IMPORTANT: Informing CoLA about your team plans for 2018 CricBay Fall Open

Topic: Announcement

PLEASE READ.. and let your team leaders know as well (an emaill with the same content will be sent to all team leaders as well).

2018 CricBay Fall Open will start weekend after Regular season finals.. which means Game 1 will be on July 28th/29th for most teams. We will need to work on logistics, format and schedule asap.

  1. If your team is disbanding
  2. If your team is merging with another team
  3. If your team is planning to take a break during fall open (there will be consequences).

YOU NEED TO LET US KNOW LATEST BY 15th July (Sunday, Semi Finals Weekend) and you do that by filing a CoLA generic query.

Here are the rules regarding not participating in a CricBay season

  1. Team withdraws before start of tournament - If they opt to come back next season, they will start in Bronze..
  2. Team withdraws after schedule is out without playing a game - We will lock the team, levy a penalty fee depending on # games (ex - 14*40 = $560)- Once penalties are paid, team will be unlocked & players are free to transfer to other team during same tournament- Next season, they will start in Bronze
  3. Team withdraws after playing (1, 2,3 or n) number of games - We will lock the team, collect full ground fees for remaining games. They are required to fill any remaining umpiring assignments.- Once penalties are paid, players are free to transfer to other team if they have played only one game (same rules for transfer)- Next season, they will start in Bronze.

Since our deadline in 15th July, you letting us know after 15th is same as Point number 2 above.

We are also in the process of trying to reduce the number of teams (if in an unlikely case of no team withdrawing on their own).. We are communicating with teams that had forfeits, umpire no shows, multiple scorecard delays, those who did not show up for mandatory volunteering (for finals or during grounds meeting) and will ask them why should we let them play next season and why it might be better for them to take a break.

We will take new teams if and only if we need them to make numbers.. this applies for teams that have withdrawn earlier as well..

In order to avoid confusions and any smart moves, we will NOT allow any players to transfer after semi finals weekend until schedule for RS is out.

Thanks and best regards

Sheshu Shenoy [Aryans CC]

Posted on:3 July 2018

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