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Dear Teams,

Until a few days ago, our position w.r.t to COVID-19 situation was to continue playing with precaution. Since then we have spoken to multiple cities, schools, health officials, experts and also taken some feedback from community. As you all know, we, as a league, always do the right thing and consider that one of the key reason for us to thrive over the years.

While most cities are fine with teams playing given we have 24-25 players at any field at any given time, given the continous flow information about the pandemic, we felt that the time has come to take serious action.  CricBay cannot have or be a cause of any of our community members being affected. We hope the decisive action we are taking now will contribute in some way in keeping everyone safe. While we had the best intentions to ask every member of the community to do the right things and not play when they are sick or not feel well, they may do it out of passion for cricket or because they might not even be aware of any symptoms. That's a risk we can all avoid.

Here are the key things we are annoucing today

  1. Effective immediately, All CricBay activities are suspended. There will be no games/umpiring nor any CricBay sponsored activity. The annual community meeting that is usually held at this time of the year is postponed as well.
  2. We will try to have a conference call (few teams at a time) across the league in coming days.. We will update you on that later.
  3. When will we resume? At this time, we have no firm dates. Teams will get updates as soon as we know.
  4. What will be the criteria for restart? We are not aware of that yet and we will keep the community updated any time we have something to share.
  5. What will happen to the current Champions Trophy? We will restart with new tournament or continue where we left off. Again, we have not made that decision and we will decide that at a later stage when we know when we can resume. Note: If we do decide to abandon the tournament then all tournament award winners will be guaranteed to get their recognition on their profile.
  6. When we resume, what if a team or teams are still not comfortable getting back to the game and would rather wait? - Once we decide to restart, it will operate as usual and teams can choose to forfeit (and all the things that come with it)
  7. As of now based on feedback from the cities, we would get refund for ground fees only when they cancel reservations. But we will continue to push them to consider this as an extreme case (which it is) to do the right things to reduce costs for us. If this goes longer, we hope the cities will cancel all reservations in a week or two but we do not know that for sure.
  8. For each weekend when CricBay games are suspended, the total cost of grounds that are going unused will be shared equally by all teams. If there are N grounds and total money paid to cities in M and we have O teams, then each team will incur (N * M)/O dollars per week with no games. We do not expect this to be more than 50 dollars per week. But we will find that out later. We will get back to everyone with total cost before we restart. Our expectation is that we will incur costs for first couple of weekend before cities relent but again, there are no guarantees.
  9. What happens to the deadline of paying fees for 2020 Registration? - It will remains as March 15th 2020. If any team does not pay it by then, they will not be considered for participation in future tournaments. Please do not try to test this. We are firm on this. There are already few teams in the waiting so the teams that don't pay will go behind them in the queue and you may get a chance in later tournaments if we have a slot open. As you know we are looking to pair down the number of teams.
  10. Given why we have chosen to do what we are doing, PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY CricBay fields without approval and if you do, standard CricBay rules will apply. At this time, we have no plans of providing practice fields to anyone. We will update the community if anything changes in that regards

Having done all this, we request our community to follow all the guidelines when you are not playing and we request you to avoid playing anywhere else where the risk is exactly same.

Sheshu Shenoy

Posted on:13 March 2020

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