CricBay Annual Community Meeting 2019

Topic: Announcement

It's the party hall of Swagat Indian Cuisine in Milpitas. We will make sure there are no Sunday PM games as well.

Make sure at least one person from every team attends the meeting. It is ok to have more than one player to attend as well. This meeting is not optional for any active CricBay team or any new team that has registered to participate in 2019.

Please ensure whoever is attending has time and not trying to run away at the first available opportunity. This is the time to look at how CricBay operates where we present our financial details, plans, future plans and any other operational details. There will be plenty to eat and drink (non-alcoholic of course :-) ).

Note that based on Q&A time, it might go a bit longer or might end a bit earlier.  General agenda in no specific order

  1. CricBay Financials - 2018 accounting details and 2019 forecast
  2. CricBay operational updates, state of the union and other details
  3. Q&A

Sheshu Shenoy

Posted on:24 February 2019

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