How-To: Register a New Team

CricBay is the largest cricket league that there is. Generally anyone is allowed to register a team by submitting a Team Registration Application. But given the size of the league (over 109 teams), CricBay leadership team will reserve the right to accept (or not) any team that submits an application.

Conditions we use to determine if we can add new teams

  • Availability of grounds
  • Capability of the volunteer team to support additional teams
  • Schedule and timing (Note: New teams are accepted only before a new tournament is started)

Besides these qualification criterion, teams will have to provide additional points of proof to help in the decision to accept a team.

Expectations of a new team

  • One of the criteria we use to add new teams is to see how many of their players have already played in CricBay before. In fact, we insist that more than half the team (and definitely the leadership) must have played in atleast a couple of tournaments in CricBay before. This is because, we just don't have the bandwith to bear with the learning curve and to handhold teams as they stumble or not follow processes.
  • We want every team that joins to have a healthy appetite for ambiguity. This is not by-design. This is simply a function of us being a volunteer-run league that operates on a bunch of constraints imposed by city, schools, laws of the land and the sheer (large) size of our league. If that were not complicated by itself, we sometimes run into situations that are unforeseen and we try and make the best decision possible given the context/constraints.
  • If teams feel like rebelling against that, throwing tantrums, refusing to accept the situation, it is best that they play a couple of tournaments prior to starting a new team and get to know what they are getting into.
  • # of active players in their roster to meet the obligations of a team  (playing XI) - Minimum 13 players expected
  • Ability to pay fees
    • Approximately $500 in annual registration fees (prorated if a team joins in the middle of the season) and $2000 in ground fees for full season (Note: the CoLA volunteer working with you will tell you the exact amount). Full Payment in Advance for Registration.
    • Payment of penalties incurred
  • Each Player required to sign the Indemnity Waiver to be eligible to play in the league - Mandatory

Register a New Team


The person submitting the registration application should already be registered as a player. If not register please register following the Player Registration Help guide


  1. Login to the website with your player credentials
  2. On the Home Page on the left side menu (icon palette) you will see an icon - 
  3. Click on that icon and Submit the Registration Application.

As part of the registration application, please provide the following MANDATORY information

    • Team Name
    • Name, Email Address, Telephone # of the Captain
    • Name, Email Address, Telephone # of the Vice-Captain
    • Name, Email Address, Telephone # of the Team Manager

What Next?

  • Once you submit your application, it will be assigned to one of the CoLA Volunteers and they will get in touch with you to confirm and clarify your application. After that the CoLA team internally review the application and makes a decision whether to accept the team or not.
  • Once accepted, you will be notified through the updates to your application you submitted.
  • You will also be notified about the Payment Request that will come your way along with a deadline for the payment. Please don't wait till the deadline to make the payments. The sooner you make the payments the sooner you will get started.
  • As part of your registration you will also get your quota of CricBay labeled tennis ball packets. Note: All CricBay games MUST be played using CricBay branded balls to ensure consistency.
  • Every player in your roster will be expected to sign the MANDATORY Waiver for them to be eligible to play in CricBay.

Need to Know

As a new team you are advised to go through the following material to familiarize yourself with CricBay rules and processes

  • CricBay Handbook - all you need to know about Rules and Governance
  • Team Management Primer about the needs of a team, your obligations to CricBay and fellow teams
  • Player Registration Guide - no registration, no playing. Ask the player if they have already played in CricBay. If they have they should have an account already.
  • Signing Waivers - Signing Waiver is a Mandatory requirement for all players in CricBay
  • Have some players in other teams who will join your new team? Here is how to Switch Teams
  • Ground ProcessGrounds are one of the key resources we need and use. So there are some ground rules (no pun intended) on how we deal with grounds
  • SupportDesk - Log a ticket for any issues you face (eg. Account Issues for any website account issues, CoRA-Query for CoRA questions, COLA-Query for CoLA questions)  
  • Join our Facebook Group - to interact with fellow community members, and to be front and center to lot of announcements, discussions around rule clarifications, logistics, How-Tos, What-Ifs happen being shared there. Who knows you might find your next teammate there too.