Terminators Vs Champions Round-Robin

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CricBay [F]
2015 CricBay Regular Season
Sunday 3/22/2015 08:30AM @ Warwick
Ravi Mantena (ZZ_Monsters)  Manjunath Shivanna (ZZ_Monsters) 
Won by Champions and asked Terminators to Bat First
Santosh's fiery 4-for enabled Team CC a comfortable win by 5 wickets and 11.3 overs to spare...
Santosh Mundhe
Player of the Match report is yet to be submitted

A damp outfield with sporadic drizzle might not be the best showdown for the battle to top group F, but that what was awaiting both team CC and Terminators on this fateful day. Once again the lady luck smiled on Santosh and he won another important toss and asked the opponents to bat without any prejudice.

Terminator's innings

Krish started on the wrong foot by bowling the first ball for a wide and a couple of cheeky singles later was denied a wicket when the bails refuse to dislodge as the ball hit the top of leg-stump bail on its way to opposition's dug out for a bye (remember Misbah's good fortune against Hazlewood in the recently concluded ICC world cup QF AUS vs PAK). Terminators 4/0 after 1 over. Santosh came to bowl and as usual team CC took the bowling power-play. After a single of his first ball, he immediately struck via probably the worst ball of his spell - a low full-toss that the southpaw opener deposited to the safe hands of awaiting Vivek at long-on. A couple of good deliveries later, Santosh had the best of his opponent number Harshal when he drove one uppish-ly to Krish (who just gobble up catches like anything) at mid-off. Terminators 5/2 after 2 overs. Krish came to bowl the next over but could not be his frugal self as he conceded two wides in addition to a couple. Terminators 9/2 after 3 overs. Santosh continued and was hit for a couple of his third delivery, followed by a single (one off a rare mis-field by Kunal). A mis-judgement by terminator's opener lead to his downfall as he risked a cheeky single against Ashok. Terminators 12/3 after 4 overs. Abhinay came first change and started with a frugal over - only two singles. Terminators 14/3 after 5 overs. Off his third ball of next over, Santosh had the opponent's best batsman Dhruvin caught at covers by Vivek of a top-edge. Terminators at a precarious 15/4 after 6 overs. Abhinay was tapped around for three singles of his next over and the score-card read Terminators 18/4 after 7 overs. Santosh came to finish his spell and disturbed the furniture of opposition's batsman off his first ball. The new batsman just played out the wicket maiden and Santosh leading from the front ended with an enviable spell 4-1-5-4 (1 PP over). Terminators in troubled waters at 18/5 after 8 overs. Omkar came second change and was raring to go at the opponents ( due to a fortnight's rest) from the first ball. His third ball was cut straight to point where Kunal held a great reflex catch. The excellent wicket maiden kept Terminators to 18/6 after 9 overs. Kedar came as second change and the only run that came of his over was via a wide. Terminators 19/6 after 10 overs.

Team CC was all charged up during the break and was raring to go for the jugular and terminate the challenge. Omkar continued his Wahab Riaz's kinda spell with another excellent maiden over. Terminators 19/6 after 11 overs. Kedar followed up with a loose over (via his standards) where three wides and a missed run-out opportunity (where instead of passing the ball to Rakesh, he went for the direct throw himself that too on his follow through)took Terminators to 23/6 after 12 overs. Omkar got his third delivery to nip back and take the handle of bat and lobbed up straight to silly mid-off. A couple of singles followed ( the first runs from Omkar's spell). Terminators 25/7 after 13 overs. Krish came back to bowl, but was hit for a double off his first delivery. A single followed but another soft-dismissal (identical to Omkar's last dismissal) had Terminators at a sorry score of 28/8 after 14 overs. Omkar could not end his fiery spell with a bang and was milked for four runs in his last over. Omkar's figure read 4-2-6-2, but the psychological aspect of this spell cannot be expressed in numbers. Terminators 32/8 after 15 overs. Kedar finally had the last laugh when a toe-crushed disturbed the tail-ender's furniture, subsequently a tame catch at covers ended Terminators innings at 32/10.

Cupertino Champion's innings

Prasanjeet went to relieve himself during the break, so Krish was promoted to open the innings. In the hindsight, it proved to be a master stroke as Krish milked the mandatory power-play over for 9 runs (including a boundary at square leg that resulted in a ball change as the ball went into the adjacent apartment's yard). Team CC 9/0 after 1 over. A mis-judged single lead to Ashok's demise. The next ball Rakesh pulled one but it ricocheted off the fence and Krish had a close call with destiny ( a much needed run-out missed by Terminators). Team CC 10/1 after 2 overs. After a couple of singles and an above-waist no ball, Rakesh got a pair of couples to take team CC to 17/1 after 3 overs. A silent over followed where only a couple came off the last ball of Krish's bat. Team CC 19/1 after 4 overs. After playing a couple of dot balls, Rakesh played all over a straight ball to get his furniture disturbed and give a ray of hope to Terminators. Kunal negotiated the rest of the over - the first maiden over Team CC 19/2 after 5 overs. Off the third ball of next over, Krish edged one to gully to let Terminators make further in-roads to team CC's middle order. A no-ball(height no) and a single took team CC to 21/3 after 6 overs. Kunal deposited the first delivery (full-toss) over square-leg for half a dozen, then gave a couple of caught and bowled opportunities that the bowler duly dropped, but eventually had the last laugh by castling him to end an eventful over. Team CC 27/4 after 7 overs. Meghraj went to close the game, but after showing a glimpse of his greatness (via a lofted cut over covers), he perished to a flat catch to long-on. Team CC 30/5 after 8 overs. A couple of deliveries and a single later, Vivek decided he had enough as he lofted one authoritatively over covers to get the final two runs and provide team CC with valuable 4 points and a welcome DRR boost.

SANTOSH was adjudged MoM for his lead from the front spell 4-1-5-4. 

-- Reported by: Prasanjeet Das at 3/22/2015 4:50:54 PM

Terminators Innings

# Batter Dismissal R B 4 6 SR
1. Rish Patel run out Ashok Sarathy 4 11     36.36
run out Ashok Sarathy
2. Navdeep Parmar c Vivek Bhandwalkar b Santosh Mundhe 1 5     20.00
c Vivek Bhandwalkar b Santosh Mundhe
3. Harshal Vora (c) c Krish Mantripragada b Santosh Mundhe 0 3    
c Krish Mantripragada b Santosh Mundhe
4. Dhruvin Shah c Vivek Bhandwalkar b Santosh Mundhe 4 9     44.44
c Vivek Bhandwalkar b Santosh Mundhe
5. Anuj Kaul b Santosh Mundhe 4 11     36.36
b Santosh Mundhe
6. Nilesh Ruparelia c Kunal Chakraborti b Omkar Gosavi 1 8     12.50
c Kunal Chakraborti b Omkar Gosavi
7. Devarsh Gandhi c Kedar Lahurikar b Omkar Gosavi 1 13     7.69
c Kedar Lahurikar b Omkar Gosavi
8. Naresh Regunta b Kedar Lahurikar 6 19     31.58
b Kedar Lahurikar
9. Jimit Shah (w) c Omkar Gosavi b Krish Mantripragada 1 4     25.00
c Omkar Gosavi b Krish Mantripragada
10. Krupal Bhagwagar not out 1 6     16.67
not out
11. Piyush Kasat c Megharaj Bhosale b Kedar Lahurikar 0 2    
c Megharaj Bhosale b Kedar Lahurikar
Extras (8 wides, 1 byes) 9  
TOTAL: 32/10(15.3 Overs, RR 2.06)

Fall of Wickets

Wicket 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team Score 5 5 12 15 16 18 23 28 32 32
Batter# 2 3 1 4 5 6 7 9 8 11

Bowling Figures

Bowler O M R W WD NB ECON Hattrick
Krish Mantripragada 3 0 10 1 3 3.33 0
Santosh Mundhe 4 1 5 4 1.25 0
Abhinay Gupta 2 0 5 0 2.50 0
Omkar Gosavi 4 2 6 2 1 1.50 0
Kedar Lahurikar 2.3 0 5 2 4 2.00 0

PowerPlay Overs

O# R W Bowled By
1 4 0 [Not specified]
2 1 2 [Not specified]
3 4 0 [Not specified]

Champions Innings

# Batter Dismissal R B 4 6 SR
1. Krish Mantripragada c Piyush Kasat b Dhruvin Shah 11 18 1   61.11
c Piyush Kasat b Dhruvin Shah
2. Ashok Sarathy run out Piyush Kasat 1 3     33.33
run out Piyush Kasat
3. Rakesh Dangar (w) b Naresh Regunta 6 9     66.67
b Naresh Regunta
4. Vivek Bhandwalkar not out 3 8     37.50
not out
5. Kunal Chakraborti b Naresh Regunta 7 9   1 77.78
b Naresh Regunta
6. Megharaj Bhosale c Devarsh Gandhi b Harshal Vora 2 3     66.67
c Devarsh Gandhi b Harshal Vora
7. Kedar Lahurikar not out 1 1     100.00
not out
Extras (, 2 no-balls) 2  
TOTAL: 33/5(8.3 Overs, RR 3.88)
Did Not Bat : Abhinay Gupta, Omkar Gosavi, Prasanjeet Das, Santosh Mundhe(c)

Fall of Wickets

Wicket 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team Score 9 19 19 27 30
Batter# 2 3 1 5 6 - - - - -

Bowling Figures

Bowler O M R W WD NB ECON Hattrick
Harshal Vora 2 0 12 1 6.00 0
Dhruvin Shah 3 0 5 1 1 1.67 0
Devarsh Gandhi 1 0 7 0 1 7.00 0
Naresh Regunta 2.3 1 9 2 3.60 0

PowerPlay Overs

O# R W Bowled By
1 9 0 [Not specified]
2 1 1 [Not specified]
3 7 0 [Not specified]