How-To:Enter a dismissal by a substitute

From time to time, during the game we will have one of our teammate being indisposed, be it a call from home/work or a injury in the game. Subject to the rules outlined by the CricBay Handbook (and in its absence by the ICC Rule Book) and accommodation by the opposition team, you might avail of a substitute to field in place of the indisposed player.

What happens if that substitute affects a dismissal? How do you record that as part of the scorecard entry?

 We have introduced two new modes of dismissals

  1. Caught by Substitute (c sub)
  2. Run out by Substitute (run out sub)

When entering scorecard you can pick these options from the list

Points to remember

  • These two new modes WILL NOT require you to provide the name of the substitute who affected the dismissal. Validation on those two modes of dismissal will not allow you to specify a name of Substitute fielder.
  • Needless to say, the stats of that Substitute player will not reflect the dismissal
  • Remember, in case of the Caught by Sub mode of dismissal, the Bowler name MUST be specified.
  • IMPORTANT: the substitute used should be an ACTIVE CricBay member i.e. MUST have signed the Waiver

Once entered and saved the scorecard will display the dismissal as shown below.

Caught by Substitute (substitute name not displayed)

Runout by Substitute (substitute name not displayed)