Champions Vs Spartans Round-Robin

Match Details

CricBay [L]
2015 CricBay Fall Open
Sunday 11/8/2015 08:30AM @ Anthony Spangler
Girish Hukkeri (i11)  Diwakar Sharma (i11) 
Won by Spartans and decided to Bat First
Santosh & Suhas's fiery spells, well supported by Krish's & Kunal's attacking batting delivered a 4 wicket win against the mighty Spartans with 5.1 overs remaining
Santosh Mundhe
Player of the Match report is yet to be submitted

This being an important match that could eventually decide the group L topper, almost all Team CC players were at the ground by 9:00 am (we got a COLA notice about not entering the school ground before 9:00 am). Some people started preparing the ground and pitch whereas a few others practiced for a bit. Spartans won the toss and decided to bat.

Spartan’s Innings

Kedar started with a dot ball and the first run came via a mis-field by Vinay at short leg. Ashu edged the fifth ball away from the first slip for a double and after 1 over Spartans CC 3/0. Krish bowled from the other end a frugal 2 run over and Spartans CC 5/0 after 2 overs. Ashu took on Kedar in the next over and hit three doubles, a wide took Spartans CC to 12/0 after 3 overs. In the next over, Prasanjeet mis-fielded at first slip and Heeral took a double, but Krish bowled a tight over giving away only one more single. Spartans CC 15/0 after 4 overs. Suhas came first change and after being milked for five runs of his first 5 balls, he had Heeral mis-time a drive to Santosh at covers. Spartans CC 20/1 after 5 overs. Santosh came to bowl second change and started with a maiden to Ashu (the only run came via a bye of a delivery that missed the stumps only by a whisker). Sartans CC jolted at 21/1 after 6 overs. In the next over, off his first ball, Suhas had Ashu top-edge a lofted shot and he missed a relatively simple caught and bowled chance. But, he got the danger man Jyamin out next ball caught by Prasanjeet at point. A couple of balls later, Tejas opened his account via a mis-field by Prasanjeet but Suhas castled Ashu from his last delivery to make further inroads into Spartans batting lineup. Spartans CC 23/3 after 7 overs. Team CC took the bowling power-play and Santosh continued his good work with another maiden, this time a wicket-maiden one – where he had Tejas mis-time a drive to Vinay at covers. Spartans CC in a bit of disarray at 23/4 after 8 overs. Kedar followed suit with another maiden power-play over. Spartans CC 23/4 after 9 overs. Suhas came to ball the mandatory power-play over but was milked for 5 runs including a missed run-out chance at non-striker when he could not collect clearly a simple throw from Kedar. Spartans CC 28/4 after 10 overs and Team CC finished the first quarter of the game with their spirits high.

Megharaj came to bowl the 11th over and started with a wide, another 3 runs came from that over including a mis-field by Prasanjeet at first slip for a double. Spartans CC 32/4 after 11 overs. Suhas finished his spell with an excellent maiden over. Spartans CC 32/4 after 12 overs. Megharaj could have had Varang caught from a top-edge of his third ball, but Rakesh kind of mis-judged the trajectory of the falling ball and the batsmen ran a double. Another single took Spartans CC to 35/4 after 13 overs. Krish bowled a frugal 1 run over where he had Andy mis-time a lofted shot to Vivek at long-of. Spartans CC 36/5 after 14 overs. Meghraj started with a above waist no-ball and Rahul pulled it for a double. A single from the 4th ball brought Varang to strike. He pulled the next ball but took on Kunal’s arm and found himself short at the striker’s end. Another double took Spartans CC to 43/6 after 15 overs. Santosh came back and continued the good work he had done before by giving away only 1 run and also castling Lokesh. Spartans CC 44/7 after 16 overs. Kedar came to finish his spell but was not his frugal self and was carved for 8 runs including a double bye of a wide and an upper-cut by Dilip for a double. Spartans CC 51/7 after 17 overs. Of his second ball Santosh got Dilip to hit a lofted shot that a running Kedar intercepted brilliantly at deep mid-wicket. A couple of balls later he got the better of Atit by having him caught at mid-on off a top-edge. The 3 run over took Spartans CC to 54/9 after 19 overs. Krish came to finish off the innings but started on the wrong foot by giving a short ball that was duly dispatched for the first and only boundary of the innings, a double followed but a freak run-out of Keyur (going for a non-existent run from a direct hit at striker’s end) at non-striker’s end put a full-stop at Spartans CC innings at 61/10 after 20 overs.

Cupertino Champion's Innings

We knew that with overcast conditions, scoring 60+ runs against Spartan’s attack won’t be a cake walk. So Rakesh and Kunal were asked to start cautiously. But Rakesh had other thoughts and he started swinging from the first ball itself against Heeral. After 4 misses, the first run came via a single to mid-wicket. After 1 over Team CC 1/0. Lokesh came to bowl and was carved for two doubles of his first two balls by Rakesh, but finally had the last laugh when he had Rakesh caught by Jaimin at covers. Team CC 5/1 after 2 overs. Andy came to bowl the third over and gave away 5 runs – highlight being a double by Megharaj. Team CC 10/1 after 3 overs. Jaimin came second change and after giving a single to Kunal, bowled Megharaj around his legs. Team CC 11/2 after 4 overs. Rahul bowled a frugal 2 run over and Team CC cautious at 13/2 after 5 overs. Jaimin continued his form by bowling an immaculate over where the only runs came via an edge wide of first slip for a double. Team CC 15/2 after 6 overs. Heeral came back to bowl his second over but started on the wrong foot when a full ball was deposited over long on for half a dozen by Kunal, but he castled Kunal in the same over to get back his revenge. Vivek lofted one on the off side for a double and a single later Team CC 24/3 after 7 overs. Dilip came to ball but Vivek lofted a full ball (his second ball) over off side for a triple. A couple of singles more came of that over and Team CC 29/3 after 8 overs. Spartans CC took the bowling power-play and Rahul immediately justified the decision by hitting the timber of a shouldering arms Vivek. Kedar and Krish cautiously negotiated the rest of the over for another 3 more runs and Team CC 32/4 after 9 overs. Another 5 runs came from the next power-play over by Dilip ( 4 being extra – 1 no-ball, 1 wide, two byes) and Team CC finishing the first half at an advantageous positon of 37/4 after 10 overs.

 Jaimin came to bowl the second bowling power-play over but Krish after carefully playing out a couple of deliveries loft one towards mid-wicket for an authoritative boundary. Team CC 42/4 after 11 overs. Dilip bowled an excellent next over – the only blemish being a wide. Team CC 43/4 after 12 overs. The third ball of the next over by Rahul was deposited over deep mid-wicket for half a dozen and the whole of team CC dug-out was elated. A couple of singles followed and Team CC comfortably placed at 51/4 after 13 overs. Andy came to bowl the first of batting power-play over and after giving away 5 runs of his first 5 balls, had Krish brilliantly caught by Dilip at silly mid-on. Team CC 56/5 after 14 overs and the rain gods started giving the first indication of their intentions and an imminent downpour. Kedar pulled the first ball by Lokesh for a double, but top-edge the next ball to Andy to get out. Prasanjeet lofted the 5th ball of the over straight over bowler’s head to deliver the win and the rain Gods started spraying their confetti to celebrate team CC’s win against the mighty Spartan’s CC. 


SANTOSH was unanimous MoM for his enviable spell 4-2-4-4. 

-- Reported by: Prasanjeet Das at 11/9/2015 11:14:49 AM

Spartans Innings

# Batter Dismissal R B 4 6 SR
1. Heeral Vora c Santosh Mundhe b Suhas E 6 14     42.86
c Santosh Mundhe b Suhas E
2. Ashu Kaushik b Suhas E 13 18     72.22
b Suhas E
3. Jaymin Vihol c Prasanjeet Das b Suhas E 0 1    
c Prasanjeet Das b Suhas E
4. Tejas Naik c Vinay Bhandwalkar b Santosh Mundhe 1 6     16.67
c Vinay Bhandwalkar b Santosh Mundhe
5. Varang Amin run out Kunal Chakraborti 10 22     45.45
run out Kunal Chakraborti
6. Anal Shah ( Andy ) (c) (w) c Vivek Bhandwalkar b Krish Mantripragada 3 18     16.67
c Vivek Bhandwalkar b Krish Mantripragada
7. Rahul Varghese not out 15 13 1   115.38
not out
8. Lokesh Kushalnagar b Santosh Mundhe 2 7     28.57
b Santosh Mundhe
9. Dilip Patel c Kedar Lahurikar b Santosh Mundhe 2 5     40.00
c Kedar Lahurikar b Santosh Mundhe
10. Atit Doctor c Megharaj Bhosale b Santosh Mundhe 0 1    
c Megharaj Bhosale b Santosh Mundhe
11. Keyur Patel run out Kunal Chakraborti 1 7     14.29
run out Kunal Chakraborti
Extras (6 wides, 1 no-balls, 1 byes) 8  
TOTAL: 61/10(19.3 Overs, RR 3.13)

Fall of Wickets

Wicket 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team Score 20 22 23 23 36 41 44 52 53 61
Batter# 1 3 2 4 5 6 8 9 10 7

Bowling Figures

Bowler O M R W WD NB ECON Hattrick
Kedar Lahurikar 4 1 17 0 4 4.25 0
Krish Mantripragada 3.3 0 13 1 3.71 0
Suhas E 4 1 12 3 1 3.00 0
Santosh Mundhe 4 2 4 4 1.00 0
Megharaj Bhosale 4 1 14 0 1 1 3.50 0

PowerPlay Overs

O# R W Bowled By
8 0 1 [Not specified]
9 0 0 [Not specified]
10 5 0 [Not specified]
14 1 1 [Not specified]
15 7 1 [Not specified]

Champions Innings

# Batter Dismissal R B 4 6 SR
1. Rakesh Dangar (w) c Jaymin Vihol b Lokesh Kushalnagar 5 9     55.56
c Jaymin Vihol b Lokesh Kushalnagar
2. Kunal Chakraborti b Heeral Vora 9 8   1 112.50
b Heeral Vora
3. Megharaj Bhosale b Jaymin Vihol 2 8     25.00
b Jaymin Vihol
4. Kedar Lahurikar cbw Anal Shah ( Andy ) b Lokesh Kushalnagar 12 31     38.71
cbw Anal Shah ( Andy ) b Lokesh Kushalnagar
5. Vivek Bhandwalkar b Rahul Varghese 7 7     100.00
b Rahul Varghese
6. Krish Mantripragada c Dilip Patel b Rahul Varghese 15 14 1 1 107.14
c Dilip Patel b Rahul Varghese
7. Prasanjeet Das not out 4 3 1   133.33
not out
8. Santosh Mundhe (c) not out 0 0    
not out
Extras (5 wides, 1 no-balls, 2 byes) 8  
TOTAL: 62/6(14.5 Overs, RR 4.18)
Did Not Bat : Vinay Bhandwalkar, Sailesh Kumar, Suhas E

Fall of Wickets

Wicket 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team Score 5 11 21 29 56 58
Batter# 1 3 2 5 6 4 - - - -

Bowling Figures

Bowler O M R W WD NB ECON Hattrick
Heeral Vora 2 0 10 1 5.00 0
Lokesh Kushalnagar 1.5 0 10 2 5.45 0
Anal Shah ( Andy ) 2 0 10 0 2 5.00 0
Jaymin Vihol 3 0 8 1 2.67 0
Rahul Varghese 3 0 13 2 1 4.33 0
Dilip Patel 3 0 9 0 2 1 3.00 0

PowerPlay Overs

O# R W Bowled By
9 3 1 [Not specified]
10 5 0 [Not specified]
11 5 0 [Not specified]
14 5 1 [Not specified]
15 6 1 [Not specified]