Please READ: change in start time for ALL afternoon games

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Dear Teams,

We have noticed that most afternoon games are going beyond 4:30PM which is when our permit expires in many fields. In summer, it is likely another league that has permit after that, will show up on time and would demand you to vacate the field right away. Last thing we want is a spate of DLS based decisions on games.

Further, we have permits all day and even when we have afternoon only fields, permit starts at 1PM. So to address this issue effective immediately,

  • starting with the coming weekend of 4/20/2019 (Saturday), EVERY PM GAME MUST START at 1PM.
  • Umpires must be there 15 minutes before the game.
  • In case umpires are late, Teams are required to do toss and start the game without them (Batting team can umpire the game and check handbook for more details) and please file an Umpire late show ticket.  "We don't want to start without umpires" is not a valid excuse for late start.

Please note that this is not negotiable and will apply to ALL CricBay games.  Please inform all your teammates and especially those who will be umpiring. If you have any queries, please file a CoLA ticket.  There is NO NEED to re-initiate the IEmail for this weekend but you MUST start at 1PM.

thanks and best regards
sheshu obo CoLA

Sheshu Shenoy

Posted on:17 April 2019

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