was 5 packets. In 2015 we have increased the number of packets each team gets to 6 thanks to our large volume order and the resultant reduction in price. 

Ball Distribution Logistics

  • All the ball distribution for a season happens during the Fall Open Finals event of the preceding season unless announced otherwise.
  • It is MANDATORY for each team to send one (or more) designates to pick up their entitlement of ball packets. You CANNOT pickup your team's quota of ball packets by proxy (having someone else pickup). The person(s) coming to pickup the ball has to be showing up in the team's roster and a active member at that.
  • The Ball Packet distribution usually starts after all the key/critical Finals event preparation work has been completed. Remember, we have limited set of volunteers and we cater to a large audience in the finals. 
  • Failure to pickup your team's quota of ball packets during Finals event will incur additional work for some volunteer, in having to go to our Storage Locker and pick up the ball packets and then make time for you to pickup. To deter this practice, we have instituted a $50 service fee on teams that chose to miss the scheduled, official ball pickup window.
  • Please make sure you have one of your teammates pickup in the finals. It is good for you and the volunteers. Additional pickups are painful and costly.

What happens if we miss

Usually most teams come and pickup their quota of ball packets in the official scheduled window. But if you happen to be one of the teams that miss the window then here is the process you are required to follow.

Remember, we will only have only one additional pickup window for all the teams that did not pickup in the official window. So it is imperative that all the outlier teams log their ticket, pay the service fee and make themselves available for the additional pickup window.We will not entertain one-off pickups. We don't want teams/community members offering to come to Volunteers' house for ball pickup. Volunteer's house is personal domain and we don't want that to be encroached for CricBay work. No guilt trips for volunteers saying "We have a game this weekend" on a Friday evening. If you have not picked up the ball packets then plan ahead and give it a week or more to get your ball packets.
  1. Log a ticket of type Order Additional Ball Packets ($). 
  2. A CoFA volunteer will send you a PayPal link for the aforementioned Service Fee.
  3. Once the payment is made by all the outlier teams, we will announce a public location and time window for teams to come and pick their ball packets.
  4. Hopefully you don't miss this additional window for whatever reason.

Picking up Additional Ball Packets

With additional ball packets here are some guidelines

  • We understand this need is adhoc. Some teams need them and some teams don't. But still please plan ahead. As soon as you know you might need the ball packets, place an order (via a ticket) and make the necessary payment. While ordering packets think a little longer term than next few games. If you are out of balls in Aug maybe you need 2-3 packets whereas if you are out of balls in December you might need just one packet.
  • As soon as we have a small quorum of teams ordering additional packets, a volunteer will pickup the necessary ball packets from storage and let the teams know where and how to pickup. It will most likely be at the ground the volunteer is playing a game on that weekend. Remember we want volunteers to have personal life so no encroachment of personal life or space.