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PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE Post and also let your team mates know.. we need everyone to follow this starting tomorrow.. The same has been emailed to team leaders of every team playing this tournament and will also be posted on the website.. CricBay handbook has been updated to mention the same.

  1. The main umpire has sole jurisdiction over catches anywhere in the field. This is both with regards to
    • contact with the bat or hand/gloves when in contact with the bat and
    • whether the catch was was held properly.
  2. The main umpire can choose to request the leg umpire only for confirmation if it was a clean catch. By extension, the leg umpire cannot initiate that conversation.
  3. The leg umpire can however initiate a conversation if he believes that that the ball was
    • no-ball on account of height, illegal action, fielders talking etc. or
    • a dead ball on account of illegal fielder movement
  4. Teams can not insist/force umpires to talk to each other .. it will be considered excessive appealing and standard penalties apply (first two times it’s warning and then suspension ) and we will ask the umpires to enforce this every single time .. If you see an umpire not doing it, please call CoRA or one of the volunteers and infirm since we really need to stop this and can not have players running around umpires trying to force things.
  5. All pm games should start at 1PM PST. We understand there are games tomorrow and hence we are ok with a few minutes delay just tomorrow (7/28/2018 Saturday).. However, after that, every PM game must start by 1PM PST, to avoid teams getting kicked out by bb/soccer guys due to permit issues and also day light issues we will have later in the tournament.
  6. Two players were suspended recently (one for 8 games and another for 2 games) for abusive behavior unworthy of a CricBay player. We will go with zero tolerance for any conduct that is beyond expected norms in a CricBay cricket game. Penalties will be harsher and we really really hope that we don’t have to resort to them. Good cricket is what CricBay needs and anyone who doesn't believe that will have issues.
  7. If a team shows up with less than 8 players, or without stumps or new tennis balls , they will have up to 9 am (or 1:30 pm for PM games) to correct it and there will be AUTOMATIC 2 over deduction which is NON NEGOTIABLE and Umpires CANNOT over rule that. After the deadline, umpires can confirm if any of the above rules have been violated and will have to call a volunteer BEFORE a forfeit is administered.

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sheshu obo Volunteers

Sheshu Shenoy [Aryans CC]

Posted on:27 July 2018

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Just to confirm on point g, Automatic 2 over deduction will be only for the team which has less than 8 players, or without stumps or new tennis balls? or for both the teams?

Lohith Ram [Talons] on 7/27/2018 9:51:05 PM

correct.. it is for the team which was responsible for the delay

Sheshu Shenoy [Aryans CC] on 7/27/2018 9:52:05 PM

"If a team shows up with less than 8 players". I was under the impression that without 9 players the game could not start. Is that no longer the case?

Saurabh Garg [Yorkers] on 8/1/2018 7:29:04 AM

Saurabh.. 8 is correct.. started that during Champions Trophy and have decided to continue with that number

Sheshu Shenoy [Aryans CC] on 8/1/2018 8:47:43 AM