How-To: Enter Super Over Details

As you know starting with 2014 Fall Open, CricBay has made Super Over mandatory for any game that ends in a tie at the end of Regular 20 over game. The CricBay Handbook has a separate chapter for Super Over that outlines the guidelines that governs the Super Over process.

Note: While Super Over statistics (runs, wickets) are not counted towards player statistics or team statistics, they are required for completeness of the scorecard. Not having these details entered will render the scorecard incomplete.

Where to enter details

Super Over details are entered as part of the Brief Scorecard entry. A new field has been added to enter Super Over Details, after the main details are entered.

How to enter details

Here is an example of how to enter Super Over details

Where will it be displayed

Super Over details entered in the Brief Scorecard will be displayed in the Detailed Scorecard after the details of both the innings are displayed as shown in the screenshot below

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What should we enter the result of the game as if the game went into Super Over? Tie or the result after Super Over?

The main reason we mandate Super Over now is that we have a conclusive result in the game. We would like to avoid Tie games as much as possible for all the obvious reasons (points, DRR etc). So the result of the game should be the result after the Super Over.