How-To: Enter D/L based result

We have games interrupted due to rain or stopped due to permit expiration etc from time to time. In such games, the result has to be arrived at based on DLS. The Handbook explains all the details around DLS and our help section list a DLS Calculator that will help umpires arrive at the result based on where the game ended.

We will use an example here to explain the process of recording such results and how it impacts player stats and DRR. 


  • Team A scored 75 for 5 in 20 overs
  • Team B were 50 for 8 in 17.1 over when rain came or game got stopped

Based on DLS rules explained in the CricBay Handbook and using the Calculator , Team A were declared the winner by 17 runs.

This is one variant of DLS application - where result is decided after the match is "concluded" as opposed to cases we see in international games where the target for second team might be revised at the beginning of second innings. Most cases in CricBay have been similar to this game where result gets decided once game gets "concluded" due to rain or interruption.

If you are an umpire in a game that is seemingly leading towards a DLS based result

  1. Please make sure you take your time and go through the CricBay Handbook.
  2. Use the CoRA contacts' assistance in making that decision. The important thing is to make sure we collectively make the correct decision and the right result is arrived at.
  3. If the CoRA contact is not reachable (as they are playing a game) and you are not sure, hold off the decision until you make contact. The game is over already anyway. The result can be decided in consultation with CoRA and in the presence of the two teams - in person or telephonically.

Points to Note

  • For all the statistics - the actual scores, wickets from both teams and individuals will be considered as is.
  • For the DRR computation, however, we will use the revised total for team batting first taking the final score of team batting second as the baseline and the margin of victory. 

In case of Team A, by the virtue of them winning by 17 runs, their DLS revised total would be 67 (i.e Team B Total 50+17 the margin of victory).

  • Team A - DLS total : 67 in 17.1 overs
  • Team B - DLS total: 50 in 17.1 overs

Note: The game is essentially deemed completed at 17.1 overs

Implementation in the website

Considering the analysis that needs to be done and both teams needing to be appraised of the same before entering the score, here is the process teams are asked to follow

  1. When the brief scorecard is submitted enter the actual scores as the game ended. (that way you are done before the deadline and you don't need to worry about the penalty etc)
  2. Log a Update Brief Scorecard ticket with a request to update the DRR to reflect the DLS based result.
  3. Ask a Umpire and a Opposition team leader to confirm the result.
  4. One of the volunteer will then update the ticket with the would-be change i.e, the Game DRR before update and the Game DRR after Update in the ticket with the change made.
  5. The change will be reflected in the Points Table on the Home page as well as in the DRR table on the Team Profile page of both the teams.

NOTE: We will eventually make this part of the core website, mobile app so teams can do it themselves without requiring the process explained above.