CricBay Dr Prakash Advani Premier League 2019 aka CPL 2019

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We have all talked about it for ever and never really got to do it and we are finally there... we will have it in 2019.. mostly after March.. exact dates TBD

Here are the minimum requirements we will have to meet to make it happen

  1. We will need at least 6 teams
  2. We will need enough payers to make 6 teams and be able to play as many games as possible since we will allow a roster of 16-18 at the most.

If we meet that, here is how we will do it..

  1. Instead of the usual glitzy trophies, we will also have cash awards. Total prize money of -about 15K is the plan (it can go higher if we have more teams)... top 4 will get to share it (winner taking the most followed by losing finalist and semi finalists
  2. There will be the IPL style of owners and auction..Owners are allowed to play here but there will be a limit of how many can "own" a team
  3. Owners will pay a registration fee to ensure they are serious (refundable if CricBay does not approve their request to own a team or if the tournament does not happen)..
  4. Rest of the fee will depend on auction.. you buy players and more you pay for a player , higher your registration fees,, we will put a limit on how much you can spend of course
  5. Whether individual players get paid or whether owners have to or can share the winning amount with players is currently TBD
  6. Proposal to have paid umpires to try to get serious umpiring.. Details TBD
  7. Player registration will require players to (approximately) indicate how often they would be playing.. since this will be run in parallel to regular CricBay tournaments, there might be availability issues and we would have to plan it well.
  8. Whether we set the minimum price for a player or whether player decides is TBD
  9. Owners can bring their own team sponsors but EVERY sponsor MUST be approved by CPL committee
  10. Every player MUST be registered in CricBay and must ave signed waivers.. players are not allowed to play for a team if they are not in the roster unless they are approved
  11. Game format and rules will be finalized once we have a set of approved owners and we will take their feedback before announcing those.
  12. Expect one or two games a weekend and the tournament to last couple of months. Expected to be almost all evening games but there might be exceptions once we have a set of owners and we decide the final format.
  13. We are looking for a uniform sponsor and CricBay committee will have to approve the uniform since we will have certain mandatory things to be put in there including CricBay logo and title sponsor.

If any of you are interested in being owners, contact me.. If you are ready to pay the mandatory registration fees (expect it to be around 750-1000) immediately, file a Register a CricBay Premier League Team ticket on the website

Thanks and best regards
sheshu obo Volunteers

Sheshu Shenoy

Posted on:8 December 2018

Comments (#2)

Great initiative. I think, however, we would need to look into the legalities of players on work visas getting paid salaries/bonuses/prize money by team owners, who essentially would be their employers.

Srikant Ramakrishnan [Warlords] on 12/9/2018 8:14:24 PM

how do the owners of the team who loose get ROI Since there are no ticket sales or sponsorships  Also what’s the plan for selling the team in the future to get a ROI?  Any thoughts on this. 

Sid Paruthi [Strikers] on 12/10/2018 6:53:20 PM