Champions Vs Chennai Round-Robin

Match Details

CricBay [Platinum]
2015 CricBay Regular Season
Sunday 5/31/2015 08:30AM @ Hathaway Park
Vipin Chauhan (Beamers)  Bibhu Prasad Rout (Beamers) 
Won by Chennai and decided to Bat First
Santosh's fiery spell and excellent fielding enabled team CC to stake its claim in the Platinum group with a comfortable 5 wicket win and almost 10 overs to spare against Chennai 94086
Santosh Mundhe
Player of the Match report is yet to be submitted

On a mildly warm morning, being the home team - many of team CC players were on the field by 7:30 am. By 8:00 am, on one side few of the players started preparing the game area, on the other side rest of the players were practicing in earnest. A rare off-day with the coin enabled C9 to make the first use of a good looking wicket to set up a challenging total. While the rules were discussed on one side, many of team CC were awe-struck by clean hitting by Sunil where he was depositing the balls during practice way outside the boundary. But, during the pre-match huddle the mood was positive as we were playing without any expectations and if we play up to our potential we are surely capable of de-railing Chennai Express. Moreover, today being Prasanjeet's birthday was also an added motivation for the team - as no gift can be better than a win against one of the most consistent teams in Cricbay.

Chennai 94086 Innings

Kedar started with a great first over where he troubled both the opening batsmen (Krishna and Srikanth) and gave away only 1 run. C9 1/0 after 1 over. Santosh brought himself from the other end and after giving away only a single off his first two balls, got Srikanth to mis-hit a slower one straight to Kedar at long-off. The delight of team CC became a jubilation when the other opener Krishna flicked one straight to Kunal at short fine-leg. Another single took C9 to anxious 3/2 after 2 overs. Team CC immediately took the bowling power-play and Kedar followed his 1 run over with another excellent 3 run over where the only blemish was a short ball that was pulled by C9 Captain Nandha for a double. C9 6/2 after 3 overs. Santosh continued and a pulled boundary by Nandha (where the ball was pretty close to Meghnath's out-stretched arm at short-leg) took c9 to 11. But, Santosh had the last laugh when he had Nandha caught by Ashok at short mid-wicket off the last delivery of the over. C9 11/3 after 4 overs. Omkar came first change and started with an excellent 1 run over. C9 moving at snail's pace to 12/3 after 5 overs. Abhinay came second change and struck immediately courtesy a great catch of Arun Ramachandran by Santosh at short-cover. The 1 run over took C9 to precarious 13/4 after 6 overs. An average over (by his standards) from Omkar where 4 runs came courtesy a couple of singles and wides took C9 to 17/4 after 7 overs. Abhinay followed his good work with a wicket maiden where he had Satish (Sridharan) caught by tumbling Megharaj at long-on. C9 17/5 after 8 overs. Meghnath came third change and struck off his third ball by having the settled Sridharan dismissed caught and bowled non-nonchalantly. The 1 run took C9 to 18/6 after 9 overs. A double courtesy a mis-field by Prasanjeet and a couple of singles from another 4 run over by Omkar took C9 to 22/6 mid-innings.

During the break - we knew that though we had a head start, the job is not done yet. With Sunil, Arun Ramakrishnan and Srinivas (who was unavailable due to injury) present in the dug-out C9 can take the match away from us any moment. Meghnath started the 11th over and an excellent reflex catch by Santosh at silly mid-off lead to demise of Satish (Gopalakrishnan). The 2 run over took C9 to a distressful 24/7 after 11 overs. Santosh brought himself back to finish off the innings and could have had Arun (Ramakrishnan) out off a short ball only to be denied by an unfortunate collision between Anand and Vivek at square-leg. The collision not only cost us 2 runs but also Vivek had to sit out rest of the match with a knee injury and the C9 gentlemen even under such unfavorable conditions allow us to use a substitute. The next ball the magic moment of the match happened. An attempt by Sunil for a non-existent single (as Meghnath was quick to reach the ball and release it back to the bowler) that lead to his demise for a diamond duck. C9 at a desparate 26/8 after 12 overs. Kedar had Wilson caught off a short ball at square-leg by Meghraj, a rare mis-field by Kunal brought Kalyan to the crease and Kedar disturbed his furniture to derail the Chennai Expresss at 27/10 in 12.4 overs.

Cupertino Champions Innings

Even though we had only a target of 28 runs to get, we knew it is not going to be easy to win against a team with a win percentage in the vicinity of 90s. That became evident when Sunil had Kunal castled off the first ball of the innings. A lone single by Omkar opened CC's account and Ashok negotiated rest of the over to take CC to 1/1 after 1 over. Wilson came to bowl the second over and Ashok and Omkar played him well to keep the scorecard ticking at 4/1 after 2 overs. Sunil followed his good work of the first over with an equally good second over - the lone blemish being a full ball lofted by Omkar for a double. Team CC 6/1 after 3 overs. Just when the things were going smooth for team CC, Wilson brought back C9 into the match by first having Ashok caught at short leg and then by having Prasanjeet caught at long-on for a duck two balls later. A wide and a single took CC to 8/3 after 4 overs. Sunil continued and a rare blemish - a short ball that was duly pulled by Omkar for a boundary took team CC to 12/3 after 5 overs. Srikanth came first change and Kedar immediately opened his account via an intelligently placed boundary towards mid-wicket off the second ball. Another pull for a double off the last ball of the over took CC to 18/3 after 6 overs. Wilson followed with an excellent 2 run over. Team CC 20/3 after 7 overs. With only 8 to get and keeping the run-rate in mind Kedar and Omkar decided to take some risks. So they accumulated another 3 runs off the first 4 balls off Sunil's over. Off the 5th delivery Omkar was caught at long-on and a single of the last ball took CC to 24/4 after 8 overs. With 4 to get we decided to take the batting power-play. But C9 was back in the game when Sridharan had Kedar caught behind. He could have had Abhinay too, but Harish could not hang on to a difficult chance at point. CC 25/5 after 9 overs. Wilson came to finish his spell and bowl the second power-play over. A lofted drive on the off side by Abhinay off the 5th ball tied the scores. CC 27/5 after 10 overs. A dropped catch (of Meghraj - who has been the winning shot hitter in both the platinum wins for team CC) by Satish (where he might have lost the ball in the sun) enabled CC to announce itself in the Platinum league by handing over only the 7th defeat in 51 games to C9.

SANTOSH was adjudged MOM for his excellent 3 wicket spell at the start to add to his couple of excellent catches. He really deserve this for his leading from the front performance to go with his intelligent marshaling of resources.

-- Reported by: Prasanjeet Das at 5/31/2015 2:39:49 PM

Chennai Innings

# Batter Dismissal R B 4 6 SR
1. Krishnan Raman c Kunal Chakraborti b Santosh Mundhe 2 6     33.33
c Kunal Chakraborti b Santosh Mundhe
2. Srikanth Seshadri c Kedar Lahurikar b Santosh Mundhe 0 4    
c Kedar Lahurikar b Santosh Mundhe
3. Nandha Palanisamy (c) (w) c Ashok Sarathy b Santosh Mundhe 6 8 1   75.00
c Ashok Sarathy b Santosh Mundhe
4. Sridharan Subramanian c&b Meghanath Chekka 6 18     33.33
c&b Meghanath Chekka
5. Arun Ramachandran c Santosh Mundhe b Abhinay Gupta 0 3    
c Santosh Mundhe b Abhinay Gupta
6. Sathish Sridharan c Megharaj Bhosale b Abhinay Gupta 1 9     11.11
c Megharaj Bhosale b Abhinay Gupta
7. Satish Gopalakrishnan c Santosh Mundhe b Meghanath Chekka 4 6     66.67
c Santosh Mundhe b Meghanath Chekka
8. Arun Ramakrishnan not out 5 18     27.78
not out
9. Sunil Dalal run out Meghanath Chekka 0 0    
run out Meghanath Chekka
10. Wilson Vivek Irudayam c Megharaj Bhosale b Kedar Lahurikar 0 2    
c Megharaj Bhosale b Kedar Lahurikar
11. Kalyanaraman Sundaram b Kedar Lahurikar 0 1    
b Kedar Lahurikar
Extras (3 wides) 3  
TOTAL: 27/10(12.4 Overs, RR 2.13)

Fall of Wickets

Wicket 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team Score 2 2 11 13 17 18 24 26 26 27
Batter# 2 1 3 5 6 4 7 9 10 11

Bowling Figures

Bowler O M R W WD NB ECON Hattrick
Kedar Lahurikar 2.4 0 5 2 1.88 0
Santosh Mundhe 3 0 9 3 3.00 0
Omkar Gosavi 3 0 9 0 2 3.00 0
Abhinay Gupta 2 1 1 2 0.50 0
Meghanath Chekka 2 0 3 2 1 1.50 0

PowerPlay Overs

O# R W Bowled By
1 1 0 [Not specified]
3 3 0 [Not specified]
4 5 1 [Not specified]

Champions Innings

# Batter Dismissal R B 4 6 SR
1. Kunal Chakraborti b Sunil Dalal 0 1    
b Sunil Dalal
2. Ashok Sarathy c Kalyanaraman Sundaram b Wilson Vivek Irudayam 1 6     16.67
c Kalyanaraman Sundaram b Wilson Vivek Irudayam
3. Omkar Gosavi c Wilson Vivek Irudayam b Sunil Dalal 11 27 1   40.74
c Wilson Vivek Irudayam b Sunil Dalal
4. Prasanjeet Das c Srikanth Seshadri b Wilson Vivek Irudayam 0 2    
c Srikanth Seshadri b Wilson Vivek Irudayam
5. Kedar Lahurikar cbw Nandha Palanisamy b Sridharan Subramanian 11 12 1   91.67
cbw Nandha Palanisamy b Sridharan Subramanian
6. Abhinay Gupta (w) not out 3 7     42.86
not out
7. Megharaj Bhosale not out 1 2     50.00
not out
Extras (1 wides) 1  
TOTAL: 28/5(10.1 Overs, RR 2.75)
Did Not Bat : Santosh Mundhe(c), Anand Saoji, Vivek Bhandwalkar, Meghanath Chekka

Fall of Wickets

Wicket 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team Score 0 6 6 23 24
Batter# 1 2 4 3 5 - - - - -

Bowling Figures

Bowler O M R W WD NB ECON Hattrick
Sunil Dalal 4 0 11 2 2.75 0
Wilson Vivek Irudayam 4 0 9 2 1 2.25 0
Srikanth Seshadri 1 0 6 0 6.00 0
Sridharan Subramanian 1.1 0 2 1 1.71 0

PowerPlay Overs

O# R W Bowled By
1 1 1 [Not specified]
9 1 1 [Not specified]
10 2 0 [Not specified]


Arun am I dreaming????????

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Congrats Santosh and Cupertino Champs  Awesome performance..

Reply to Sathyan Neerattil Sathyan Neerattil on 5/31/2015 3:19:53 PM

Thanks Sathyan....

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