Buffer Weekend Update for CricBay Regular Season 2018

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Update for Bronze group

CoLA will be re-ranking bronze teams based on points and DRR including buffer weekend matches for Second phase of RR Once teams are reranked and placed in zig zag order to form 4 groups of 8 teams each, their second phase of RR will start from May 13th weekend. All bronze teams can schedule their abandoned games (not scheduled by CoLA) during the second phase of RR if Both teams agree to play the game without neutral umpires, Get an approval from CoLA, CoLA will approve based on ground availability. -- Santosh Mundhe (obo CoLA) on 4/23/2018


As of today, April 11th, we have 77 abandoned games and CoLA has decided to have one buffer weekend on May 5th to accommodate maximum possible abandoned games.

Following is the criteria that was followed while scheduling abandoned games.

  • Teams playing on buffer weekend will be sending one umpire on buffer weekend. If a team is playing on Saturday then they will send one umpire on Sunday and vice-versa.
  • Teams who do not have any game on buffer weekend will be asked to send at least 2 umpires on buffer weekend. 
  • Only same day game swaps will be allowed as all teams will be playing and umpiring on buffer weekend.
  • While re-scheduling the abandoned games, first preference is given to teams with more than 1 abandoned game. 
  • Second preference is given to scheduling most number of games per sub-group:
    • If A has abandoned game with B & C, and B has abandoned game with A & D, then A vs C and B vs D is scheduled so that all teams will end up playing one abandoned game.
    • If A has abandoned game with B & C and both B and C have only one game abandoned with A then whichever game was abandoned first with A will be re-scheduled. In this case if A-B game was abandoned before A-C then A-B will be re-scheduled and C will not have any game on buffer weekend.
  • With above preference, 11 teams (with only one abandoned game) will not have any game re-scheduled on buffer weekend. CoLA encourages all those teams to re-schedule their respective game on any of the weekend subject to ground availability and first come first serve basis.
  • Also, if teams are okay to play two games on buffer weekend they are encouraged to do so subject to ground availability and first come first serve basis.

Teams with Games that will be rescheduled

More details to come soon

Berkeley Machis Daredevils   Youngistan Dazzlers   DesiBoyz Chargers   Hotshots Syndicate   CSK BlackCaps
Raging Bulls Fighting Broncos   Stars Dynamites   Phoenix Renegades   Ludicrous Invaders   Nighthawks Cali Lions
Mavericks United   Weekenders Nemesis   RCB Cupertino Champions   Viptela SCC Tornadoes   11 Fremontiers Feniks
007 Avengers   Falcons Fremont Steelers   Strikers Googlys   Raiders Warlords   Fremont Fireworks CC Kingfishers
Daakus Chennai   Aryans CC Panthers   Lords XI AllSTARS   iPlay TopGuns   Thunders Stunners
Centurions Super Chargers   Dark Knights Terminators   Yorkers Sharks   Santa Clara United Pinch Hitters   BraveHearts Outlaws
Seamers i11   Kuchh Bhi Eagles   Hawks Fire Falcons CC   Rockers Super Heroes   Alpha Lions Sunnyvale Misfits
Crusaders Jaathre Boys   Seals Thunderbolt Tigers   California Kings Friends   Beamers Intrepids   Rising Stars PlayPals
Champs Spartans   Stanford Weekend Cricket Warriors   Revengers Gladiators   Rogues Stags   Shockers Devils
            Singhams Yuva   Vikings Batmen      

Teams (with one abandoned game) will not have any game on buffer weekend.

Beats XI
Indian Champs
Valley Thunders
The Wild Bunch
East Indies

Teams with No abandoned games and will not have any game on buffer weekend and will be asked to send 2 umpires

Challengers CC
Synergy CC
Absolute XI
Wolf Pack

Please file a ticket to CoLA if you have any questions. 

Santosh Mundhe [Cupertino Champions]

Posted on:11 April 2018

Comments (#4)

Hi Santosh,

So if a team wants to get their 2nd game on buffer weekend, does it need approvals from the other team also, as we were the home team for the originally abandoned game.

Whats the process to request for the 2nd game to be reschuled.

Sunit Bansal [BraveHearts] on 4/11/2018 1:53:19 PM

Hi Sunit, yes CoLA needs approval from both teams to reschedule second abandoned game.

You can check with other team if they are okay to play. 

Santosh Mundhe [Cupertino Champions] on 4/11/2018 2:06:26 PM

yes.. for any other game (except the one scheduled by CoLA) to happen,

1. You need to get opposition to agree 
2. Be ok to play without Neutral umpires
3. Get an approbval on CoLA .. YOu also have umpiring on buffer weekend and hence be willing to umpire and play on same day.
4. CoLA will approve based on ground availability.

Sheshu Shenoy [Aryans CC] on 4/11/2018 2:06:28 PM

@ Santosh - from your update for Bronze group - do we have specific buffer weekends in RR2 ?

If RR2 starts on 5/13, then with 7 games & 1 umpiring weekend, it would take us to 7/7, which is a semi-final weekend.

Can you pls clarify details of rescheduling options for abandonded matches during RR2?

Madhur Kulkarni [Rogues] on 4/24/2018 9:55:09 PM